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Uniform Special

Year of Production: 2001
45 Minutes

2nd Review by MARS posted 5/7/10

The first section is called "Admiralty House A Naval Thrashing," and is one of the better military uniform costume dramas we have seen. Much attention to detail and some expense incurred to create authenticity. We will say though that nothing we've seen compares to the smirky spoofing Vida Garman, in her WREN duds, facing her superior officer in "Naval Discipline." The earlier review on this site contains the detail you'll need; we focus on additional areas of interest.

Two WRENS have been court-martialed and are about to be transported from the Admiralty House to a correctional facility, but not before a male and female naval officer will have go at them. One of the girls overdubs a narration of how these two officers are feared for their little side ventures and unauthorized punishments. A blonde (Lucy Bailey) and a brunette wear cute little sailor suits you wouldn't associate with a CP fetish--until now. The girls are inspected--front, back, skirts up, bend over, white panties, very correct.

The male Captain, very harsh and threatening and who we have seen in other disciplinary settings, turns them over to female Leftenant Bryan--she is carryng a paddle like a swagger stick--they do brief toe-touches(backs to us for the skirt rise and the panty peek) and star jumps. The girls in their little blouses and skirts face the wall, while the Leftenant rolls up their skirts to expose panties. "This is nothing compared to what you are going to get in military prison."

She handspanks Lucy and then the brunette. "A little warmer now, is it?" She spanks both with a large oval soft paddle. From the Captain: "Harder, Leftenant, unless you want a taste of this yourself." She alternates bottoms with a strap. "Make them sing out, Leftenant, roast those cheeks." The girls' palms are strapped while they face and grimace at us, keeping their skirts down in front. And a final frisk position against the wall for "six hard strokes." Excellent obliques--rosy, shining, swelling bottoms. We watch their bare bottoms as they keep their skirts tucked up and go up the palatial staircase to change.

The girls return, spectacularly cute in crisp white blouses, white trousers, and different white WREN caps. There is time to get in a little caning.

Lucy bends over first, a lovely sight, and takes 12 on her trousers from the Captain. Same for the brunette. Lucy returns, this time: "Get those trousers down...those too (panties)...around your ankles." A pretty picture in this mural-walled Great Room. 12 more for Lucy--sweet gasps. The Captain: "What do you think of that, Leftenant?"

The brunette is brought out, drops trou, for the same. The Captain takes some pleasure in telling the girls they will not enjoy their ride "in the transport, bouncing around."

The "To Be Continued" suggests several possibilities. We can travel with the WRENS to the correctional facility, or spiffy Lt. Bryan can receive some instruction of her own.

The second secton, about 25 minutes, entitled "Next!" features actress Eve Harper playing the quintessentially prototype severe headmistress whaling away on blonde actress Nina Birch, very talented in the bottom department and accustomed to being OTK. We are at Blair Academy; Nina's cries of pain and the erotic ritual CP dialogue are mixed with Wagnerian opera on the soundtrack. The "slipper" is used here, a fearsome sole-shaped hard leather paddle, which the participants know must be applied with care. Nina is led off, but a caning is prmised for the next time.

The second gril spanked is a brunette actress identified as Susan Fox. She was caugfht smoking. "The last spanking did not get through to you. I'm going to have to use the cane." Slow OTK, black panties especially nice. Susan kneels up on an elegant Queen Anne chair for the "slipper" and is allwed to rub. After some of a heavier strap, she stands down, hands on the chair arms, for the cane. "When I give it out, I like to give it out hard."

Susan counts out 12, "Thank you, Miss Harper" style. "You know what the last stroke is, don't you?" "The hardest, Miss."

Miss Harper's elevated interest in her girls' bottoms is illustrated with a long fondle and she watches "the lines come out." Susan's miserable, tearful face is highlighted. Next time she gets the "senior cane."

The last section, "Late for Parade," 8 exquisite minutes; experienced CP actress Lucy Bailey plays Clarke, an indolent cadet (not an officer), who must know what the penalties are in around this barracks. Karl Stevens plays a coropral in full uniform. Clarke was late for formation, fussing about female-style, and earns 12 cane strokes, bare bottom. NCO's have substantial prerogative in this Command.

We have an oblique view of the actual caning, rather than a direct view of Lucy's bottom under attack. Clarke is in perfect dress uniform and must hoist her skirt and pull down her own panties, in effect offering her bottom, which she does in front of the corporal inquisitor without hesitation. the strokes are moderately hard. The best part comes from Clarke--her little squeaks of embarrassment and pain, as she gasps for breath and tries to hold position. A full view of her bottom attests to the corporal efficency.

1st Review by: David from Denmark

If the combination of young girls dressed up in uniforms and strict spanking are among your favorite fantasies, you don't want to miss "Uniform Special" from Miss Marchmont's English Spanking Society.

"Uniform Special" is no less than a landmark in the field of genuine british-style punishment as seen in lots and lots of other productions, originating from those isles.

What sets this particular video apart from almost all of these other productions, is it's unique atmosphere of authenticity, combined with some very pretty girls, fabulous locations and very, very skilled disciplinarians of both sexes.

"Uniform Special" runs for 60 minutes and consists of three different scenarios, all of which are dealing with the theme of naughty girls being disciplined whilst wearing various types of uniforms. The first and third scenario deal with military discipline and the second scenario presents a tale of school-punishment.

In the first scene - "A Naval Thrashing" - two lovely girls receive corporal punishment, prior to being sent to military prison after having been convicted of several offences. The girls - one a brunette and one a blonde - are dressed as naval cadets. They are wearing black shoes, white ankle-socks, short pleated skirts and white shirts with the most fascinating naval collars. They are wearing traditional naval caps as well and soon you discover the white panties, they are wearing under their skirts. The disciplinarians in the scene are played by a man and a woman, both of whom are dressed in what appears to be genuine naval officers' uniforms (I am not a military man, myself, so the uniforms might not be entirely accurate in every detail - but believe me, it dosn't matter at all!). After having had their uniforms examined, the two girls are made to lean forward with their hands on the wall, legs together and sticking out their behinds. The female officer raises their skirts and secures them round their waists. She then warms up their bottoms with her open hand, eventually tugging their panties up between their cheeks before proceeding with the hand-spanking. But - of course - moments later, the girls have their beautiful bottoms fully bared. The officer leave the girls' panties just below their behinds, thus exposing two wonderful sets of bottom-cheeks. The brunette has a lovely bottom a bit on the small side, whereas the beautiful blonde girl shows off a most fascinating, well-shaped "full" bottom. A series of hand-smacks follows, before a leather-paddle is brought to use. With this implement, the female officer chastises both girls very strictly, which is a true joy to watch - however, probably not joyful for the pretty girls to endure! The male officer inspects the results of his colleague's performance and the girls are ordered to go upstairs to change into different uniforms. The two female cadets - luckily - are not given permission to pull up their panties or rearrange their skirts. Therefore you are provided with a brief, but indeed very fascinating view of the girls well-smacked behinds as they climb the stairs to the first floor. Moments later, the cadets return to the hall, now wearing caps and white uniforms - that is matching trousers and shirts with naval collars. This time, the male officer takes action. The girls - in turn - are made to bend over and grab their ankles, as twelve strokes with a cane are applied to their fully covered bottoms. The trousers, of course, offer them a great deal of protection, but you do not have a problem accepting this, as it has already been indicated that the following strokes will be administered to their bare bottoms. And so they are. In turn, each of the female cadets are ordered to pull down their trousers and white panties to their ankles an bend over once again. Another twelve strokes for both of them, it is. The young male officer does a wonderful job with the cane and the action is captured from various angles. Finally, the girls are marched out to be transported to prison.

The second scenario - "Next!" - is a traditional one of schoolgirl-punishment, carried out by a strict headmistress. A short text sets the scene, before it opens with a view of the beautiful bottom of a naughty schoolgirl, placed over the headmistress' knee. The girl - who is not a starlet, but has the ordinary appearance that is a special attraction in this type of videos (she is just a plain, naughty girl who has to be punished!) - is hand-spanked, at first on her fully covered bottom but eventually on the bare. After a severe dose of smacks, the headmistress continues the punishment, using a leather-paddle - the girl maintaining her position over the knee. She is told off and sent back to class. The next girl - the beautiful brunette from the first scenario in the video - also gets a traditional over the knee-spanking. Following this, she is made to kneel on an arm-chair, sticking out her lovely, bare bottom. She is given the strap and finally the cane. The headmistress administers the punishments to both of the girls skillfully and strictly, but with a modest hint of affection, which adds to the experience.

The third and final scenario in "Uniform Special" - called "Late For Parade" - is a very brief one, but one that will really appeal to those of us, who favour military strictness and formality in a spanking-video. A young female officer is called before her male superior - both of them in full uniforms, of course - and charged with the serious offence of having been ten minutes late for a parade! She pleads guilty and is formally - very formally! - sentenced to twelve strokes with the cane on her bare behind. The girl is ordered to lift her skirt, pull down her black panties and bend over. The male officer then - very strictly, very skillfully and very, very formally! - administers the strokes. It is done with considerable force and leaves the girl's bottom beautifully striped.

"Uniform Special" is the best uniform- and spanking-video, I have seen in the last decade. It is hereby warmly recommended!

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