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A Well Spanked Little Girl

Starring: Katie Scott
Bart Cubbins
Review by Katrina
Running Time: about 45 minutes

This film is an over-the-knee lover's dream come true. The plot is almost too simple. It centers on a young woman, played by Katie Scott who visits her uncle, Bart Cubbins, while her parents are out of the country for two weeks. She recalls that he was a "cool" person from previous encounters years earlier. She wants to have fun, get a tattoo, and party. Regretfully, for her, her memory is somewhat jaded. He has some strict rules and a very simple way to handle offenses, an over the knee bottom-warming experience. His rules are simple. She cannot smoke in the house, have boys over by herself, dress properly, no tattoos, and be a lady. Do you really believe that she would follow the rules? If she did, it would be a very boring video.

Katie retires to her room to change for dinner. He does not approve of her outfit upon her return. She is dressed in cutoff jeans and a tank-top. The discussion begins to heat up and finally she says that she is not going to change her outfit. How could she have so short of a memory? She gave him no choice. Bart told her what would happen. All that he can do is to move a chair to the middle of the room, grab her arm, sit down and pull her over his lap. She plops down, her hands hitting the floor and legs bent with her feet up. Her short cutoff jeans are positioned over his lap. The first of several spankings starts over her jeans. The only thing say is, "I gonna tell my mother", as he begins to swat her upturned bottom. The jeans offer little protection. Neither does the squirming and wrenching that she does over his lap. Some brats will never learn. His repeated blows only seem to extract requests for him to stop. Bart stops only when she agrees to change her clothes.

Later, apparently after dinner, they return. It seems that Katie did not learn that her uncle meant the rules were to be obeyed. She thought that he would not notice the cigarette smoke smell emanating from her room. He sits down in the same chair; she does the same act of going over his knee and ends up in the same position as before. The only difference is that now she is wearing a short, short skirt and a sweater. The spanking is apparently continued from earlier that evening. Again and again he strikes her raised bottom. She continues to squirm, all the while with her feet off the floor. He is a very regular spanker. It is like a metronome. Over and over she is spanked. The only sounds are the slaps from his hand and her pleas to stop.

"Maybe the only way that I can get your attention is to spank you over your panties." So, he peels up her skirt revealing her red panties with matching bottom. The spanking resumes on her panties, and where possible, her bare cheeks as they peek out of the clothing. Poor Bart, he must be hurting his hand by this time. I guess that an uncle's job is never done. Her bottom is turning a rather bright color of red. And this hasn't even been the first day. Katie continues to act the incredulous brat over his lap. The spanking continues. Eventually all good things must come to an end. So did her spanking. This is not the end of the story.

After four days and no additional spankings, he decides to trust her with $200 to go purchase some new clothes. What is the old saying about a fool and his money? She goes bounding off to buy clothing. Unfortunately, for her, when she returns, late, slightly inebriated, she has purchased clothing that would make a harlot look dressy. He is upset with her choice of clothing and her drinking. If ever there was a condition for a spanking, this was it. "You've broken all of the rules again. I don't have a choice." is the last thing that she hears while she is still vertical. The third spanking starts with her over his knees while he is sitting on the sofa. The bottom-warming starts over her short skirt and progresses at the same rate through to her panties. The results are the same. The major difference is that this spanking lasts at least eleven whole minutes of nothing but her bottom getting redder and redder and redder against her very pale hips. Soon it could be used as a traffic light. It would need no electricity to get the traffic to stop. By the time that this spanking ends, he promises her that if she is to get another spanking, it will be on her bare butt. You and I both know that she is destined for at least one more spanking. A brat of this nature just can't help herself. It is part of her nature, just as much as breathing. After the eleven minute spanking they both go back to return the clothes.

Later Katie is lounging on the same sofa, back in the short cutoff jeans, talking to her friend, Julia, on the telephone. Her uncle picked up an extension to make a call and overheard that she had used some of the clothing money to purchase a tattoo. That was a mistake on her part. Bart proclaims that she has not learned her lesson so over she goes again, bottom up. During the initial part of the spanking he discovered that the telephone call was a two hour conversation to England. Like before the spanking progresses to her panties after a few minutes. Eventually, he recalls his promise to her that the next spanking would be with the panties down. Katie screams as he drops her panties to her knees. Her complaint is only met with more action with the flat of his hand on her, now nude, bottom cheeks.

By the time that the bare bottom spanking has ended, some eleven minutes later, her bottom could be seen from outer space as a red beacon. Following the spanking, she is treated to a little bit of embarrassing corner time on her knees showing off her freshly spanked rear end, nude from the waist down, while he goes and gets lotion to address her inflammation. Again she returns to the sofa, bottom up, but this time to have the lotion applied. It still amazes me how she was able to slip on those tight jeans over that hot, deep red and inflamed bottom.

This is a keeper of a movie if you are a lover of the female bottom, bare of course, being spanked by hand. This film is hand spanking only. The fact that this film is over thirty minutes of just spanking is a benefit. To see Katie squirm, wiggle, and shake is a bonus. To hear her complain, squeal, and plead is a blessing. The film lives up to its title. She is one very well spanked little girl in the end.

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