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What Katie Did

Directed and Written by Karl Strong
Starring: Sam Johnson
Eve Harper
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

This is a video that I adored. There is so much here to recommend it. This production is done in authentic English School corporal punishment style and it is, reputedly, based on a true story. This is another in a series of videos, that I have seen recently, that incorporates both Male and female miscreants being disciplined in the same video. Sam Johnson as Katie is just perfect as the naughty schoolgirl, and Miss Eve Harper is just as convincing as the strict Head Mistress. Katie is called before the Head Mistress for paying too much attention to boys and not enough to her schoolwork. She is first bent over the desk, and has her skirt lifted for a nice, hard hand spanking (excuse the pause, but watching Sam bent over the desk moved me...so to speak. Well something moved.) Next she has the ruler applied over those lovely white panties. She receives many strokes on her thighs as well. Then the lovely but stern, Miss Harper has some fun stroking Katie's most intimate of places. Then Katie is made to sit up on the desk, with her legs spread slightly to receive some ruler strokes on the inside of her thighs. Then it's a leather paddle applied expertly to those same inner thighs (sorry, I had to pause again...this production is really quite moving). Now Miss Harper pulls her chair to the front of the desk, and it's time for a very nice OTK session, still on those marvelous white panties. Katie's bottom cheeks are turned a very nice rosy red in short order and it's a lovely sight to behold. Miss Harper is continually inspecting those rosy cheeks and the place between Katie's legs. Then Katie is made to kneel in the same chair, and finally those delectable panties come down. Now I can see that area of erotic mystery in full view, and what a view it is. Miss Harper continues to spank her naked bottom by hand, and it is slowly turning a deed crimson (Loved that band!) Then it was time for a very intense dose of the strap which soon has Katie whimpering and sniveling with the pain. After twelve strokes, which she is made to count, Miss Harper inspects her handiwork by running her hands all over the bruised areas. I won't spend a great deal more time on this scene except to add that next up is a magnificent caning that reduces Katie to tears. And, oh yes, we do get to see Katie in all her "glory".

Now we get to Part two. It seems that John has been listening and watching through the peephole as all of this has been taking place, and Miss Harper catches him at it. So, now it's his turn to receive his share of corporal punishment, while Katie stands at attention watching.

This video is another glowing example of the superior work of Miss Marchmont Studios. Their videos are made with much care, thought, and intensity. The video quality and production values are excellent. The scenario's and story line are true to the stories that I grew up reading, especially in that someone of the opposite gender is peeking in on what is happening and is made to pay the price for it genre. Watching this video made me feel as if many of the stories I have read had come to life in front of my eyes. I enjoyed this video immensely, and recommend that everyone that is into true to life CP purchases it. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I give this video a strong recommendation. This video receives 9.5 out of 10.


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