Underground Animations


Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active and I believe is still updating. There isn't any indication of when the last update was or how often it is updated, but the main pages states that they have over 3,965 animations, and over 19,700 pieces of Adult Art. Cost of membership is 20.00 USD for 30 days.

Every so often I come across a website that makes me think "now this is different". Something that defines creativity and originality. A site that makes it's mark by offering something that no one else does. Underground Animations is such a site. Do not look for photo sets of a young woman being bent over the knee of a strapping lad. Do not look for real media clips or Windows Media Player movies. As you will not find them here. What you will find is some of the most fantastic artwork on the net. Timeless captions of fantasy and imagery that can only be described as breathtaking. There is art of every type. From simple drawings to complex paintings. And as the site title might indicate, many of these drawings have been transformed into animations. Some are a quick addition of an arm that raises and lowers while the unlucky recipient's bottom turns red. Others are lavish works of cinematic bliss, taking fifteen seconds or better to complete their revolution. Would you like to add icons to your desktop that spice up the screen? Well, there is a whole boatload of icons just waiting to be downloaded and put to use. Art Galleries are not just composed of the author's work, but other artists as well, including the famous Spirit. Pages go on and on with original artwork and animations. Although the primary focus is spanking, there are other adult animations as well. Want to see Lucy from the Peanuts gang get spanked for all those times she yanked the ball away from Charlie Brown? Here that fantasy of satisfaction can come true. And, you can even make requests to have your favorite art work animated. Obviously this site is not for everyone, as there are no human models. Only artwork. However if you've been searching for something new, something to soothe your cultural niche then this is the place for you. At $15 per month and new material being added all the time, this little gem comes at a cheap price (for website membership that is).

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