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Truckers Revenge

33 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/20/08

Two truckers are missing a wallet and find it in the coat of an attractive long-haired brunette. She denies of course. The Big Choice: "...have your bottom spanked or the police?" One of the guys (the two spankers will be interchangeable) takes her OTK and begins spanking her on white tights which promise to expose nice things when they come off. She is spanked by both guys, hard, and squawks maybe a tad too much. When she pulls her tights down, the wisdom of the casting department is seen.

But "We're just beginning." The brunette is sent off and return in full schoolgirl attire. The boys roll a die-6 with the slipper; more die rolling, always sixes. Pants down. More rolls.But "She's still smiling. We have not started." They put her in the diaper position on the couch for a flogger. One of the boys holds her straightened legs, scissoring them open and closed. Such a predictament she is in and so embarrassing! Next she kneels on the couch. More attention is paid to her thighs than we usually see.

She manages to get her pants back up and sits, hands-on-head for more lecturing on stealing. More spankng and slippering before the cane appears. Over a chair for, first, 6 crisp strokes on those form-hugging white panites, which the caner then bunches for 6 more strokes, followed by a careful bottom inspection to include a leisurely frontal look, and about 15 more on the bare, kneeling on the couch. She must count them aloud, and now we have tears. Very sexy. "Now you understand what CP is."

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