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Victorian Interlude

17 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/20/08

A very brief pithy elegant episode, at least for this observer, who is not seeking carved-up victims. A very tall blonde, Mrs. Banbridge, has been referred by her husband to a female disciplinarian for "lack of submission," which in this faux Victorian setting coud mean....well, she is going to be taught to submit.

An older librarian-type woman does the work here, and she is not shy. Banbridge is told she is to be spanked, as authorized by her husband. First she must expose her bare bottom, which entails a comical peeling of sheaths of Victorian cloth. But finally there appears the pink bottom, and she's young, solid, and beautiful. The OTK handspanking is firm and impressive. She kneels on a chair. The mistress notes: "We're a little pink." The handspanking continues. "Does it sting?" "Yes, miss." Lovely full screen on her bottom.

The mistress dials the husband, while Banbridge kneels, cooling her pink bottom. There is a brief discussion of the good money being spent on this discipline, the poor results thus far, and therefore the authorization to proceed with the paddle. Banbridge is spanked with an oval leather embroidered model.

Finally, she is made to stand and remove her dress, producing a great rustling of yards of cloth. She stands in just a stiff little bustier, having already lost her pants. She is a blonde. The bustier is unfastened, snap by snap. She is now nude but for stockings. The mistress is almost stunned by the beauty. "A flirtatious body if ever I saw one." Back OTK for more handspanking, harder this time; some tears; lovely camera work from above, in front, close up. She is developing little white welts, confirming the intensity of the spanking. Then Banbridge hears some bad news: "We're going to keep you in residence for a few days." She is cornered, nude, British schoolgirl style, and made to hold a cane, "for the next time." She is a tall solid showgirl-type in this posture. Is there a next time? Let's check.

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