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The Very Best Of The Paddle Volume 1

Directed by Michael Masterson
Written by Jacqueline, Michael Masterson and Lady D
Featuring: Lady D
Michael Masterson
Mr. Daniels
Review by David Pierson

Regarding Films latest production one can only say, "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." You are probably wondering "What the Dickens is he taking about?" Bear with me for a minute. You see it was the best of times for those of us who enjoy watching beautiful young women take a severe paddling for our enjoyment. It was the worst of times for those beautiful young women who took the severe paddling for our enjoyment. Actually, it is my understanding that Films conducted a poll on the World Spanking Forum ( and that it was you, the fans, who selected the choice of the paddle as the first implement to be used in the "Best of implement" series. It is also my understanding that the young ladies who appear in this video are in the process of tracking all of you down. Do be warned that they are planning to murder you all in the most hideous manner possible.

This is another fantastic video production from the creative team at Films. The producers of this video claim that the severity level of this video is moderate to severe. You must forgive them as the are all originally from Texas. This video features punishments that range from severe to more severe. In many ways you can say that this video is a moving experience. When the girls are struck by the hard wooden paddles they move. Such is their experience that there isn't a dry eye in the house.

Scene I: Jennifer's Over The Knee Paddling

It must be said once again that it is highly unlikely that we will ever see a video entitled 'Teen Jennifer's Sensuous Spanking Experience'. Miss Jennifer is a hardcore submissive who can take quite the beating. In this scene Jennifer had been misbehaving in Phys Ed class. The incorrigible Jennifer had already been sentenced to a "Friday Punishment" (See 'Friday Punishments') for an earlier infraction of the rules of the RealSpankings Institute. (Where only the best and the brightest need apply.) For her misdeed our Jennifer is sent to the office of the dreaded Dean of Students. For her misbehavior Jennifer is given a long OTK session with a nasty oval paddle over her gym shorts. One hundred and nine blows of the paddle fell upon the seat of Jennifer's shorts. She kicked and cried in the most enticing manner as the Dean did his duty.

Scene II: 'Amy's School Swats'

In this scene the lovely Amy recreates that wonderful experience when you were sent to the Principles office to have your bottom scorched by hard wooden paddle. Ahh.. those were the days. In an interview conducted by Mr. Masterson , prior to Amy's paddling we are shocked to learn that Amy never had the pleasure of being paddled , despite the fact that she was a poorly behaved young lady while in high school. Well, Mr. Masterson filled that gap in Amy's educational history. She was made to bend over and take ten hard swats with the paddle over her jeans. All ten swats were delivered with great force.

Scene III: 'Lori's Missed Assignment'

It was a regrettable mistake when Miss Lori failed to do the assignment set for her by Mr. Daniels. For her indolence she was made to bend over a nearby desk. Her uniform shirt was raised, her panties lowered. Eight swats of the paddle later it seemed that Lori had learned the error of her ways.

Scene IV: 'Carrie's School Swats' or 'This Girl is Trouble'

In a discussion with Mr. Masterson, Carries admitted to being a rather difficult student while in school. She noted that she was often on the wrong end of the paddle at school. Simulating her experiences in the Catholic school system, Carrie was given ten very hard swats over the seat of her overalls. She cried out with each blow of the paddle as it landed with a thud upon her bottom. The second her punishment was over Michael Masterson asked her if this paddling would have dissuaded her from being difficult in school. Carrie, staring directly into the camera, in an emotionless tone, said "I've had worse". I don't know about you, but this girl scares me.

Scene V: 'Jessica and Brandi Visit the Dean' or 'Is That A Paddle In Your Hand or Are You Just Glad To See Me?'

First the lovely Jessica was called into the dean's office. She was given six hard swats with a large wooden paddle. Jessica cried as the nasty implement found its target. When finished, Jessica ran from the room in tears, passing Brandi as she made her entrance to the dreaded office of the Dean. She too received six hard blows from the large paddle. Yes, it was a paddle in his hand and he was glad to see them.

Scene VI: 'Jasmine's School Swats' or 'Is This Anyway To Treat a Star?'

Jasmine is clearly one of the brightest stars in the constellation. She's lovely, smart and exceedingly sexy. In this "School Swat" story we learn in an interview conducted by Mr. Masterson that Jasmine was never paddled at school but was frequently spanked at home by her father. Feeling that Jasmine had a bit of a gap in her educational experience, Mr. Masterson gave the sexy girl with the lovely round bottom six hard swats with the paddle. I wonder if she received a certificate of completion following her paddling?

Scene VII: 'The Job Interview'

Miss Jennifer had been granted the privilege of getting an outside job by the staff of the RealSpankings Institute of Learning. One day Jennifer went out to interview for a position but decided not to go. The aggrieved prospective employer was somewhat upset and called Lady D. When Jennifer arrived back on campus she was asked by Lady D how are interview had gone. She said "It went okay. He was real nice and said that he'd call in a few days". Boy, was that the wrong answer! For her deceitful behavior Jennifer was given fifteen swats with the paddle over her skirt. For failing to go to the interview she was given seventeen swats on the bare.

Scene VIII: 'Holly and Lori's School Swats'

In this scene Holly and Lori are interviewed by Mr. Masterson (after this video we may need to call him "Bat") about their experiences with Corporal Punishment in school. Lori talked about being spanked with the yard stick in school. Holly was relaxed and calm, while Lori looked as if she was about to be executed. Both girls took ten hard swats over their jeans.

Scene IX: 'Jasmine's Cheerleader Punishment'

It was one of those nasty Monday mornings when you are sure that a meteor is about to come smashing through the roof and hit you on the head or you wished one would. On this day the lovely Jasmine had been summoned to Lady D's office. It had come to Lady D's attention that over the weekend, Jasmine and several of her fellow cheerleaders were busted for drinking at a party. To pay for her misdemeanor, Jasmine was made to bend over Lady D's desk and she was spanked with a hard oval paddle. I think it was about half way through her punishment when Jasmine started looking for that meteor for she was surely seeing stars.

Scene X: 'Lori's Essay'

There is an old adage that says "those that can't do teach. Those that can't teach, teach gym". This can not be said of Coach Daniels. He employs many innovative pedagogic techniques. Perhaps his most effective strategy in dealing with an underachieving student is to smack them on the bottom with a wooden paddle. Yes, these methods are somewhat controversial in the community of teaching professionals, but you can't argue with his results. In this scene the coach is extremely unhappy with the progress that Lori has made on an essay assignment. Ten hard swats on the bare bottom and Lori has a whole new perspective on the educational system and as soon as she is able to walk again she has vowed to do better in the future.

Scene XI: 'Betty Paddled'

Well our Betty had gotten herself in a fix. Prior to our arrival on the scene the usually well behaved Betty had acted out in a manner most foolish. When she was told by Lady D that a spanking was coming her way, Betty refused to submit. The Dean needed to come in and hold her down for her punishment. And all of this happened before we got there. Now you can imagine that Lady D was one pissed off Lady...D. One can chalk this up to the foolishness of youth I guess. To pay for her insolence Betty was given thirty hard swats with the paddle upon her naked bottom.

Scene XI: 'Jennifer's Detention Room Paddling'

In the final two scenes of this terrific cp video it seems that our Jennifer has taken up the practice of a new martial art skill...the breaking of hard wooden paddles with her bottom. This may have limited efficacy in an actual fight but it is impressive to watch none the less.

In this scene, a fashionably clad Jennifer was given eight hard swats with the paddle by the Dean for some unidentified offence. During the punishment the paddle shattered over Jennifer lovely bottom. (Speaking of buns of steele!) The Dean needed to get another to finish the punishment.

Scene IX: 'Jennifer's Ordeal'

We are not sure exactly what Miss Jennifer had done to deserve the punishment that she absorbed in the final scene of this production, but needless to say it must have been bad...very, very bad.

As this segment opens Jennifer is led into the detention room by an irate Dean of Students. She was made to strip down to her underwear and bend over kneel over two back to back chairs. It was in this position that Jennifer received an amazingly severe punishment with three separate paddles. By the time Jennifer's ordeal was over she had received over one hundred and forty swats.

This production of 'The Very Best of The Paddle Vol. 1' is a fantastic production for lovers of intense corporal punishment erotica. If you enjoy watching the sight of lovely young women having their bottoms warmed with a serious implement of chastisement then this video is for you. And for those of you who voted for the paddle to be the featured implement for this video remember the girls of have vowed to take their revenge upon you. Is that Jennifer over there?

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