Uniform Discipline 2

F/f; M/f
time: 53 minutes
Second Review by MARS posted 3/12/10

A detailed review precedes us, so once again we will make complementary observations. The copy we watched was called "NEW Uniform Discipline." A tall uniformed military officer, Ms. Elizabeth Barton-Jones, is to be punished, and she clearly knows what is about to happen. First, she is ordered to watch the caning and shower scenes from Sophie Fennington's "Canings and Cold Showers." Seven minutes of that video are repeated here, in sepia tones. Spankophiles would agree these sequences of Sophie over a table and in the shower are hall-of-fame level in our industry. Presumably, the producers of Paradox, British Spanking, and SfP are affiliated.

The officer reports to Room #10, a bare Nu-West style punishment chamber, watches the film, and confronts an attractive blonde in a doctor's smock, who will administer the discipline, and an equally attractive nurse, who will assist. Ms. Barton-Jones bends over a trestle and gasps when her panties are immediately yanked down. The fetish aspects of corporal punishment are satisfied by both the military and the medical garb.

A few handslaps then a thorough strapping with an oblong mean-looking paddle/strap. The punishments here, as in other Paradox films we have seen, are firm and realistic. "Take your skirt off...we haven't got all day." More hard strapping, excellent closeups.

"Crop, nurse!" Very hard session with the riding crop. Barton-Smith stands again--jacket off, tie off, knickers removed from her ankles, back over the trestle, in just her hat, a blouse, garter belt and stockings. Nice humiliation as the nurse observes and Barton-Smith is spanked on her way to nudity. Another wicked strap is used. "You're whimpering."

On her feet again, blouse off. A hard-working bra shows a dramatic figure, all disguised in the bulky uniform. The "doctor" announces we "need to take harder measures," which after the hand, crop, and two straps, can only mean--the cane. It is a huge, thick, senior cane, not the whippy, swishy variety. Ms. Barton-Smith takes about 15 strokes, with lots of crying and pleading, pauses, jumping up, etc. Realistic, we thought.

Another moment when Barton-Jones stands. She takes her bra off and finally her garter belt, and is naked. Quite a body. She denies lesbian rumors about her. The nurse: "I don't think she's been punished enough." In other settings, such a nurse could suddenly find herself over the trestle. Another brief caning over the trestle, then a short strapping of her palms, providing an extensive study of her breasts. Pro forma, she is sent off naked, clothes in a ball.

A separate spanking scenario follows. Brunette Rebecca Hamilton studies her "punishment slip." She must report to a Don at her finishing school for corporal punishment.

The uniform here is a simple, zippered white shift, as if she were a nurse's aid or beauty operator. It will come off very easily. She reports to the Don, a goofy guy we've seen at work on other girls in the "Finishing School" series, an effecive spanking, a pygophilist, and excellent at reducng a girl to tears. He is actually wearing his mortarboard.

This is meant to be a punishement session. Rebecca goes OTK, is handspnked on her navy-blue regulation knickers, they come down. She asks in Oxfordian tones: "Is this necessary, sir?" "Certainly is." She stands to hand over her panties before the OTK continues, with a very hard mean-looking round leather paddle. The Don spanks with powerful strokes. The camera angle is on the level with her buttocks, so her round solid bottom is highlighted.

Up again, the little shift-like dress easily over her head, down to just white bra, which the Don decides is better off, back OTK, "legs slightly apart, please" to finish up with the paddle. "We're going on now to the cane."

The girl bends over a piano, naked, and seems to know to arch her back and stick out her bottom without direction. She has probably been told a few times in fact what a great bottom it is. About 30 strokes, but not as severe as previous punishments. Closeup obliques show countable welts, but the Don is easing up. She has fulfilled her requirement and may leave.

Original Review by reviewed by John O'Callahan, publisher/webmaster

Uniform Discipline 2 is comprised of 2 parts, with each one being a different story. In the first segment, a military officer stands accused of sexual misconduct and is being sent for corporal punishment, rather than face a court marshal. Our officer, Elizabeth, is a cute brunette that just has "I'm guilty and I feel really, really bad about it" written on her face. Nice expression from this model. She is ordered to report to Room 10, where she will watch a video of a previous punishment, before being submitted to something similar herself.

A tape is inserted into a VCR and the screen switches to black and white, like we're watching a surveillance camera. A pretty blond named officer Fennington is seen taking off her clothes, and is then bent over a table. There is sound, so we hear this woman's reaction to the heavy strokes of the cane. After a few, she begins to really yell after each stroke. The man delivering the strokes makes sure that she understands the severity of her crimes. There are somewhere around 30 strokes given all together and she takes quite a beating. The scene would have been better in color, but I understand where the producers were going with this. Gives it a little more feel of watching a classified military tape.

Now, we return to color, and to 2 beautiful blondes standing by our doomed officer. One is in charge and does all the talking, while her assistant mostly writes on a clip board and doesn't say much, if anything. The officer is placed over a saw horse and has her skirt raised and black panties lowered to just below her butt. The doctor (the woman in charge) puts on a pair of rubber gloves and gives Elizabeth's butt hole and vagina a quick inspection before slapping her cheeks a few times as a warm up. Elizabeth starts crying already, which doesn't seem to sit well with the good doctor. She said the more our officer cries, the longer and harder this will be. A short strap appears and is used somewhat forcefully on Elizabeth's rear quarters. Now she really starts crying, and the doctor once again becomes upset by this. She is made to remove her skirt and return to her position over the saw horse. More hand slapping and strokes with the strap to follow. Elizabeth is already a mess, and this is far from over. Oh yes, the crop is next, since she likes hunting foxes (referring to Elizabeth's crime of touching a female officer's private parts). The doctor delivers short, stinging strokes to her bare flesh, which nearly sends our poor officer through the roof. After a few moments, she is then ordered to remove the tie and to take off her panties entirely. Back over the saw horse again to resume the crop session. I was actually starting to feel bad for her, the screams she emitted with each stroke. And the doctor, cold, callus, brutal. This still isn't over yet though. It's time for a little paddling. A few whacks with the paddle, and then a few swipes with the cat o nine tails. So many instruments, so little time. Everything but the kitchen sink is being pulled out for this officer in disgrace. Elizabeth's bottom is red and bruised and she is at the end of her rope. Unfortunately, there is still more. Yes, the cane. She is given a bunch of strokes with the cane while completely naked. You are now sitting on the edge of your chair saying, ok, she's learned her lesson, have mercy. She is now told to stand up, hold her hands out, and is whacked on the hands a few times before finally being allowed to leave. The ordeal has ended.

Part 2: The scene opens with a cute student with brown hair sitting on a bench outside. Her name is Rebecca and she is holding a "punishment slip" which she must bring to the headmaster. Her crime: Gross Insubordination. Major uh oh here folks, if it's gross, then it must be bad. She brings the slip to our man who is playing the piano. He chats with her for a moment, and ask her if she understands that she will receive the cane for her misconduct. She does, and so we begin. Rebecca is taken over the knee, and has her dress pulled up for a stern hand spanking over her navy blue panties. Of course, over the panties is not enough, so they must come down and a bare bottom spanking must be dealt. And so it is. Even though our headmaster is delivering a fairly hard punishment, it just isn't getting the reaction he is looking for. So, she is made to stand up, remove her panties, fold them, and resume the position for a spanking with a small paddle. Our headmaster is touted as a seasoned spanker, having punished hundred of naughty pupils. She is then made to remove her dress and bra, fold them, and resume the potion over his knee once again. Well, even though he is tanning her behind with the paddle, it is the cane that this offense calls for. This over the knee stuff was just a warm up. (get it...warm up....ahem, never mind). She is made to lean up against the piano and is issued 25 (or somewhere around there, I lost count) strokes of the cane. Not much is held back here, our headmaster delivers quite a punch on each stroke. When all is said and done, she is seen walking outside afterwards rubbing her sore bum.

This was a pretty good video. This had a little bit less unique dialog in it compared to other Paradox releases. However, the spanking action made up for it. Although both models were pretty, I would have liked to have seen either, or both, of the blondes in the first part spanked at some point. Not that it went with the story line, just because they were so nice looking. All in all, a good production.

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