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Trish's Severe Punishments

Written, Directed and Produced by: Mr. M and Miss J
Starring: Trish
Lady D
Mr. M
Review by: David Pierson

" Trish's Severe Punishments" is another major success for the creative team at Films. This is a terrific spanking video. This feature is notable for its excellent production values, an attractive cast and superior hard hitting spanking content. This production is not for the weak of heart. The punishments meted out to poor Trish are truly intense. This video is about one young lady's punishment experiences at the RS Institute of Learning. Trish is a cute eighteen-year-old redhead who will just melt your heart. Trish is in possession of a very pretty, round and immensely spankable bottom. This video is a special experience for any connoisseur of spanking erotica. The lovely Trish is one of those rare submissive performers capable of shedding real tears. Not just the type of lachrymal leakage that comes from an intense spanking. Trish is capable of digging down into her emotional reserves and sob. This capacity is a rare talent. I am aware of only two professional performers with this ability. This feels incredibly intimate and says a great deal for the dominant performers in this piece. Such emotional release is not possible without complete trust in your dominant. In many ways this video should be viewed as Trish's gift to us. In this production, Trish offers us her bottom, her heart and her tears.

Scene I:

This segment is taken from what the creative team at films refer to as a Punishment Profile. The Punishment profiles have traditionally introduced subscribers of the website to new spanking talent. In the Punishment Profile format, a young lady is interviewed and then spanked. In this punishment profile, the lovely Trish is interviewed by Lady D. During this interview we learn that Trish was a naughty Catholic schoolgirl. She talked about being taken to the principle's office, having the skirt of her uniform raised and being paddled on her panties for disrespectful behavior towards a teacher. We later learn that Trish was expelled from the aforementioned catholic school and received a spanking on her bare bottom from her older sister. At the conclusion of the interview, Lady D instructs Trish to remove all of her clothing. Trish complied, with an obvious sense of embarrassment. She delayed just for a second when it came time to remover her panties. After putting her clothing in a neat pile, Trish was made to stand naked facing the camera. What a lovely site to behold. She is really a very striking young woman. She has lovely breasts, milky white skin and a vagina that was barren of pubic hair. In a few seconds Trish found herself over the knee of one of the best spankers in all of spanking video erotica. Lady D spanks hard and fast. Soon, under the intense barrage of Lady D's swiftly moving hands, Trish's lovely round bottom was turned to crimson red. At the conclusion of the hand spanking, Lady D informed Trish that there was to be more punishment coming her way. She noted that in honor of Trish's older sister, Lady D would now apply the strap to Trish' s already well-spanked derriere. Trish was made to bend over and place her elbows on the seat of the chair. Lady D then proceeded to apply the strap to Trish's unprotected rear end. With each blow of the strap Trish's bottom glowed a deeper shade of red. At the conclusion of the strapping there was a post spanking interview. Trish was amazingly well composed for someone who had just received a chastisement of such intensity. Lady D asked Trish what this experience was like for her? To this Trish replied " It wasn't as bad as I thought." She noted that the punishments that she received at home and in school were far worse. " You must have been a very naughty girl", Lady D retorted. To this Trish sheepishly shook her head in agreement. In retrospect, it was here that I learned a great deal about Trish. You could probably strike Trish with a brick and she wouldn't cry. It seemed that her sobs were based on the context in which her spankings took place.

Scene II:

In the second segment of the video opens with a nightgown clad Trish, lounging in bed, reading a magazine. From stage right, in walks Mr. M carrying a large wooden hairbrush. He confronts Trish about having gotten a tattoo without his permission. She replies " I'm eighteen and I can get a tattoo if I want." With that Mr. M made Trish bend over his lap. Mr. M gave Trish several hard blows from the hairbrush across her nightgown-covered bottom. From the first contact with the brush one could tell that Trish was in great distress. Soon Mr. M lifted the back of Trish's nightgown and pulled her panties up into the continental divide of her bottom, exposing two very red cheeks. Now Mr. M began to rain blow after blow with the hairbrush on Trish's now unprotected bottom. Trish began to cry as she absorbed her punishment. Her bottom was now the color of the sunset in Los Angles during phase four smog alert. (That's really red!) At the conclusion of her chastisement, the naughty red haired girl with a bruised and reddened bottom was made to stand in the corner with her panties pulled down. A little behind the scenes information here; The punishment actually ended when Trish tapped Mr. M three times on his ankle. Trish sobbed through a good deal of this punishment. It seems that for Trish context is everything. She took a nasty spanking and strapping from Lady D in the opening segment and barely broke a sweat. It seems that tears are elicited from our Trish during scenes that are domestic or school related.

Scene III:

As scene three opens Trish is in her room awaiting her punishment. She is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a T-shirt. From stage left, in walks Mr. M . He informs the naughty one that she is to receive a belt spanking for her offense. Trish was made to bend over and place her hands on her knees. Mr. M then lowered her jeans, leaving her bottom naked and unprotected from the onslaught that was to come. Mr. M delivered each blow of the belt with a great deal of force. Hell, it hurt me and I was only watching. Trish never cried out during this intense strapping. She just sobbed quietly. After completing the session with the belt, Trish was informed that he ordeal was not over. She was made to lie on the bed with two pillows placed under her tummy, thrusting her already welted bottom upward in the most erotic position. Now Trish was given several lashes with a razor strop. This left her beautiful round bottom, red, welted and bruised.

Scene IV:

This may be my favorite segment in the whole video. It taps into my own Catholic School experiences and fantasies. As this segment begins, Trish is sitting in a school desk, serving detention, and wearing a plaid Catholic School uniform. I remember that in high school I was constant state of arousal being near all of those girls wearing their plaid school uniforms. I also liked the fact that many of the girls wore them short and exposed a lot of leg. I also fantasized a great deal about those young ladies being spanked at school. So thanks to Trish and Lady D for acting out my fantasy. Upon discovering that Trish was in detection for the second time in one week, Lady D informed the naughty student that she was to receive corporal punishment. Trish was made to bend over the desk in which she had been sitting. Lady D lifted the skirt of her uniform and began to whack her panty-clad bottom with a yardstick. About half way through the lesson that was being taught to the tune of the hickory stick, Trish put her hands back to protect her bottom. That was a big mistake! Lady D informed Trish that there is no protecting of the bottom during a punishment. To drive that point home, Trish received five hard lashes with a tawse across her palms. After her hand lashing, Trish's yardstick spanking resumed. Soon Lady D lowered Trish's panties and intensified the pace of the punishment. With each strike of the stick, Trish's bottom jumped in the most enticing manner. This punishment session concluded with Trish sobbing as blow after blow of the yardstick rained down upon her naked and well-punished rear end.

Scene V:

Trish is clad in pink Pajamas, lying in bed awaiting her punishment. In walks Lady D, carrying a razor strop and a tawse. Trish was made to position herself in such away on the bed that her bottom was in a vulnerable upward position and her head was down. Her pink panties were lowered by the disciplinarian. Soon Trish's bottom is being assaulted with hard blows from the strop. Within scant seconds, Trish's bottom is reddened and welted. A side view camera angle allows the viewer to see the distress on Trish's lovely face. I really like it when a spanking performer gives good face. Soon, Lady D began to strike Trish's exposed bottom with the tawse. The punishment ended with Trish crying out and sobbing.

Scene VI:

In this scene, Trish is wearing denim overalls. She is made to bend over the lap of Lady D. The bottom of Trish's jeans is warmed with a small round paddle with holes. After several, rapid hard blows from this nasty implement of chastisement, Trish is crying. She is then made to lower her overalls. Trish then receives six hard blows from a large paddle. Trish was made to count each blow of the paddle as it fell upon her panty-covered bottom. At the end of the punishment, Lady D took special glee in letting Trish know that she broke the paddle on her behind.

Scene VII:

Trish was led into a living room by Lady D for punishment. Our red haired beauty is dressed in an attractive purple top and black stretch pants. Trish was made to bend over, placing her hands on a nearby fireplace. Trish's chastisement began with a small paddle being applied to the bottom of her form fitting pants. The paddle- strap was to follow. In a few minutes Trish's stretch pants were to be found around her ankles. Trish's only protection was the barely visible thong panties that she was wearing. Trish then faced the ordeal of the dreaded razor strop. Trish began to sob as the strop found it mark on her now very red bottom. In the context of these punishment sessions, Trish clearly has a very strong reaction to a strap. You may remember that she was unimpressed with the severe strapping that she received during her punishment profile. It seems that being punished in this realistic setting causes Trish to cry. It's as if she is feeling the pain and humiliation that she expensed when she was punished at home.

Scene VIII:

This video production concludes with a very tasty schoolgirl scene. Trish, wearing a very sexy school uniform, is made to report to Lady D as she has been tardy for class four times during the week. Trish is required to bend over her disciplinarian's desk, her skirt is raised and Trish receives a hard yardstick spanking across her panty-clad bottom. It seems that the RS Institute has special requirements regarding the underwear that the girls in their trust must wear. It seems that they have struck a deal with Victoria's Secret. In this segment of the video the viewer is given two points of view in which to observe Trish's punishment. Initially, we see Trish's punishment from the back point of view. Then we see a replay of the punishment with the camera focused on the attractive, but distressed face of our eighteen-year-old heroine. After several blow from the yardstick across the bottom of Trish's "Victoria's Secrets", her panties are lowered in preparation for a hard caning. Trish bottom jumped as the cane repeated found its mark on her already marked bottom. Soon Trish is sobbing as her bottom is striped with the cane. The punishment actually ended when Trish shouted " Red!". That would be her safe word.

This video production is a terrific companion piece to " Jennifer's Punishments." Like the " Jennifer" video, this production edited together several short segments that were originally featured on the website. Any spanking aficionado would find any of these segments stimulating by themselves. However, when these pieces are edited together the viewer is treated to a very special spanking drama. Trish is among the most exceptional of spanking performers. Her capacity to let go and cry is a very rare experience indeed. It is exceedingly unusual that we are able to view such an intimate interaction between the submissive and dominant performers. This is indeed a very unique work of spanking erotica.

The Films revolution marches on. This revolution may not be televised, but it is available on videotape and soon, DVD.

2nd review added 2/9/07. By Paul West of the UK.

This video features the very submissive and pretty Trish being dealt with very effectively by the same Lady D and Mr M who meted out the punishment in Jennifer's Punishments I and II (already well reviewed on this site).

I highly recommend this video - it has a lot of parallels with Jennifer's punishments:

It features a pretty young lady presenting herself with a psychological need for severe punishment and challenging the dominants to "break her".

There is a happy ending (I like happy endings) as the scenes show that Mr M and Lady D are equal to the task and treat her to very intense punishments that take her out of her comfort zone, giving her the new experience that she craved.

Our attractive submissive experiences a large variety of implements in a lot of different positions.

The results on the rear are clearly visible but we don't see bleeding or permanent damage so I'm sure she will be back for more!!

This video starts with us being told that Trish contacted the studio just after her 18th birthday saying that she was in need of hard disciple. In the first scene, she is interviewed by Lady D where she tells us in her soft, sexy voice that she was paddled at her catholic school for disobedience and was belted by her sister on her bare arse for getting thrown out of school. Lady D then tells her to strip naked and get ready for her first spanking. Trish has quite small tits, long red hair and a shapely round arse that can take a lot of punishment, as we shall see. Lady D takes her over OTK for a hard hand spanking that gives her a very red arse but elicits no reaction at all from Trish. Lady D then decides to switch to the strap to see if that will do any better. After about 15 strokes with the first strap, Lady D says that it not being very effective and tells Trish to get a much heavier strap. In a bent over position with her hands on the chair, Trish receives about 25 full force strokes that leave her with a very marked arse. However, there is still no reaction at all from Trish, indeed at the end she gives the camera a nice smile. After she has puts her clothes back on, she tells us that the spanking was not too bad and boasts that the spankings she got in the past were ten times worse. Lady D and Mr M, who deals with her in the next scene, view this as a challenge to steps things up considerably and get some reaction out of Trish. You will be pleased to hear that in the next 7 punishment sessions, they do succeed.

In the next scene, Trish is punished for getting a tattoo with a heavy hair brush. She is placed over Mr M's knee for few strokes over her nightdress and knickers but these are quickly taken out of the way so that she takes the vast majority on the bare. He gives her 50 hard, fast strokes that results in her crying and using her safe word. Mr M then makes her stand against the wall with her arse exposed - a close up shows an extremely badly bruised rear (there are white marks as well as black ones on a red background); it must have been some time before she could comfortably on that!!

This is followed by a second (later date) punishment from Mr M - a warm up belting on the bare in a standing position with her jeans around her ankles, followed by a heavy strapping in a lying position with a pillow underneath her stomach and thighs in order to raise the target. This again leads to some crying from Trish and when Mr M admires his handiwork, we see very large black bruises.

The remaining scenes feature Lady D dishing it out to Trish's increasingly battered rear end. We see Trish in school uniform bent over a desk getting 40 good strokes from a 3 foot yardstick over her knickers. When she puts her hand back to protect herself, Lady D decides that she needs to be discouraged from doing this by a hand strapping (5 on each hand) that seems as bad as the yardstick, especially the last two. Lady D then resumes the yardstick beating and there is no attempt to move her hands back this time. With her knickers moved out of the way, she gets 27 slow strokes followed by 20 rapid fire full force strokes. This elicits some tears but not much else - we have a tough cookie on our hands.

The next scene is a strapping with Trish on her knees and elbows on a bed (this looks like a very uncomfortable position to hold for a long time, even if you are not being spanked). The camera switches between a view of her face and her arse. We see that Lady D definitely gets some reaction out of Trish during this long session: she closes her eyes as the strokes land, breathes heavily and grits her teeth as the smile of the introductory session has turned to a grimace. Towards the end her arms start shaking, there are some tears and quiet verbal exclamations. Lady D remarks that I'm "getting some noise out of you now, Trish".

The next scene features the use of two wooden paddles. There is a warm up with a small wooden paddle over Trish's dungaries then six hard swots on the bare with a large wooden paddle. Trish counts these and the last stroke breaks the paddle.

In the penultimate scene, Trish is bent over a fireplace and is punished with several paddles and straps. This starts over her trousers but quickly moves on to the bare. This turns her arse very red - Lady D remarks that "you're starting to mark up pretty well" and towards the end her legs start to shake - always a sign of a job well done. About midway through this one, Trish starts crying and breathing hard.

The final scene - my favourite - is a punishment in school uniform filmed from two angles on Trish's already very sore backside. We get the view from the rear first. Trish is treated to the yardstick she received in an earlier scene (about 20 strokes) but this time it is just a "warm up" for a caning. She gets 36 strokes of a shepherd's crook type cane. Her legs are shaking after the first few strokes and by stroke 17 she is verbally exclaiming. The cane leaves visible marks. On stroke 35, she uses her safe word ("red") but Lady D gives her one extra for luck. The second view of the same punishment session from face-on shows the yardstick "warm up" had already brought her close to tears, the trepidation when she realises the cane is coming, the cane causing tears from an early stage and that by the end she is crying hard. There is also some arm/hand trembling to go with leg trembling that we saw from the other view. This testifies to the excellence of Lady D techniques - a job well done indeed!!



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