Vicious Whips & Bloody Canes

Directed, Written and Produced By: Jennifer Brooks
Featuring: Felicia Gates
Tori Sinclair
Category: Fem/dom
Reviewed By: Aldus W. Huckster

Before proceeding with my review of this video, I feel compelled to acknowledge that my preferences in spanking videos usually run toward the male spanks female or females spanks female categories. That being said, the video " Vicious Whips & Bloody Canes" is an intense erotic experience. This production revolves around the unique manner in which two women deal with sexual harassment in the work place.
Richard is making life difficult for our heroines, Tori and Felicia. In their place of employment, Richard has been disrespectful and has been making sexual overtures towards his female co-workers. One day Richard had finally pushed his colleges too far when he grabs Felicia by her breasts. This was a line that Richard would soon regret crossing. These daring young women would soon repay Richard for his insolence. There is a line in Dante's Inferno about a sign that says " Abandon all hope" that one would see on their way to hell. Richard was now about to enter hell. As payment for his crime, Richard is subjected to an hour of hand spankings, paddling, and a severe caning. (With two different types of cane.) While Richard is being beaten by one woman he is tormented and abused in other ways by her partner in punishment. Richard is poked with stiletto heels, slapped across the face and his head is slammed into a table opening a gash from the corner of one of his eyes. (If this were a boxing match, it would have been stopped.) By the end his time in hell, Richard is too weak to stand erect. His bottom is raw, swollen and bleeding. This video compares favorably to Rigid-East's production of " Wild Party", long considered the standard for severity featured in a corporal punishment video. One of the driving forces behind the success of this video is the unique combination of sexuality and feminine aggression. As Tori and Felicia proceeded with Richard's chastisements it was clear that they were deriving sexual gratification in the process. So intense were these combined feelings that Richard's beautiful tormentors gradually removed their clothing in an expression of aggressive sexuality. By the end of the session a nearly naked Tori and Felicia stand victorious over their former oppressor.
On a scale of 1-10, I rate this video an 11. If you would like to see Fem/Dom at its best then you simply must acquire this video.

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