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Spanking Triple Play #8

Guest Review by Alvin posted on 5/9/08

Who will like this movie?

1. If you have a friend whose married daughter comes around infrequently, and when she does is cheeky to her poor suffering old mum and you feel the daughter is not too old to go across her mum's knee?

2. If you've had kids at school where the young teacher has made disparaging remarks or perhaps punished them in some way and you've thought, "For two pins young lady", etc

3. If you know a 21 year old brat whose mother dosn't know how to keep her daughter in line.

Spanking Triple Play 8, part of a series from Pacific Force on is a wonderful movies and features 3 girls.

Part 1 is called "You're never to old to be spanked". The action starts with blonde, busty babe Melissa visiting her foster mum. Melissa looks sensational with her blonde hair in a French plait. She's wearing a beige crop top and it's obvious that those magnificent breasts do not have the benefit of a bra. Tight blue jeans complete the ensemble. And in fact, all three girls in the movies have sexy figures.

She comes into the room with a basket of washing on the pretext of her machine being busted. But her foster mum tell sher that she's had a call from Melissa's husband that she wants a divorce.

Both women get into an arguement before the mother played by Karen Blake, tells Melissa she's had a call from her husband who's told her what she's been line. (Incidentally, Karen is a sexy 40 something lady who gets her comeuppance in another movie and she kicks and cries as much as any younger woman when being spanked. But that's for another day). She goes on to tell Melissa, who by now has got a drink and sat down, that she intends to discipline her like she did when Melissa was 12.

"I told your husband", she says, "That I intend to give you a spanking"

Melissa almost chokes on her drink and replies, "Yea right, I'm too old to be spanked".

"We'll see about that young lady", her foster mum replies and pulls Melissa across her knee. And after a few spanks, Melissa says, "Ok that's enough, you've had your joke".

But this is no joke and, tightening her grip, proceeds to give Melissa a severe spanking on her jean covered rear. Now I'm not a great lover of spankings over jeans (prefer a skirt myself) but this incredibly sexy. And Melissa yelps and protests all the time. We get some good face shots and this girl is really suffering. At last it stops and she's commanded to stand up.

"Take those jeans down," she's commanded.

Melissa protests and is given a sharp slap on her thighs. And she wriggles them down and I gasp out loud. She's wearing bright red satin panties. Back over the knee she goes for more hard spanking.

"Ow, no more", she protests. At last the spanking stops. But it's only to permit those red panties to be pulled down and the spanking continues. We get some delicious glimpses between her legs as she kick her sandaled feet up and down.

Finally, she's asked what has she learned?

"Never to come around here again", comes the reply.

"Right take of your top", she's told. And those quite magnificent breasts come into view. And she wasn't wearing a bra. Kneeling on the chair, she then has to submit to the paddle.

She's very contrite at the end.

Before having a chance to draw breath, the next clip starts ie "Teacher learns a lesson".

Miss Taylor, a seductive 25 year old teacher is frantically finishing off her work, alone in the classroom, before going on holiday with her boyfriend. She's wearing a white sleeveless vest, no bra and exceptionally tight jeans and white plimsolls.

Suddenly, a large, black lady comes in and accuses her of spanking her son. Miss Taylor is quite flippant about it, says it was deserved nd carries on with her work. The mother says that she has no right to punish her son and she is going to report her. Miss Taylor tells her that as she is new having recently qualified, that she could lose her job. She then asks if there is an alternative.

"well I think you should get a dose of your own punishment and see what a spanking feels like", says the mother.

Blinking nervously behind her very sexy glasses, the teacher who obviously has never been spanked before, says, "Oh no, please not that".

Well she does, and for the next 7-8 mins, she is spanked over her cute jeans-covered rear. As each spank lands, we're treated to a squealed, "oh". Whn the mother stops, Miss Taylor says, "Oh, are we done"?

"Well I don't know how you spank, but where I come from, they're given on the bare"

The teacher can't believe what she's hearing but has to comply. This next part is very sexy as she slowly and deliberately undoes each pop fastener of her skin-tight jeans and wrestles them down. (Another gasp from me). She's wearing very brief, silk white with a patten panties. The waistband at the sides no more than quarter inch wide. (The sort that if she sashayed along by the side of a swimming pool, all male eyes would swivel). Back over she goes. And this next part is very erotic. As her goreous arse cheeks bounces and wobbles with each spank. Then up she gets again, her arse cheeks all red. She's standing there and the mother pulls her panties down as though she were a naughty child for the spanking to continue on her bare. This part was very sexy because of course anyone could have come into the classroom. Including the head, who no doubt would have given up his pension, to see this public humiliation of Miss Taylor. Eventually, she's given the paddle and after each stroke it sounds like she's crying. She's then told to stand in the corner.

The next clip is "Angela gets a hard spankng" is probably my least favourite. Probably because of how good the others are.

Angela is a 21 year old brat who is staying with her aunt. Dark-haired girl wearing a long black and white patterned dress.

She tries her aunt one to many times and is given a long hard over the knee spanking. She's told to take off her dress; she's wearing full white transparent panties and a bra.

She also gets it on the bare and receives the hair-brush.

So to summarise, a very hot movie

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