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20 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/27/08

The brief format, and so no time for dillydallying. A TV host is try to do a talk show about corporal punishment, but his two girl guests are silly and teasing, so he stops the filming (the camerman is CalStar's ubiquitous "Brian") and is determined to give the girls a spanking, in order to gain some respect for his subject.

He grabs the first girl, a thin exotic-looking brunette, gets her OTK, and yanks down her slacks and panties together, without fanfare. He handspanks her hard, demanding a better attitude. As he spanks, he gropes and caresses, kneading and separating her cheeks--sexy.

The second young lady, another attractive long-haired brunette, is going to get the fully monty from the TV host. Her pants come right down also (we've only got 20 minutes). She struggles up a storm--one of the cutest we've seen; a delicious curvy squirmy creature, but her bottom is always where it needs to be. The host has to pin one of her legs between his to keep the target still. And she is a squawker. We turned the volume down. She is bent over a table for a cat-like whip. What a wiggle, and thanks for the lovely angles. She and the host argue and chatter non-stop; both are winded. The host uses slicing/glancing blows from above on her prominent hard bottom, as if he were cutting butter. It stings, if we recognize the reflexes. He has pinned her in place with a handful of her long hair. She gives us an occasional glance of her front as she struggles.

He has a cane nearby. 7 mild strokes, then 8 much harder. Lovely full screen presentation, and some shots from the floor. Then 5 more with the Wimbledon backhand, as hard as it needs to be done. Effective marks and stripes and surely an atitude adjustment.

They start filming the TV show again. The girls are contrite. CalStar can do a lot of convincing in 20 minutes.

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