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Well Done Lavinia

61 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/25/08

Calstar's ubiquitous "Brian," master caner, at work again, as Mr. Van Driesen, a fine wine promoter, displeased with some female staff he's hired from an agency. No bottom is safe within a mile of this guy! Lavinia is his assistant, and Rebecca and Sarah are the agency girls. They've mucked up the display. Van Driesen orders Lavinia to give them a "good old whacking," and that he "may come up" to observe. He'll be there.

The girls need some convincing. There may be a long term contract here if they agree to the "full punishment." Lavinia explains that Van Driesen "loves spanking." Rebecca, a brunette with waist-length hair, is first to go OTK. She hikes up her white lab coat and Lavinia bunches her thong for a harder-than-usual handspanking. Rebecca wiggles her bottom wonderfully. Van Driesen peeks through the doorway. Blonde Sarah is next, her panties also pulled up to expose some skin.

Lavinia next paddles both girls. Rebecca gets six over a table, but must remove her coat and pull down her thong first. Very nice. Sarah is next--Lavinia herself takes Sarah's panties down, and she gets about 10. Top flight Calstar bottoms.

Well, Van Driesen just couldn't wait. He enters, brandishing his stiff leather spanker. He positions the two bare bottoms side-by-side and cracks each girl about 15 times, making an effort to balance the redness, seeking to have "these two ripe for picking." He sends Lavinia to get the cane.

Rebecca is first. Sarah goes around the table to hold her in place. Rebecca takes around 6 strokes, kicking legs in a most sexy way. Sarah flinches, knowing she's next. The girls switch. Van Driesen lays on about 12 zingers, with Lavinia pointing to areas where a tramline would add to the emerging pattern. Rebecca then switches back, with Lavinia again pointing to and "establishing the borders" for another dozen strokes. We've seen this actor do some fine caning and this one scores very highly. The girls he canes tend to quiet down quickly. Lavinia is having a fine time too, lots of: "Keep still"; "Open those legs"; "Over you go"; etc. Sarah gets a closing brace of 6 or so.

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