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The Tyrant

Guest review by Mars posted 9/26/08

Another crisp production from P4F. Credible acting, setting, production values, and firm punishments. On the edgy side, in that fathers are thrashing wives and daughters, but we always focus on the action itself. The regular P4F cast does the work, in domestic sets which this time don't require the nasty equipment P4F excels in.

The actor Peter drives through the countryside to a small house, where he knocks and is received, carrying a sort of trombone case, which we are guessing contains something other than a horn. A woman greets him and they chat: "How did you happen to get into this business?"

Peter recalls stories of his grandfather, producing the flashback to a rural setting. Grandfather (also played by Peter as a young man) is a tyrant and likes to whip his servants and his family. He keeps fresh switches handy around the house for deserving bottoms. There is a brief spanking of the blonde servant Maria, for failed domestic chores, but the first formal victim is his own wife, who he drags into the barn, strips her to the waist, strings her up, then whips her bare back. She is lovely and well endowed, and while her discomfort is fun to watch, you can think of better uses for that body.

Grandfather's daughter (the current day Peter's mother) is a tall thin brunette. The tyrant has deprived her of boyfriends, so we see her playing with herself in bed. She decides to recruit the sleeping servant Maria to provide some pleasure. The girl's mother, the very same lady who shed tears in the barn, catches them. Maria te maid is blamed, and the tyrant immediately sets out to spank the devil out of her.

In front of the family, he pulls up her nightdress, (None of the women in this movie wear underwear) and whales her hard, first over his knee; then in the diaper position with a rugbeater we saw hanging on the wall; face down lengthwise on the bench with one of the handy fresh green switches; and then spread out on the harvest table. A very tough go for Maria. Her bottom is bruised and battered. After everyone returns to bed, the mother spreads some ointment on the poor girl.

In another scene from the reminiscence, the tyrant overhears the very same event--his daughter trying to seduce Maria again. He gets it right this time and proceeds to give his daughter the full monty--rough spanking, switching, etc. She must cock up her bare bottom kneeling on her bed for the switch. She is a great screamer, and she has plenty of reason to do it here. We can agree this is one of the great spanking postures in the instruction manual.

The pretty blonde mother, still remembering her session in the barn, is appalled at her daughter's suffering and clobbers her husband the tyrant with a rock and kills him. We'd like to see her in the prison punishment room, but that is another video.

Back to the present, Peter opens his case. It is filled with canes and switches. The woman drags her innocent-looking daughter into the room. Peter is for hire; it is in his genes. The screen goes black and the girl screeches as the cane strikes the bottom her mother has bared for the hired disciplinarian.

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