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The Very Best Of The Paddle Volume 2

Staring: Heather
Mr. M.
and Lady D
Running Time: approximately 65 minutes
Review by Katrina

This video is a compilation of scenes from the Real Spanking web site, shown in full living color on your big screen television. No longer are you limited to the little five inch window on your computer monitor. This is the second part of at least a two part series. The scenes that are chosen from their videos reflect a common theme, the use of a wooden paddle applied with full force on a girl's bottom. Most of the scenes involve this application applied to the bare skin, with pants and panties dropped to half mast. All of the recipients have deep red, swollen bottoms with the distinctive paddle marks by the time that their session has ended.

Jasmine and Heather are paddled by the coach

The first scene involves Heather and Jasmine being paddled by the Coach. Both are there for the dreaded "Friday Punishment" session. Since the punishment involves their failure to run the appropriate number of laps, it is the Coach who will administer the discipline. While Jasmine waits outside his office with the door open, Heather drops her gym pants and Coach starts to paddle her bottom. After five strokes, he asks her how many she received. Heather knows exactly how many times her bottom was struck and tells Coach "five." Coach tells her that he only counted four. That's ok, Coach. You were distracted by a beautiful sight. The remainder of her eleven strokes is then applied. Heather squeals and stops her feet while the paddle is making an impression on her nude bottom. Jasmine's reactions are different. Jasmine receives only nine strokes. She manages to stay in position, but the tears flow from almost the first stroke.

Camille's school swats

The next scene involves a new model, Camille. It is part of their "school swats" series. Camille apparently did not last very long with the company as she has very few scenes. It was strange for a new model to ask for a wooden paddling on her first day. However, it seems that it was a fantasy of hers since she saw other students receive the paddle in school. Not to be anything but a gracious host, Mr. M. demonstrates the effects of a paddle on her pants as part of their series. After two swats, her selected paddle fractures and Mr. M. is forced to choose a different implement. This new paddle has two sets of holes running down its length. She still manages to remain in position bent over the front of a chair. When all ten strokes have been applied, and her fantasy was fulfilled, she admits that second paddle stung worse than the first. Will it deter her from getting into trouble at school? Her response was simply "No."

Coach paddles Lori for not telling the truth

The next scene comes from Real Spankings Institute and involves Lori and Coach Daniels. We find Coach typing on his laptop when there is a knock at the door and Lady D has escorted Lori to his office for a little wooden discipline. She has thoughtfully brought a paddle with her. After few moments of lecture concerning her feigning illness, she is bending over his chair. After about a dozen swats with the leather paddle, to which she squeals on the first few, she drops her pants. The full white panties remain up for the next ten hard, full-force swings of the paddle. Then the panties are yanked down to expose the fully redden bottom. The next ten strokes only deepen the color. Now, her bottom has very distinct broad outlines of the paddle. Restoring the panties and long gym sweat pants, she hobbles out door.

Holly's hard paddling

Holly's school swats scene is next. This one involves Holly, a small footstool, Mr. M, and a wooden paddle. Holly comes dressed in a pair of jeans. Perhaps this is not the best outfit for her. These are apparently new jeans that have only wear spots that outline her sitting area on her bottoms and legs. You can't help but notice the white outline against the blue jeans color. The target area is obvious by the time that she puts the foot stool in the middle of the room and bends over and puts her hands on the stool. Mr. M then uses a wooden paddle to target the white outlines on her jeans for the first ten strokes in a slow, methodical pace. Since she has been here before for the same offence, her punishment is doubled. He summons Lady D to check the status of her bottom, and Lady D proclaims that she is still able to receive the second ten when she examines her naked nates. The pants are restored. She resumes her position, and is given the next ten stokes, fast and furious.

Carrie paddled by the coach

Carrie's paddling by the coach follows next. It starts with Lady D referring her to coach for twenty swats. Carrie arrives with a crestfallen look on her face which does change quickly as she is invited to bend over the desk and receive a discipline session by Coach Daniels. She starts to react on the second swat. By the fourth time where coach is placing the paddle directly over the same "sit" spot, she begins to scream in pain and the tears are very evident. By the time that she has received ten, she is already pretty badly bruised. The next ten are on "the bare." With these she cries in pain and pounds on the desk in an effort to stem the sting in her bottom. By the time that she ends up in the corner, her bottom is deeply marked with the bulls-eye pattern of a hard paddling.

Jennifer's school swats

Another "school swats" scene is presented next. This one stars Jennifer. After explaining the session and its purpose to Jennifer, Mr. M requests that Coach Daniels deliver the normal ten swats to Jennifer's jean covered bottom. Coach is more than happy to oblige the request and in short order, orders Jennifer to bend over the chair ready to receive the paddle. Jennifer takes the first four in her typical style as coach aims for the pockets on her jeans. By the sixth, she is beginning to squirm. By the seventh, she is beginning to wiggle. When it is all over, she gingerly sits back down on the chair; and probably is grateful that it is a padded chair. During the post interview, she finds it still uncomfortable to sit and continually readjusts her position, rocking side to side. Would it deter her undesirable behavior in school? "Yes."

Lori's school swats

This time it is Lori who is to bend over the chair for ten of the paddle best. As is the style of the series, there is a brief introduction to the scenario and explanation to Lori what will happen. Mr. M explains that normally the student is given at most six swats, but she will receive ten. When the interview continues, Lori revealed that she had received a wooden paddling before as a child; the last time was age 15 or 16. And then he asks her to hand him the paddle that she was fingering during this time and to stand up and bend over the chair. Lori is a person who shows the effects on her bottom very visibly on her face. She grimaces and breathes quickly during the paddling, but the only "noise" that is heard is the wooden paddle landing on her jean covered bottom. At the end, she is presented with broken paddle, split lengthwise down the entire length. It is strange. Its shape resembles a "V" for "Victory." This too would deter her undesirable behavior in school.

Caroline's school swats

Caroline's school swats segment is interesting. It is just simply a chair, interview, and paddle. This one is situated in the school room. Caroline puts her hands against the wall (rather than on a chair as the others) and receives the ten strokes of the paddle on her bottom. This one involves Caroline being paddled at the head of the "class". By the time that the ten swats are over, she is hyper-ventilating, crying, and screaming. Yet, she managed to stay in position.

After the paddling with Mr. M, she is joined by Lady D. Lady D gets a short footstool, and puts her left foot on the stool. She orders Caroline to drop her pants and get over her knee. Lady D uses a small paddle to further paddle Caroline's now well marked bottom. There is no "set number" of strokes as Lady D beings to rain the small paddle on Caroline's cheeks. First one and then the other are struck. With each stroke, her bottom cheeks reverberate to the paddle. In short order, Caroline is screaming again. All this time, she is bent over Lady D's single knee. After a while, she can not take it any longer and stands up. Lady D tells her that she is not finished and to get back over her knee; and that she must start over. By the time that Lady D has finished, Caroline not only has paddle marks, but now big white splotches on her bottom, framed in red. When she returns to the wall, you can see her tear studded face where she continues to cry.

Jasmine is paddled by the dean

The next scene comes from Real Spankings Institute. It starts with Jasmine kneeling, naked from the waist down, on a pair of books facing the wall. She apparently was just spanked. After the remaining six minutes, she is allowed up to redress into the gym shorts. Apparently the coach has been complaining about Jasmine's attitude to the dean of students. The dean has taken the initiative to paddle her bottom. She stood up, put her hands against the wall and stepped back, bottom out. This girl has been paddled before. She knows the position. What started out as six strokes turned into seven since she showed the wrong attitude to the dean. By the fourth stroke, Jasmine is crying. At the end of the seven strokes, she sits down on a nice hardwood stool and still manages to hold her composure, even under extreme duress.

Lori's severe paddling

This scene involves Lori, waiting on her bed, for Mr. M to arrive. When he comes in, he tells her that she is to receive a paddling and to stand up, turn around, and put her elbows on the bed. She is to receive twelve paddle swats. They are very fast and hard. Each one elicits a yelp from Lori. The next dozen swats are with a different paddle, similar to the RSI school paddle. The difference - pants down and strokes are on the lacy panties. The process is repeated the same, fast, hard, and furious. By now, her bottom must be black and blue, or definitely on the way to becoming that tomorrow. All that she can do is to remain bent over and cry loudly. The third dozen requires the last layer of clothing to be removed, the panties. Now it is on bare skin. We get the first impression of her bottom. Yes, it is well marked from the two dozen hard paddle swats. The right cheek is severely bruised. The left one is not so bad. After the third dozen, there is no difference. Both are badly bruised, with deep blue middle area. Now, the right cheek is showing signs of surface tissue hemorrhages with its distinctive deep red coloration. Lori is just in tears. She does not say very much beyond crying as she finally collapses on the bed in her tears.

Jennifer and Lady D

This is a scene which I have not found on either the Real Spankings or Real Spankings Institute site. It involves Jennifer, who along with other cheerleaders are caught drinking at a weekend party. Lady D gives her a choice. Either she is off the cheerleading squad or receives twenty four strokes of the paddle. Jennifer takes the paddle. With little further adieu, she is told to bend over the desk and Lady D with a small wooden hairbrush style paddle, proceeds to lay into her bottom with the intensity of a tornado. The first twenty swats are over her red short pants that are part of the uniform. For the last four, the pants are pulled up between the cheeks and the paddle is applied to the bare skin. Jennifer reacts by rising on her toes and exclaiming "Ow" with most of the swats. Otherwise, she is typically Jennifer, the strong and silent one from Real Spankings.

This video also includes previews for "Maid for Punishment", "Friday Punishments", and "The Arrival." All in all, this is a good video. It showcases the scenes that this company does best; to use a wooden paddle on the bottoms of some naughty pretty ladies. Taken in collection with the first video, "Best of the Paddle volume 1", you have an excellent idea of the sort of videos that this production company produces. Yet, this is more than just a preview tape. This is a selection by which this company feels is its best work. It is an excellent video in this light. It is intended to be a collection of scenes. The scenes are not related, other than they involve a common implement, the wooden paddle.

If you wish to see some lovely ladies, some bare bottoms, and a bit of wooden discipline being applied to those quivering cheeks, then this is a video that you should consider adding to your collection. I did to mine.

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