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The storyline for this video is there are 3 girls that are contestants on a gameshow, where a wrong answer earns you a spanking. Mistress Jaqueline is the punisher. The 3 girls are darker haired and are of a little larger build (not overweight, just not toothpics). 2 are wearing dresses and the other is wearing a top and skirt. They all are wearing either white or beige panties. Basically, no one answers any questions right. In the first round the punishment is over the skirt, 2nd round is over the panties, and 3rd round is on the bare bottom. When they answer a question wrong, the contestant must spin the wheel to find out what instrument they will be punished with. I won't ruin it by telling you what each contestant pics. The last scene shows all three lined up and they get a few strokes with the cane first over the panties and then over the bare bottom. Not a bad video. The severity is average and the models are decent looking. The video is an hour long.

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