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The Vacation

Written and Directed by Bethany Burke
Starring: Isabella Soprano as Stephanie Miller
Lamia Delion as Amy Tipton
Shaun Reynolds as Terry Tipton
Eli Thomas as Mike Miller
Simon Blackthorne as "The Professor"
Jason Forrester as Police Officer 1
Kate Sterling as Police Officer 2
Running Time: approx 75 mins
Review by David Pierson

'The Vacation' is clearly one of the best spanking films made this year. This production from the studios of Spanking Epics features an entertaining and engaging plot, (The screen play is based on the short story by Bethany Burke entitled 'The Vacation'.) fantastic cinematography and a talented and attractive cast. With all of that being said on can not overlook the fact that this film is quite hot.

Our story opens in the bedroom of Terry and Amy Tipton. (Okay..get your minds out of the gutters.) Terry enters the room while his beautiful young wife was reading a volume of stories by Marquis Donatien- Alphonse- Francois de Sade. This informs us that the young Mrs. Tipton is a rather kinky girl and if she dyed her hair something other than maroon, you could take her home to mother. She really is quite beautiful. Terry informed his lovely young bride that he and his business partner, Mike Miller had acquired a cabin. Mike had inherited the retreat in the woods from his recently dearly departed aunt. This cabin would serve Terry and Mike's business (search and rescue) and would also act as a vacation home for the two couples. Terry informed Amy that he wanted to go to the cabin in the next few weeks to begin some needed repairs. Amy became a bit alarmed when she learned that the two couples would be staying together. She is several years younger than her husband, his partner and his wife. She seemed most intimidated by Mike's wife Stephanie. A very accomplished career woman, (a lawyer) a person that Amy regards as "perfect". Amy was also concerned that on this nature holiday her secret may be exposed to Mike and Stephanie. Her secret being that she is spanked by Terry when she requires punishment. In reality, Amy's life has gotten better since Terry took his young lovely in hand...or took a hand to his young lovely's bottom.

We are then transported back three years, to a time when Terry and Amy lived on a Marine Base. Amy's behaved poorly while Terry completed his tour of duty. One evening after returning home Terry decieded to take matters into his own capable hands. He informed his lovely, yet bratty spouse that she was to be spanked. At first Amy balked. "You can't do that...I'll leave you", she proclaimed. "Then leave", Terry responded. He noted that she had but two choices pack her suitcase or accept her chastisement. Amy reluctantly agreed to the spanking. With much trepidation she fell across Terry's lap. When his hand fell down hard upon Amy's beautiful, round, bottom she shouted "Mother Fucker!" (This girl has a mouth on her like a sailor... a very pissed off sailor) Soon Terry had raised Amy's skirt and lowered her panties. The spanking didn't end until Amy was a throughly punished young wife. It was there that Amy first felt the peace and security that comes when one takes you firmly in hand. Also, we can ascertain from Amy's choice of reading material that her spankings give her feelings in places other that her heart and bottom. As we returned to the present Terry was seeking to allay Amy's fear. He noted that if she behaved herself she would not need to worry about being spanked. In truth "Amy's secret was already known to Terry's partner, Mike. It was he who encouraged Terry to take his young wife in hand through spanking. Terry was also aware that Mike was in the habit of spanking his spouse when the occasion called for it. Mike's wife Stephanie is a complex and flawed young woman. Hardly the "perfect person" that Amy imagined her to be.

On a beautiful summer's day, the two couples arrived at the cabin in the woods. Amy and Stephanie had planned on hiking and taking day trips while their husbands labored at making repairs on the cabin. You know what they say about the best laid of plans? That evening, while the couples were cleaning up after dinner an alarming news report emanated from the radio. It seems that there was a killer loose there in this most bucolic of settings. Three women had been raped and murdered while hiking in the area in which they were staying. Mike and Terry instructed their spouses that they were only to go hiking while they were escorted by them. The girls started to protest but they quickly got the message that their loving husbands were in no mood to debate the issue.

The following day the two girls conspired to take that forbidden hike. Telling their busy husbands that they were going for a walk around the nearby lake, Stephanie and Amy headed for the woods. After a time, Stephanie became aware that they had gotten hopelessly lost. To the tune of the theme from the film 'Deliverance', our heroines became panicked and gradually exhausted. Part of their concern came from the fact they both were aware that they faced the spanking of a lifetime upon their return to the cabin. While the two exhausted girls took a break, Stephanie let Amy in on her secret...that Mike spanks her. Amy then confided that Terry spanks her as well. While the two girls commiserated, Stephanie said "Sometimes I think that I'll never learn." She then told the story of how her college advisor spanked her. Suddenly we found ourselves with Stephanie in the office of her academic advisor and the head of the humanities department. Stephanie was on academic probation and was called by "The Professor" to his office to explain a recent four day absence from class. When the lovely Stephanie provided a less than satisfactory answer, the erstwhile professor decided that a sound spanking was in order. It must be said that Simon Blackthorne is the most accomplished spanker/dominant in the film. He was an ideal choice for the role of the professor. His acumen as a dominant is best illustrated when one considers the fact that this was Isabella Soprano's (Amy) first spanking. He controlled her through the sheer force of his will. Her spoke quietly yet his demeanor projected extreme confidence. A man completely at peace with himself. Despite the fact that Miss Soprano had never been spanked before, Mr. Blackthore administered a severe spanking to her virgin bottom. A true sign of a well practiced master.

Once the sentence of a spanking was announced, "The Professor" instructed Amy to lower her pants and bare her bottom. She obeyed immediately. Soon Amy was absorbing a severe over the knee chastisement. She cried out as "The Professor" brought his hand down upon her naked bottom with increasing intensity. Once done, "The Professor" decided that young Amy was not sufficently contrite for her misdeed. He required Amy to shuffle across the room, with her pants around her ankles and bend over his desk. When Amy saw the masterful academician pick up a yardstick she began to plead. " Oh please...I'm so sorry", Amy whined. "The Professor quieted the frightened girl with a combination of soothing words and a firm hand placed on her lower back. Soon Amy's bottom was jumping with each blow from the yardstick. After several stokes, the punishing pedagogue decided that Amy was not properly sorry. He decided to add humiliation to the comely co-ed's punishment (and perhaps please himself) and instructed Amy to remove all of her clothes. (A most pleasant sight) He then administered several more strokes with the nasty instrument of measure to her red bottom. He concluded Amy's chastisement with the cane.

As Amy ends her tale, we are once again with our lost little girls in the evergreen forest.

Mike and Terry, terrified for their wives well-being alerted the local police. They felt a bit humiliated in doing so as they were in the process of developing a search and rescue business.

Finally the girls were found walking along the trail by the police. The girls entered the police officer's vehicle with a great deal of concern, fully aware of the ordeal awaiting them back at he cabin.

Soon after being returned to the care of their loving husbands by the local police and the girls were given time to recover, Terry and Mike inquired about what had happened. Stephanie tried to convince the boys that hey had merely gotten lost. Not buying any of this, Mikes instructed Stephanie to go to their bedroom and fetch her wooden hairbrush. Upon Stephanie's return, both girls were informed that they were to about to be spanked and, to make matters worse; they were to be switched the following morning.

Stephanie was the first to be punished. Mike instructed his naughty wife to stand up and lower her shorts. " What! In front of them?", she replied. She started pleading with her husband much in the same way she pleaded with her college professor to spare her bottom so many years before. Once her bottom was bared, Stephanie complied with Mike's instruction for her to bend over his lap. At first she was a bit defiant, despite the precariousness of her situation. (Over Mike's knee, bottom bared) That attitudinal stance soon changed as her husband's large hand began to fall upon her naked backside. " Please Mike...stop..I'll never do anything like this again!", Stephanie cried.

After a few minutes of hand spanking it was time for Stephanie to taste the hairbrush. Mike locked his lovely wife over his lap by placing one of his large legs over hers, knowing that she would find it difficult to remain in place once the wooden implement was applied. She cried out and promised to change her ways as the hairbrush assaulted her already sore bottom. Once Stephanie's punishment was concluded the bare bottomed barrister (remember she's a lawyer?) was instructed to stand in the corner.

Now it was Amy's turn to be chastised for her dangerous disobedience. She pleaded with Terry not to spank her. "Please Terry..I'll never do this again", the pretty young girl whimpered. She was taken over Terry's lap and spanked hard. "God Damn it!", she shouted as Terry's hand fell upon her lovely, naked bottom. Soon the cursing turned to crying and promises of better behavior. Amy was also given a dose of the hairbrush. She cried out and sobbed as each blow of the brush struck her derriere.

After her punishment, Terry took her in his arms and comforted his young spouse while Mike and Stephanie made their way to their bedroom.

The following morning, the girls sat at the breakfast table, quietly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Neither girl had much appetite for breakfast. Suddenly, Mike stood up, handed Stephanie a pocket knife and instructed her to go and cut a switch for the final part of her punishment. Terry required that Amy do the same.

As the girls were retuning from their hunt to find the ideal switch they were met on the trail by their irate husbands. Both Terry and Mike felt that the girls had taken way too much time in carrying out their assignment. Both girls were required to lift their skirts and their switching started there on the trail. Both girls cried out as they were stuck with a switch upon their naked bottoms and upper thighs. After several swishes of the switch, the girls were made to walk back to the cabin, with skirts raised and bottoms bared, all the while receiving the occasional stripe from the switch. Once back at on the grounds of the cabin, both girls were required to remove all clothing from the waist down. Then Mike and Terry grabbed their respective spouse by the arm and thus began Stephanie and Amy's dance of pain. Moving in a circle, held at their arms by their husbands the girls jumped and cried out as the switch struck them on their bottoms or thighs.

Finally the girls were made to bend over two saw horse placed next to each other. They were informed that they would be given six more stokes with the switch. Three were to be administered by Mike and then three by Terry, Stephanie and Amy were required to ask for each stoke that was to come their way and to keep their postion..bent over the saw horse with their bottom thrust outward. The stokes from the switch in this position stuck their target with much more force. Stephanie was the first to feel the sting of the switch. "May I have one", Stephanie asked reluctantly. She shouted "fuck!" as the switch landed on her bottom. Stephanie's reaction disconcerted Amy. " You guys are twisted", she said with a tremor in her voice and she pulled away from the horse only to be put back in place by her loving husband. The next stoke landed on the lower part of her bottom and the last her thigh. Tears came to Stephanie eyes as her husband stuck her bottom with all the force he could muster. After finishing his chastisement of Stephanie he moved on to Terry's beloved. She begged him not to hit her with the switch until Stephanie, choking back her sobs said "Just do it and get it over with." Tenuously Amy said "May I please have one?". This was followed by a loud explicative as Mike stuck her bottom hard with the thin implement of punishment. She cried out as Mike delivered the final two stokes. Then it was Terry's turn to deliver three stokes to the bottoms of the Stephanie and Amy. In the denouement the husbands held their well punished spouses close and the girls clearly knew that their chastisement was an act of love.

'The Vacation' is an erotic experience to be savored. It is well crafted film and is extremely hot. If you are a lover of spanking video erotica this is a DVD that you need to add to your collection.


The film opens with Amy lounging in bed, occupying her time reading a book on Marquis DeSade when her husband, Terry enters and tells her that they have access to a cabin in the mountains. The cabin is a "fixer-upper" and will need some work. His partner, Mike and his wife Stephanie will help. The four are to go to the cabin for a little working vacation. Amy has reservations. She feels out of step with the others and self-conscious about being spanked. Terry tries to console her by taking her back to the first incident.

The next scene reflects back two years earlier and shows Amy who has just purchased a coffee maker in frustration. Amy has been cooped up while her husband was away in the Marines. She has nothing to do and can not seem to make friends. All of this is beginning to play on her nerves and her attitude. Her attitude, in a word, is terrible. Amy is upset, moody, and self-centered in her despair when Terry returns and they have an argument. Terry is the head of the household and has finally reached his limit with her bickering. He gives her a choice; either be spanked or pack her things and go home. She elects the spanking and in no time ends up over his lap.

For the next few minutes, she is treated to a hand spanking. It starts out fairly slowly, over her dress but soon he pulls up her dress and yanks down her panties to start on her bare bottom. Lamia complains constantly as if she is in dire distress. After a few good bare-bottom slaps, he lets her up and she promised to listen and be a good officer's wife.

When the scene returns back to today, Amy is still concerned about her friend, Stephanie might find out that she is spanked by Terry. He goes so far as to suggest that possibly Stephanie is also spanked. Unknown to Amy at this time, it was Mike who suggested that Terry spank Amy a few years earlier.

The next scene shows the cabin, located in a densely wooded but picturesque region of the mountain foothills. The four began to unpack from their travels and while cleaning up they discover that a murder had just occurred in their region. The two ladies were forbidden from hiking on their own, and after a small disagreement that ended with a threat "to discuss it upstairs" (with the hairbrush). The men had "laid down the law" and that was the end of the discussion, at least as far as they were concerned. The ladies still had a few choice words when the men left.

At breakfast the next morning, the ladies wish to hike to the lake. They are bored. The men agree provided that they do not get lost and do not walk around the lake. "End of discussion." Unfortunately, when the ladies are alone, Stephanie suggests a different trip. They plan to take a different trail. Amy, with reservations, finally agrees. This will be a big mistake, as they will find out later as the two go off to "swim in the lake". Five minutes later, the men realize the situation and start after the girls. The unfortunate thing is that the men go to the lake. Their wives are not to be found.

The ladies have been walking for ninety minutes by now. They are hopelessly lost as they decide to turn back in hopes of retracing their steps on the winding path. The men have returned from the lake, and are now concerned about their wives and the murderer in their area. Oh, the sun will set tonight, and it won't be up in the sky. Mike says "I think that I know two girls who will be eating standing up for about a week."

After six hours, the men decide to call the police to find their wives. Another two hours elapse before the police arrive to help with the search for the wayward wives. The police suggest that they have a talk with their wives about hiking safety when they return. The men totally agree with them, "Oh, you can be sure that we will be talking to them about hiking safety."

By the time that the two exhausted wives decide to stop, Stephanie tells Amy that she is concerned about returning. It seems that Mike spanks her. Amy, to her total shock, also says that Terry spanks her. The two women know what to expect when they return. Stephanie recounts that her college mentor also spanked her.

The next scene is a flashback to her college times. Her mentor, played by Simon Blackthorne, is in his study. Stephanie had played hooky for a few days and a "refocusing" was needed. She drops her pants, and not wearing panties, while he moves the chair to the middle of the room. He takes her over his lap. (He is left handed.) The slaps start with his comment, "The purpose of education is to focus the mind. To focus the mind, we need to focus and discipline the tail."

He gives her a few slaps and then some gentle rubbing and repeats the process to bring her complexion to the desired hue. In a few moments, the intensity is ramped up to the point that he is beginning to hit her forcefully. Her bottom, by now, has started to turn very red and her voice has raised a few octaves as she apologies. He still disbelieves her sorrow when he lets her up and instructs her to bend over the table.

He selects a "stinger" (a long two inch wide) paddle. She still professes sorrow, but the sorrow is for the spanking, not her misdeed. She must count the six strokes that he lays directly on her lower fleshy cheeks. She must now completely undress for what remains, two more sets of six. She counts those as well. By the time that it is over, her fingers are flexing and her bottom now has some paddle marks.

He still did not see any signs of contriteness in her face. By the time that he is finished, he will. Next she is treated to a heavy cane or perhaps long wooden dowel rod, while being bent over the same table. She gets eight strokes.

The scene now returns to the two ladies, stuck up on the mountain, lost, without food, water, shelter, and beginning to lament at the hopeless of their situation when they hear a car approaching. It is the police. They have been found. Rescued, at last. When the officer tells the women that they have two husbands who are anxious to get them home, they exchange looks of dread. They both know what is awaiting them. It seems that they were miles off the lake, completely on the other side.

Alone, the two explain that Stephanie can expect "the switch". "Do you mean a stick? He hits you thing things?" Amy questions. "Of course" Stephanie replies. By the time that the police leave, they are grinning, knowing what will happen to the two lost wives.

After a few words concerning their situation, the Mike sends Stephanie upstairs to retrieve her hairbrush. The two are to receive two spankings, one paddling now for their "stupidity" and one switching tomorrow for their "defiance." Amy choice comment is "You can't spank us for being stupid!" The two men reply in a chorus, "Yes we can!"

Returning with the hairbrush, Stephanie goes first. "Drop them!" Mike orders. She balks "Not in front of them." Still, he prevails and takes her over his lap. A few swats of his hand redden her bottom cheeks in preparation for the brush. She cries "I am sorry" and "Please stop" to no avail. Finally, he hooks his leg around hers, pins her hand to her back, and grabs the brush. He starts to spank his wife with the brush in a slow, methodical manner. After the last ten with the brush, Stephanie must put her nose into the corner.

Amy's turn is next. By the time that Terry has her over his lap, her bottom is bare. The first slap lands hard. Amy screams. In short order, under Terry's tutelage, Amy's bottom has a deep hue of his hand prints. She continues to struggle, kick and cry out in pain.

Amy cries "Please Terry. I will never do that again. I have learned my lesson". Terry's response was to pin her legs and grab the hairbrush. She will experience it for the first time. He starts to use the brush on her bottom while she still streams "I am sorry". Soon, her bottom is marked by the brush and she is in tears and he lets her up.

The next morning, after breakfast, Mike hands Stephanie his pocket knife telling her that she has a job to do. She complains that her bottom is sore enough. He tells her, "One more word and you are going out without your pants." She relents and asks Amy if she is coming too. Terry sends his sore wife to join her partner in crime, and cut a pair of switches.

The two women spent most of the time talking about their near term future so by the time that they returned with a switch, Mike and Terry met them on the trail. They had been looking for their wives again. There is no time but the present to start, so the ladies hike their skirts and Terry starts to switch Amy's naked bottom while Mike does the same to Stephanie; both ladies' bottoms bare, out in the woods, being switched. Terry does not stop with the bottom. He also likes to switch the back of Amy's thighs. Terry wastes no time in putting welts on Amy's bottom and legs as he continues to rain that switch on her naked flesh. Swish after swish can be heard among Amy's protests of being good.

Eventually, the two men decide to take their wives back to the cabin. As the two ladies walk down the path, skirt up, their pace is kept to the sting of the switch. When they arrive back at the cabin, the two ladies must remove their skirts. Now, they are naked from the waist down. Tom grabs Amy's arm, Mike grabs Stephanie's arm and the two women walk around their husbands, being switched as they go round and round.

To finish the switching, Mike brings two sawhorses together for the two wives. Stephanie and Amy must grab the tops and take three strokes from Mike and then three from Tom. Stephanie starts out and with the first one it is just "Ow!". On the second one it is now "Ow! Fuck!". The same cry goes out on the third. Next Mike applies the switch to Amy's welted bottom. Amy wastes no time, as it is "Ow! God damn it!" from the very first time. By the third time, she is rubbing her sore bottom. Terry's turn is next. He applies the switch to Stephanie who took it with just some grimacing and pounding on the top. Amy, was far more vocal.

The final scene shows the two ladies, dinner on the table, standing to eat. They would rather rub their bottoms than eat. What have they learned? Amy knows not to disobey her husband. Stephanie knows that she got off with a mild spanking.

This film is about domestic discipline. Rarely have I seen one done so well on this subject. It is not just about a husband spanking his wife over spending too much. It is about the caring relationship that is the basis for discipline. It shows that the real purpose for the spanking of these two wives is not over some simple case but is the deep concern that their husbands had for their safety and well being.

The first spanking, that of Amy by Tom for being a brat and throwing things at him was terribly true. Tom handled it as a gentleman. He did not get mad at his wife and throw things back. He just took her over his knee until she realized that he still loved her, enough to get her to change her bad attitude. If that mean that she had a sore bottom, then so be it.

The second spanking, Stephanie by her mentor, was along the same lines. It was one of caring discipline. He was not concerned with judicial punishment, similar to those in typical school-girls spanking scenes. He was concerned with her attitude and the fact that she did not seem to care about her studies.

The final set of spankings is the best. The two ladies deserved what they got, a good severe spanking for their actions. It would have been one thing to be simply lost. But to get lost because they choose to disobey their husbands and then purposely take a different path was beyond a simple mistake.

As such, I can not say if you will like this film. I can only give you the reasons that I like this film. No, that is not quite correct. I don't like this film. I love this film. It is a poignant piece that reflects a real life love between a husband and a wife; even if the wife must have a sore bottom at the end of the day.

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