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Vanna Spanks Alex, Sonya Spanks Debra

Nu West NW-236
Time: 24 minutes
Guest Review by: Collector - Posted 11/16/07

Two straightforward female-on-female over-the-knee spankings; no formalities. It's like a training film or watching batting practice---one spanking sequence repeated from various angles. Routine stuff, but always pretty girls from Nu West, very nice bottoms, and some funmaking.

Vanna is the first spanker; she's young and powerful, with long brown hair. We've seen a lot of her, on both ends. We believe we could chart all her freckles, if it came to that. She's got Alex, a pretty thing in dress and high heels, in the classic OTK pose. She is handspanked about 150 times, a legitimate spanking in any arena, first on the skirt, then on a pantygirdle, and finally on the bare. We watch four times from various angles -front, face, overhad, and rear. Vanna has spanked harder elsewhere, but Alex begins to squirm about halfway through. When the pantyhose come down, there's no doubt as to why. She ends up in the corner with rosy cheeks for us to admire. "No rubbing."

Sonya is next with blonde Debra over her lap. She smacks much harder--the immediate contrast with Vanna is noticable. Debra seems a bit surprised--she probably thought she got cheated. Same sequences and procedure. Debra is disturbed when he pantyhose are rolled down, "Oh, no, no..." She squawks ever so sweetly. This is a very efficient OTK spanking, with a perfect closeup of a cornered red bottom at the conclusion.

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