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Directed by: Dallas
Edited by: Scarlet
Starring: Dallas
Jewel (No, not the Alaskan pop singer)
Tanya Hyde
Review by: David Pierson

'Wet' is a major hit for DST Productions. As a matter of fact there are a lot of hits in this terrific video. This is easily one of the best spanking videos of the year. The severe punishment of five Hollywood glamour models and superior production values make 'Wet' an experience of spanking video erotica not to be missed. This production is fast paced, exciting and highly erotic. A word of warning, this video is not for the faint of heart. If your physician has told you to avoid excessive excitement then you should avoid this video. Viewing this film will cause your death. On the other hand, you would die happy. I guess the choice is yours. Sexual excitement or death? Hey, nobody lives forever.

A star was born in the making of this video and her name is Scarlet. She is Mr. D's collaborator. She's beautiful, talented and young. In this superb work, Scarlet worked a camera, edited the piece and took three hard spankings on camera. Dallas has told me that Miss Scarlet is a talented graphic artist, filmmaker and editor. Scarlet is also very young. To illustrate the point I shall relate a bit of Hollywood gossip that was given to me. I'm not saying that it's true, mind you. One day Dallas and Scarlet were siting on the couch watching the 11 o'clock news. After the program was over, Dallas, feeling a bit amorous, asked Scarlet if she wanted to go to bed. Suddenly the lovely young blonde started to cry. Dallas asked, " Hey, what's wrong sweetie?" Scarlet replied " If I'm very good, may I stay up another half- hour...please?" Now that's young. This comes to us by way of a very dubious source. (Henny Youngman, I believe.)

'Wet' is a most appropriate title for this fabulous work. Prior to being spanked, each of Dallas' victims, I mean stars, have their bottoms soaked with a mixture of water and glycerin. Also, none of these lovely young ladies made it through their respective segments without a significant amount of lachrymal drainage. (tears)

Scene I: Jewel Straps Scarlet
As the scene opens, Jewel has brought young Scarlet to Dallas' house of spanking horrors (It's a big tourist attraction in Hollywood) to be punished for not performing her chores. She and Jewel are roommates. Dallas granted Jewel permission to punish the beautiful blonde. Soon, Scarlet is bent over a bed and Jewel is striking her beautiful round bottom with a nasty looking strop. Scarlet cried, as her roommate welted her bottom with the leather implement of punishment. I must say that Scarlet cries in a manner most sexy. It has a little girl quality to it. After Scarlet's punishment was at an end, both roommates recalled that they had switched household duties for the week. So the tasks that went undone were, in actuality, Jewel's responsibility. (Whoops) This made Dallas none too happy. So now it was Jewels turn to feel the heat of the leather strop.

Scene II: Dallas Straps Jewel
(Not the Alaskan pop star. Although I think that the pop star Jewel could do with a good spanking. Knowing Dallas, we just may get to see that Jewel in his next video.) Dallas made Jewell bend over the same bed in which she had been strapping young Scarlet scant moments before. Her panties were lowered and Dallas sprayed her bottom with water and glycerin. Strapping someone on a wet bottom increases the severity of the punishment exponentially. There is nothing more painful that hitting someone on a cold, wet bottom. Before long Jewel was crying and begging as Mr. D applied hot leather to her cold bottom. It appeared as if Jewel had much difficulty making it through her segment. Who wouldn't?

Scene III: Dallas Straps Scarlet
It has come to Mr. D's attention that Scarlet has not been attending to her schoolwork, as she should. The lovely young woman once again found herself over the bed of punishment. Her pants were lowered and her bottom was sprayed with the water and glycerin. The punishment that she would endure this time was several times more severe than the strapping that she had taken from Jewel. Dallas is known from being a very hard spanker. Each blow from the strap made a loud cracking sound as it found its mark on Scarlet's wet bottom. This was followed by Scarlet's equally loud cries. I heard that Scarlet made the " Dean's List" after her chastisement. She did this in order to stay off of Dallas' list.

Scene IV: Nico's Hard Spanking
Nico is a lovely young woman with a troubled past. She is currently on probation and living in a halfway house. (In reality, Dallas met this model on the set of a television program. Now don't tell anyone...this is between you and me.) The naughty little thing has not been following the house's rules. To ameliorate this problem, little Nico was sent to Mr. D from some behavioral modification. Nico learned why this production company is called ' Dallas Spanks Hard'. Dallas had the attractive young woman remove all of her clothing from the waist down. Soon she was over Dallas' lap. The mixture of H2O and glycerin was applied to her naked bottom. Nico smiled as Mr. D applied the cold fluid to her skin. Within seconds the smile was gone from the naughty girl's face as Dallas reigned blow after hard blow upon her unprotected and wet bottom. Nico took three trips over Dallas's lap. Then, just to make sure that she got the message, Nico was given five hard swats with a wooden paddle. Ever the patriotic young woman, Nico's bottom was left red, white and bruised

Scene V: Raven's Severe Strapping
It seems that glam model Raven has gotten herself into some trouble at college. As a matter of fact she was expelled for sleeping with her professor in an attempt to garner that coveted "A". Of course Mr. D found out (If he didn't this wouldn't be much of a spanking movie... now would it) and subjects the beautiful coed to a very long and very hard strapping. She cried through out her ordeal with the strap.

Scene VI: Scarlet is Caned
In this scene of intense corporal punishment, the lovely Scarlet is in trouble again. She had been given the assignment of spanking another girl. She failed in her set task. She did not spank the other girl hard enough for Dallas' liking. As punishment, the beautiful blonde with the braided hair was given 40 hard stokes of the cane across a wet bottom. Miss Scarlet cried and screamed all through her chastisement.

Scene VII: Raven's Hard OTK Punishments
After her recent run in with Mr. D, the ravishing Raven was instructed to find another school to attend. I think that Mr. D has these kids under surveillance. Dallas learned the Raven had not only failed to follow his instruction to enroll in another college he also became aware of the fact that she had taken a job in a women's clothing boutique.

As punishment, Raven was made to suffer through two long and severe over the knee spankings. Then she felt the pain of a hard spanking with a wooden paddle. Her punishment was concluded with a spanking by a bathbrush. All of this was administered to a bare and wet bottom.

Scene VIII: Tanya Hyde Gets The Belt
Miss Hyde is a registered nurse in real life. It is a good thing too. Because after the severe strapping that she suffered at the hands of Dallas, her bottom had to be admitted to the nearest Intensive Care Unit.

In this scene, Tanya suffers through an extremely severe strapping as punishment for losing his paddle. Her naked and wet bottom was beaten with the strap until it was very red and welted. This is a very intense scene of Corporal Punishment. It must be said that Tanya looked great. I think that someone has been hitting the gym.

'Wet is a smashing success from begging to end. This production clearly establishes DST Productions among the leaders of the new wave movement in spanking video erotica. If you are a fan of intense scenes of Corporal punishment then ' Wet' belongs in your collection. One could say that in the future,'Wet' will be seen as a high water mark in this genre of video erotica.

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