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Trouble From the Troubleshooter Part 1

47 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/24/09

Two videos made about punishments meted out to female employees at a health club or country club for various infractions. We believe the female disciplinarian here is Miss Brown. She is an attractive brunette, fearsome and uncompromising when it comes to spanking, left-handed, and experienced, and, we've said, unsinkable. She serves as a troubleshooter for this establishment and clearly is to be avoided.

The first young lady to be confronted, April, is the club masseuse. She is tarty and a bit unprofessional, won't wear the club uniform, and is rather independent. "You're going to get a hard spanking. Do you want to keep your job?" The scene is an unfurnished enclosed patio or porch--great natural light but rather loud and echoing, good for the sounds of spanking but not so good to hear dialogue.

Miss Brown positions a straight chair and begins an OTK handspanking. April's marginally inappropriate skirt comes up to display black panties, garter belt and stockings. Miss Brown spanks crisply and with focus, unconventionally with the right hand across the back down to the buttocks, and with the left hand up from the leg side, the usual way spanking is done in these films. Eventually Brown pulls her panties down. April is a full-figured girl and tall, so that in the OTK position her feet and hands touch the floor and her bottom is arched high. CalStar films all these spankings beautifully--closeup rear views, miserable faces, and oblique shots from the front. Not always the case with CalStar, these spankings occur in the center of the room, allowing the video camera mobility.

Miss Brown brings out the paddles. April leans on the chair, pants down, and Brown whales away, with her patented full swings, first with the oval paddle, which pops loudly, then with the thin leather strap-like paddle, which always gets a reaction.

April remains bent over for the cane, the troubleshooter's third tool in her sequence. About 20 increasingly severe strokes. Bruises, welts, marks, etc. evident, accumulating from Miss Brown's porcess. April needs a breather at 13--Brown lets her come to her own peace and bend over again. At the conclusion, Brown is quite proud of her work, including one low and wild stripe. There is a demonic smirk on her face. This troubleshooter job is not so bad.

The second girl for this session is Anna Louise, tht towel girl for the club. One would assume that the very sight of Brown would make anna Louise's bottom tingle, but Brown explains she is the club troubleshooter. "I'm here to dish out punishment." Anna is a tall brunette, wearing skin-tight short shorts and a flowered top, also out of uniform and close to scandalous. OTK she goes. "I think I'll have these shorts d0wn now." Just a little white thong remains. Brown spanks so hard that the girls' bottoms are red before the paddles even appear.

Anna must pull off her top. Just a skimpy bra remains. her shorts and thong remained stretched below her knees. She does two toe-touches then bends over the chair for a session with each paddle. The oblique views are carefully staged--of her mostly naked body, where we can watch her face and body jerk as the paddle strikes. The floppy paddle--"Oh, that really hurts."

But not as much as the cane. She takes her 20, and also gets pauses to grab, rub, and display her inner being to us. Intimate closeups of the sweet damage. She won't be wearing those short shorts for a while.

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