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What Bottoms are For

M/F reviewed by the webmaster

This tape is being sold by Cal-Star, although I'm not positive if they actually produced it or not. This is sort of a strange video. It starts with 2 blonde girls whoe are made to change out of their school girl uniforms into white panties and these 1 piece yellow outfits. They are made to watch their father pull the maid over his knee and spank her over her striped panties. He then pulls down the panties and continues the hand spanking over her bare butt. The maid leaves and this is where it starts to get a little strange. On both of the girls, he pull the panties down and wedges in the one piece. So to visualize, there butt cheeks are squeezed out by the panties being prevented from going any lower by the crotch of the one piece outfit. The proceeds to spank them over the knee, one at a time. This goes on for a short time and then they are made to strip down to the white panties and go outside. The maid is cleaning and it is a cloudy, rainy day. The guy is now wearing a yellow raincoat and boots. He makes the two take their panties off and they have to do excersizes. He has them do toe touches and slaps their butts when they are bending over. He then has them run in place and then jumping jacks. He has them go in the pool, only to wet their legs, come back onto the pavement, and do more excersizes. Back inside, and still naked, they are one at a time put over a stool and made to do swimming motions over the stool. He uses the cane on their butts while they are making the swimming motions. Back to the maid. He brings her over his knee for another round of bare otk, which is then cut to her laying across a table with her panties down while he canes her bare butt. Finally, each blonde is wearing a white skirt and panties and is made to strip again and receive a lengthy otk bare bottom spanking. The action is alright, not overly severe, but not a total waste either. Like I said, the plot is a little strange on this one. The tape is 60 minutes in length.

2nd Review Posted 9/19/08
46 minutes
Guest Review by MARS

A more expansive review of this classic to augment others; Blushes explores the meaning of this title in several videos, where grizzled older guys torment young ladies in the bottom area. The girls usually are students being disciplined at school or on semester breaks in secluded country houses, and they all seem resigned to the undressing they must do and have accepted the doctrine: bottoms are not just for sitting.

Here, a gentleman, assisted by a comely maid in a very very short skirt, has total control over two helpless submissive blonde girls. Immediately they must strip off their school uniforms and put on white panties and one-piece sunsuits. We watch this voyeuristically from various angles--it is especially scintillating to see these pretty nude bodies through an open doorway.

For demonstration, the gent calls in the maid, takes her OTK, teases down pretty striped pants, and gives her a mild spanking and a thorough feel. This then, is what bottoms are for, and to the girls: "That is what is about to happen to you."

The gentleman begins the spanking. The girls must kneel up on a couch while he rolls their white pants down under their sunsuits as far as the crotch will permit. (This is cute action, but the costume dept. didn't quite figure this out.) Blonde #1 goes OTK first, the sunsuit bunched out of the way. Her squawking is out of proportion to her mild spanking, but it is a cute tush. She must count aloud. Blonde #2 gets her spanking too, just as bare; she can also squeal her head off but she can't keep count under the duress.

The next day our disciplinarian prods the two girls outside, completely naked, with a dowel stick, poolside, for some nude PT, urged on with a little snap at the nearest reachable buttock or thigh. It looks cold, murky, and early-morning and our girls aren't wearing a stitch and getting the idea of what thy are here for. Delicious. Lots of shivering, bouncing, and jiggling, front and back. Certainly would wake you up in the morning. During a brief wade in the pool, it seems they can't swim--these city girls. This is a memorable scene--cold water and reluctant naked flesh.

So it's back inside, where each girl must lie naked across a stool and make faux swimming motions while the man with the cane urges them on across their bottoms, with a full-sized cane this time. Mild but cute, and a lot of pink flesh as arms and legs flail on the seat fulcrum. One girl curses him as a "fat pig." Now both are going to be spanked with a ruler to find the culprit who spoke, the potty mouth. There follows a grand scene where the gent has a lapful of squirming bottom. "It wasn't wasn't me!"

After both girls get the ruler, we guess our guy is worked himself up, because he calls in the maid, and trumps up a complaint about last night's dinner. "Your bottom needs a little more attention." She is soon across a table for a mild caning.

Apparently the two blondes are forced to listen to the maid's travail from behind a screen, knowing they are about to get what they are listening to. The gentleman rolls back the divider and they are for their turn. Both girls are naughtily dressed. Each is spanked OTK. Their tiny bikini pants are teased down to the tops of their gartered stockings. All the Blushes videos have these wonderful ceremonial pants-lowering moments. The girls are fondled, probed, and twirled and virtually unwrapped as they are undressed, and gently tormented. We see all. Blonde #1 seems to break down in embarrassment at being so naked and handled in front of this man and thereby earns yet another OTK, and another closeup reminder of what bottoms are for.

The spankings in this performance are mostly mild; the heat is never quite turned up. But the role-play and age-play are exquisite, not to mention to camera's eye for parts of the female body.

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