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Two Women Horse Whipped

time: 23 minutes

Provocateur Ed Lee dressed as a sheriff, badge and all, uses his Table Mountain video setting to whip naked girls. Mean streets! No nonsense, no dialogue--Sheriff Lee just gets to it. Two girls will have short piquant sessions.

The first victim is a young brunette, who walks across the stoned work area, strips naked without hesitation, and is attached by her manacled wrists to a gallows-like overhead crossbar. Lee pulls her up tight. He proceeds to bullwhip her naked back and bottom. Perfect camerawork--front, back, closeups, distant. She gasps and moans, while Lee keeps up a steady taunting banter. With the whip, he has the skill to nip and bite, rather than choosing to lay on full-body stripes. It is intensely erotic without being abusive, and stimulates twitching, writhing responses. The yound lady's hair has to be gathered out of the way several times.

The second girl, another brunette, enters and strips just as quickly. "All right, get over here. Get those clothes off. Everything." She is just as attractive, but with more voluptuous curves. Her flared hips deliver the sort of bottom so coveted in this genre. The stark nudity in the bright sunlight provides high contrast in this industrial setting. The wind rustles the microphones. The Pacific peeks through the screenwalls. "You messed around in my town." Lee pauses, winded, between sets of strokes. "The old sheriff is getting tired." Maybe this really is a 2008 production.

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