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Unashamed Sisters

Running Time: 30 minutes
Review by John O'Connell, December 2002

The video starts off with Ann, a pretty red head, sitting on the bed reading a magazine. Her sister Jane, a cute brunette, walks into the room wearing only a towel as she had just taken a shower. The video is spoken in the Czech language, but Lupus was kind enough to provide English subtitles so we can understand what they are saying. Ann asks Jane if she could borrow some money as she only has some change, and when she looks into her purse, well, Jane doesn't have much more than Ann does. As Jane dries off and gets changed into her pajamas, Ann suggests a way that they two can earn some easy money by posing nude in a magazine. All they have to do is take the photos themselves and then bring them to the magazine. Mom comes into the room and calls Jane a slob for leaving her towel on the floor and tells them goodnight. They continue the conversation a little more and then go off to sleep. Ann dreams about her posing nude and making all sorts of money.

It is now morning and the parents are going away for the weekend, which will provide the girls with the perfect opportunity to take their photos. After they leave, Ann tells Jane to wait a few moments as Mom will forget something as always. Turns out they did, and Mom returns looking for keys to their cottage. After she leaves for the second time, Ann gets the 35mm camera and puts a black curtain over the back of the bedroom door. They bicker a little bit as to who goes first, and it is decided that Jane will pose first. She changes and returns in jeans and a black top. She starts posing and Ann starts shooting. Ann comments on how Jane needs to act sexy to get the old men excited. Jane feels awkward and appears very uncomfortable. She tries stripping and acting sexy, but Ann just keeps telling her she looks dead. She poses on the bed and eventually ends up naked after posing in various stages of undress. After a roll or so, Ann tells her to stop and that she'll show her how to act. Ann gets changed and starts her stripping routine. She is very into this and hams it up in front of the camera. After a few shots, both are laughing and having a good time with this. Now Jane is getting into this and wants to try posing again. She is a lot more comfortable with it this time around and is dancing around the room just playing this whole thing up. Finally, Ann sets the camera on self timer and they pose together. After a little bit, the scene wraps up and it's off to the presses. We see the magazines being printed and then on the shelf of a store.

The next scene starts off right in the action. Ann is over the mother's knee receiving a hard bare bottom spanking. Jane is standing in the corner wearing a shirt and white panties. The magazine is on the kitchen table and dinner is cooking on the stove. In fact, the girls are made to stir it once or twice while mom is spanking away. Mom is ticked, she yells at them saying she can't go out, that everyone will know, and that she can't have a social or work life anymore. They have shamed them. Once she is done burning the backside of Ann, she has her kneel in the corner and has Jane remove her panties and get over her knee. She proceeds to spank her bare bum while telling them this is just the beginning. Their father is going to give it to them much worse. The spanking lasts a few minutes and Jane is made to join her sister kneeling on the floor. It's now time to wait for Dad, who arrives shortly thereafter. He asks what they did now and mom just tells him to eat first. As he starts eating, he notices the magazine on the table and starts flipping through it. Needless to say, it doesn't take him too long to notice who's inside. He totally loses his mind. It's actually funny to watch him eat and yell at the same time, food come spraying out of his mouth. I can picture that really japanning someplace, yelling at someone while trying to eat. It's like your mind wants to yell and your body says screw that, eat. Anyway, he continues to wolf down his dinner and nearly chokes in the process. He tells them that they won't be sitting down for a long, long time.

The table is cleared, the cane comes out, and it's time to get down to business. Ann bends over the kitchen table first and is held down by Jane. I didn't count the strokes, but there was at least 15, all of them very hard. He continues to yell as he fires off each stroke, making her yell and even cry. Mom turns on the radio to try and drown out the sound, but he tells her to turn it off. She doesn't want the neighbors to hear, but he could care less about the neighbors or anyone else for that matter. As I mentioned, the strokes are rather hard, causing Ann's butt to welt, bruise, and bleed. Now it's Jane's turn and the punishment is just as severe. He continues to yell and fire off heavy handed strokes, making her butt a deep purple. Jane doesn't have as much of a reaction as Ann and seems to take her punishment more in stride. When it's all over, the 2 girls hug each other and cry. Dad asks how much they got paid and Ann answers "16 grand". Well, he almost has a heart attack. He fantasizes about being driven around in a chauffeured fancy car and wonders how much they would pay for a movie. The video closes with panic stricken looks on the 2 girls faces.

A very interesting video, I think it has a really good story line with some pretty decent acting. Only problem is that the punishment scenes themselves are relatively short in comparison to the rest of the video. The punishments are severe, but it does take a while for you to get to them, as the lead in is rather lengthy. Like most videos, this will go on your taste. If you like a storyline with something more to it than just spanking, than this is a good one to pick up. If you are mainly interested in just spanking and could care less about a story line, then you should look at the photos on the Lupus site and take it from there. The video is roughly 30 minutes or so and the video/sound quality is average.


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