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Two Whipped Businesswomen

Nu West FCV-058
24 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted on 6/20/08

An odd marketing direction from Nu West, albeit way back in 1998, for those of us who admire things callipygian. But we continually admire Ed Lee's wicked imagination. Here, two women have agreed to be whipped at Nu West's studios, in private settlement of some workplace transgression. There they are, having reported to his office, at Lee's oft-filmed desk, ready to be done, no squawks, protests, or hesitancy. Versions of this little fantasy are to be found in print around the genre. Lee puts our fantasies on film.

The first woman strips to the waist without ceremony. She's a familiar brunette, or whatever the hair color is, probably from the NW staff, dressed in normal office attire, and has agreed to take 100 strokes from his dogwhip. Here's the disappointment--she never drops her skirt. She matter-of-factly takes off her bluse andbra as if this were a foregone conclusion. The whipping is all on the bare back, the second woman holding her wrists, and the whipping takes about 10 minutes. It would appear some strokes don't land, but the very concept is very exciting.

The second woman, a tall blonde, strips off her blazer, blouse and bra and takes her place; huge breasts assuage the disappointed view, and make bending over the desk entertainment in itself. Even though she just held the first woman in place for her whipping, she shows no hesitation in getting in position. A little "Gosh-do-I-have-to?" behavior would have produced some tension. She seemed a little more disturbed by the whip. For each girl, Lee cell-phones the employer so he can hear the delivery of the last 10 strokes. A great workplace fantasy, but please, next time, drop the pants.

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