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The Whipping Chair

Nu West FCV-042
Time: 25 minutes
Guest Review by Mars posted on 10/10/08

Endless entertainment from Nu West. Three gorgeous girls will take their turn, totally naked, tied onto what Nu West describes as a "70's kitchen chair" for a fierce whipping on the back and bottom. Straddling the chair does notable things to the bottom, and of course these Nu West girls came to the party already well equipped. They are immobilized with complicated B&D knots. We figure a former seaman is on the NW staff.

We remember a wonderful photo set in JANUS about 20 years ago, a romance between a pretty long-legged model in lingerie and an antique chair.

The first girl is a familiar Nu West brunette, one of the powerful Amazonian runway types, who can give or receive. She is a dramatic sight, tied to a chair, panting with anger at the grubby pontialed Ed Lee, circling with patented bullwhip and cocktail. The occupied chair is centered in the otherwise barren blue studio. He whips her at least 150 times on the back and buttocks, in sets. She curses, rattles in the chair, and expresses first disgust and then submission. Colorful stuff.

The second girl is a tall short-haired blonde, and we believe the whipper is Vanna. Another 150 strokes or so, not as hard, and not as mercilessly accurate as Lee. She screams her head off too,such obscenities! Mascara runs down both cheeks.

The third sweet bottom spread on the chair belongs to the blonde Katie, and Lee won't delegate this assignment. Shiny face, pale white bottom, lovely white high heels, and that squirmy demeanor. Top class entertainment.

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