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Two Very Naughty Girls

Produced, Written and Directed by: Jennifer Brooks
Starring: Samantha Stylle
Tabatha Stylle
Charles Mitchell
Reviewed by: David Pierson

I think that Jennifer Brooks just may be the funniest person and one of the most talented directors working in the spanking cinema today. Her production of " Two Very Naughty Girls" is deliciously erotic and extremely entertaining. This video is full of Jennifer (Our Miss) Brooks' sense of whimsy. This video reunites the cast of " Charles In Charge", one of the best spanking videos of the past five years. This production features the talents of the bewitching Samantha and Tabatha Stylle (Get it? bewitching...Samantha, Tabatha? Oh forget it.) and the exceedingly handsome Charles Mitchell. This video is really a variation on the theme of the Romance of Discipline as developed by Eve Howard of Shadow Lane fame. Only in this video it is the Romance of Discipline done in Jennifer Brooks' own distinctive style. One of the basic tenets of a Romance of Discipline story is that it is the female in the submissive postion who is actually controlling the action. Through their naughty behavior the submissive female hopes to gain the attention of a dominant male with whom they would like to entice into a romantic or sexual relationship, even if they must accept a severe spanking to do it. In power exchange circles this process is called " topping from below." In this excellent production we have two sexually provocative eighteen year old girls who are seeking the sexual attention of an attractive older man.

As the video opens Samantha is hanging out at home with her friend Tabatha. Samantha is on the phone with her mother. We learn that mom is away on a business trip and that her flight has been delayed until the following day, leaving the girls to their own devices. Samantha's mother (I wonder if her name is Endora?) informs her daughter that an old friend of the family named Steve was coming in for a visit. Mom requests that Samantha entertain and prepare dinner for her friend. Samantha is more than happy to serve Steve his supper so long as she and Tabatha are the main course. Shortly after his arrival, Steve is sitting between the two lustful young women on the couch. He was informed that " Mom" was stuck out of town and that she would be taking care of his needs. Both of the girls are practically sitting in his lap. Trying to make conversation, Steve says " Samantha I can't believe how you've grown." Samantha replied, " I'm a big girl now and I like to do big girl things." While Steve and Samantha were talking, Tabatha was leaning in close to Steve flipping her very long tresses back and forth in a flirtatious manner. Steve is clearly turned on but he attempts to control his carnal urges by changing the subject to " well what's for dinner?" At this point Samantha and Tabatha pull out cigarettes. Steve noted that these two eighteen year old girls were not going to smoke in front of him. Samantha refused to accede to Steve's wishes and refused to relinquish her cigarette. Within seconds Samantha finds herself pulled across Steve's lap. The old family friend then began to administer a hard spanking to Samantha's beautiful round bottom. He initiates the chastisement over Samantha's tight fitting jeans. Soon, Steve has removed Samantha's jeans and is spanking her lovely bare bottom. Samantha starts to cry as she is forced to endure this humiliating punishment. Here she is being spanked across the lap of the object of her desire. However, it is clear that Steve is quite turned on by the wonderful site that lies across his lap. At one point Steve spreads his victim's buttocks apart exposing her nether regions. (Anus and vagina... there I said it!) Soon he turns his attention to Tabatha. Unlike the robust Samantha, Tabatha is a frail looking young woman with the most beautiful long auburn hair. This fragile appearance makes Tabatha seem younger than her real age. Steve spanks this porcelain doll until her bare bottom was sore and red. After spanking these two naughty girls, he instructs them to go to the kitchen and prepare dinner. Ever persistent, Samantha tries to entice Steve into taking a shower with Tabatha and herself. Steve refuses and once again directs our two naughty girls to the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen the girls immediately pull two bottles of beer from out of the refrigerator. Of course this behavior leads to another set of spankings from our man Steve. (It wouldn't be much of a spanking video if it didn't now would it. It would be surprising though.) Steve takes the beer from the girl's hands and makes them bend over the kitchen table. After spanking these incorrigible brats over their jeans, their bottoms are bared and beaten with a spatula. Both girls were left sobbing from the pain coming from their sore bottoms. Later that evening, Steve is resting in bed when in walks our nasty girls wearing the most suggestive nightgowns possible. Tabatha dressed in satin and Samantha, wearing a see -through gown. While staring at Samantha's clearly visible breasts Steve asks " Do you always dress like this for bed?" Samantha requests a back rub from Steve. He complies. As Steve begins to rub Samantha's lovely shoulder she lowers the front of her gown fully exposing her rather ample breasts. As Steve kneads Samantha's shoulders Tabatha begins to rub the inside of Steve's thighs. Under the force of sheer erotic energy, Steve pulls Samantha over his and Tabatha's laps. Steve begins to give Samantha a spanking that is clearly more oriented to erotic pleasure rather than discipline. As Steve is slowing reddening Samantha's naked bottom, Tabatha is rubbing and caressing her "friend's" head. Soon, Tabatha is spanked in this erotic fashion while Samantha plays with the long and very sexy hair of her "bosom buddy." The video concludes with the two lustful girls about to go down on Steve.

This video proves that Ms. Brooks deserves her lofty place among the producers of quality spanking erotica. She created a video that used the " Romance of Discipline" theme without being derivative. This work is unmistakably a Jennifer Brooks creation and that is a very good thing.


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