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Unwilling Punishment

45 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/13/09

Standard CalStar format but with more explicit sex. Two Irish girls--brunette Woods and blonde Hawthorne have found a cache of canes at their school and discuss their experience with spankings with their boyfriends. Silly laughter, they are going to play with each other. Woods takes off her blouse and Hawthorne taps her bottom with a cane; Woods taps Hawthorne. Nothing so far to suggest either knows how this game is played. Hawthorne tells Woods, "You've got the biggest tits in school," and takes off her bra for her, and sucks her breasts.

Hawthorne masturbates. Woods: "I love watching girls do that...there is something about it." Hawthorne takes her own pants off, and at this point the actor Michael Dawes, having surely waited, like he is wont to do, for the opportune moment, enters in comic schoolmaster's mortarboard and gown, over a T-shirt. The girls are caught, half-naked. "It's hot," is all that they can come up with.

Woods sits in just panties, trying to cover her campus chest, while Dawes takes Hawthorn OTK, her cute polka-dot panties the center of attention. "Your lesbian activities have not gone unnoticed." Panties down, and then "Enough of this bottom for now."

Woods is taken OTK, her blue panties foremost, and is not happy. Both girls whine. "Just shut up, the pair of you,and take these spankings....I've been waiting for this little moment." Woods must strip the rest of the way. Dawes gets his "little friends," the familiar soft heavy paddle, the floppy leather strap, and the cane.

It will be blond Hawthorne first, over the desk for the paddle. "I'm just preparing you for the cane." Woods is next, naked. She is a morsel he can't resist fondling. She is spanked with a bigger leather paddle not normally in the CalStar property trunk, and from her reaction we can guess this paddle hurts too much and so is used infrequently. When Hawthorne is given a taste, she jumps. "It stings. I don't like that," and she blames Woods for their lesbian activities.

We have progressed to the cane. Hawthorne will be first and she is going to have a tough time, considering how she has reacted so far. She in fact seems to break at about 8 strokes. Closeups of welts and weals.

Woods is caned next--20 strokes are on film, some wild marks end up on her lower back and thighs. She runs off at 13, but is resettled to finish out. Both girls certainly were unwilling. The ever-resourceful Dawes: "It's time you were might have escaped...I was waiting for you before you left school."

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