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Two Spanked Cheerleaders

Nu West NW-126
Time: 27 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 5/23/08

Standard fare from Nu West, never a disappointment, and enhanced if you like cheerleaders in short skirts. This actually has dialogue and drama. A female teacher has caught two cheerleaders skipping a return bus ride; the girls admit they had an opportunity for some "hard cocks"--you're got to admire their honesty. They have earned an appointment in the teacher's office later in the day.

"You're both going over my lap for a bare bottom spanking." Of course they doth protest, but it seems at this school the vice-principal is very adept with a paddle, so it's either "my lap or the vice-principal's paddle." Pause. "We'll take the spanking." Such repartee is infrequent at Nu West in our experience, and appreciated. There are usually wet eyes at this point in a NW production.

O"Reilly, a short curly blonde, is first. She is pulled OTK and her pants taken down immediately. There follows about a 10-minute handspanking, sold, firm, and impressive. Typical of NW, the scene is filmed from several places--two angles from overhead, the suffering face, an oblique front, and of course the unhappy rear end, bottom-centered. There are repeats, but O'Reilly is cute from any angle without her pants. The second blonde must kneel and wait, Rigid East style.

Blonde #2 is spanked in the same way, nothing unique. She squawks more than we need to hear. The teacher accelerates the spanks at the end of each session, an Ed Lee trademark, so you assume he's holding the camera. The affair is simple and a trifle, unless you covet cheerleaders with hard athletic bodies.

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