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A Victorian Maid

Produced by: Jack Sunderland
60 Minutes
Original Review by Henry Lamont
Second Review by Collector posted 5/9/08


Multiple scenes of two Victorian maids having their bottoms attended to for various domestic infractions.

I- Rose, is verbally chastised by her mistress for failure to control Florence, the Manor Lord's naughty daughter. The girl Florence is summoned--she's a cute sassy blonde in a boater. The mistress is furious with her and orders her to strip her clothes off. She's not about to do this, so the mistress wrestles with her, rustling through her Victorian petticoats to access a bare bottom. She then lays on a legitimate hard handspanking. She unfastens Florence's dress and the maid Rose is called in to unlace her stays, during which Florence checks us at the camera to see if we're paying attention. Oh, yes, honey, we're here. She is stripped down to just pantaloons with no bottom to them and is put over the desk for a paddle. "Arch your back and put your bottom out for me." A big square paddle is used. From her red face and blotchy bottom, it appears she got the message. Rose takes her off to bed, having escaped the mistress' paddle herself for the moment.

II-CalStar resident "Brian" is ripped at his maid Miss Gresham for breaking an heirloom. The maid is another entertaining Calstar regular, very adept at giving and taking spankings. He tells her: "I'm going to take out payment on your bare bottom." You know he will--we've observed it with pleasure many times. Gresham's bottom is indeed discovered under the petticoats. Brian is fiercely intent on extracting "30 shillings' worth of your bottom" with about 15 cane strokes. Then they take a break and Gresham goes for wine.

III-Back to Rose, who didn't escape. She's OTK, pants opened for a firm sonorous handspanking. Her pants are removed, and our no-nonsense mistress finds a bundle of birches nearby. But first Rose takes off her apron and dress and lifts a set of shifts to expose the pretty bottom in the daylight. She is paddled over the desk--lots of hard strokes; then the birch--over 20 hard swipes, very stimluating from our seat, and we think the hardest birching we've seen so far. Rose: "I'll be your loyal servant, madame." Hooray for birching.

IV-And lastly Brian, stilll on Miss Gresham's case. He's got his wine and keeps it up with the cane--20 more strokes w/repeats. He loves to reposition a squirming bottom for the camera. He declares: "I'm satisfied." Given the work we've catalogued for this performer, it is surely a well-spanked maid which leads him to say this. she will be a good little worker tomorrow and won't be sitting down.


The video opens showing the outside of a Victorian house. The next scene shows a Victorian office, with a woman sitting at a desk. This set is very realistic. The woman is asking the maid whose name is Grace where Florence is. Apparently Florence is a student. The woman says Florence is late, she thinks she's with the stable boy Gregory. The dialogue is appropriate. Grace is sent to find the stable boy Gregory and Florence and bring her back immediately.

In the next scene it shows the girl in the office getting a dressing down. The girl is blond and she is quite pretty. She is dressed appropriately. I forbade you to go near that stable boy the woman says. Take that smirk off your face she says, the girl looks like she is ready to start laughing. As in many videos there's too much dialogue. Next the woman shows the girl a book that her father signed showing what she was to do and not to do and the punishment. The girl is told a take her clothes off. The maids name is Rose not Grace. The girl is made to bend over the desk, the woman pulls up her dress and opens her undergarments, and she is naked underneath. She gets a light hand spanking. Next the woman sits in a chair and pulls Florence over her lap. We get to see a glimpse of the girl's sex. The girl is laughing. The woman starts to spank harder. The girl gives a fake owe. The camera finally zooms in on the girl's bottom, she has a lovely bottom. Your wiggling too much, lets get this dress off the woman says! Now her dress is off and she is just in her drawers. Florence is still laughing as the woman speeds up her spanks and hits harder; the bottom is just starting to turn pink. Next there is a very nice camera shot over the woman's shoulder fairly close, thanks camera man!! The maid now helps take off the girls top and bend over the desk, she has very nice breasts. A leather paddle is now used and the girl is still grinning. A nice facial shot shows tears dripping down her face and nose, there is no smirk now. Bend down and take them, the woman says! There is a fairly close teasing shot of the girl's sex peeking out. A bell is rung by the woman to summon the maid and the girl is escorted off to bed.

A new scene shows a man scolding a maid for breaking something. The acting is quite lame. The girl is made to bend over a chair for 30 strokes of a cane. There are moderate strokes of the cane. Camera shots are from the back. The maid's reaction is very good, with low moaning and twitching, I enjoyed this part. A camera shot from back and side with a quick look at her slit, nice! The man opens her drawers a little more and makes her spread her legs wider. The reviewer is enjoying this more and more. Now a little rosebud starts to show. Camera shots go back and forth from face to bottom. Probably the best part of this scene is there is very little dialog. It is too bad that so many companies don't seem to understand this. The man says lets have a look closer look then sends her to fetch a bottle of wine.

A new scene opens back in the woman's office hand spanking the other maid. There is a nice over the woman's shoulder shot. This scene is much like the first scene, there is too much dialog. Next the maid is made to strip, this happens slowly which is good. It is a shame that companies don't concentrate more on erotic stripping! The maid is made to bend over the desk to be paddled, she has on only knee high stockings and shoes which is very erotic. The camera is from the side and back, you can barely see the girl's sex. Next the camera focuses on the breasts, the nipples are quite large; this is a nice erotic shot! The facial shots are appropriate. Now the camera is from the back again at a moderate distance, you can clearly see her plump womanhood and tightest opening, nice! The maid is quiet with the proper wincing of her face. There is no close up shots. The camera goes in and out of focus which is terrible! I can't believe they did not cut that out. I would expect that from a new amateur company but not an established company like Cal star. The next shot shows a birch for the maid with more out of focus camera work.

Now back to the gentleman and the other maid. The maid has brought the wine to the man. The maid is now caned some more with really hard strokes. The maids legs are slightly apart and the cane strokes leave immediate red marks. Again her reaction is I think almost perfect with sighs, gasps with no screaming or yelling. A nice shot follows, a great impact shot. At this point is the best part of the video with very little speaking to distract. For some odd reason the facial shots at this point are one of amusement unfortunately. The man opens the girl's drawers a little wider and she also spreads her legs a little more. The man tells the girl it looks like I got my 30 shillings worth and touches her bottom. The video closes with the maid being sent back to the Scullery.

Overall I would say this was a good video especially if you like authentic Victorian sets and clothes. I sure would of liked to see more good close up shots after being teased by the distant shots.

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