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Virgin Bottom Spanking

M/F reviewed by the webmaster

The girl in this video is a brunette by the name of Renee. This girl is just awesome. She is good looking and has a nice butt. This is actually Amateur Spankings first public release, as well as Renee's first on camera spanking. The video starts off with some chit-chat between the guy about to do the spanking and Renee. This is something he likes to do in his videos, sort of gives you a feel of this person and many times by the nervousness of the model, you can tell this really is an amateur model. Anyway, he has her drop her jeans to show us her butt in white panties. After a little more chat, the scene cuts to her laying down on her belly with her jeans down around her knees. I later found out that there was a short panty spanking that had to be cut out due to technical reasons, so if you get this video, you didn't get a defective copy. He has her kneel on the couch and pull her panties down with her jeans. He gives her a hard spanking while she is sort of bent over the back of the couch. She then gets up, the guy sits down and then is placed over the knee for a few more rounds of bare bottom spanking. Some really great shots, including close ups of her butt and some between the legs shots. They had several videos on the market by the time I found them, but this was the first one I had ordered. I became a fan after this one. The severity of the slaps is a bit harder than average, but considering she's not a pro, I'm sure she didn't think so. The video is 30 minutes long.

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