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The Whipping Machine

Reviewed by Ludwig (first published at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast Posted to SPReview on 7/24/09

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
Offenders receive automated CP, this time, with whips

Victim Appeal:
When I reviewed The Spanking Machine a year ago, I found it more exciting than I had expected, precisely because there wasn't any direct interaction between the top (the supervisor operating the machine) and the victims. This made the scenario psychologically intriguing, and moreover, there was the novelty value of the machine itself. So I gave the video a favourable critique, but I also noted: "For now, the presence of the sinister new device is enough to hold the viewer's attention for most of the time, but if Pain4Fem decide to produce a sequel, they should put a little more story in."

They did produce a sequel, "The Whipping Machine", and today, I'm going to take a look at it. Let's see in which ways, if any, it differs from and improves upon the original. For one thing, there are three girls in this one rather than two. Kelly aka Katerina is a seasoned P4F and Spanking Server veteran. The others, going by the names of Lea and Taylor, are new - one blonde, one dark-haired, both fairly pleasant to look at. Like most other models from this producer, they are probably Czechs or Slovaks with a career in vanilla porn. I didn't find anything about them on Eurobabeindex (I assume they use another name for their "mainstream" work), and frankly, I was too lazy to search much. If any of you expert porn addicts among the readership know more, feel free to add the info in a comment.

Gratuitous Sadism:
Like its predecessor, "The Whipping Machine" doesn't have a story as much as a premise (so much for my illusion that spanking video producers might start listening to my suggestions one day!). The film opens with some text explaining that, in the fictional society depicted herein, corporal punishment can be voluntarily accepted by offenders as an alternative to prison time. The canings and whippings are administered by machines instead of human functionaries to ensure that they are all of the same severity. We are about to see three female prisoners who have volunteered to get whipped as test subjects for this new method, in order to have their sentences reduced.

So much for the background - which is still an improvement over part one, actually, where we learned even less about what is going on. After the introductory text, it's business as usual: one girl after another is lead into the punishment room (where the entire movie takes place), tied up, robo-flogged, and escorted out again. First Lea, then Taylor, then Kelly. A supervisor (Peter Schober) and his female assistant are in charge. The pace is slow and everything is heavy on procedure, as in many other Pain4Fem titles. In each segment, it takes a solid five minutes from the moment the scene opens to the start of the actual punishment. Handcuffs are removed, the victim undresses, her hair is tied in a ponytail so it doesn't get in the way of the whip... Afterwards, lotion is applied to her freshly chastised back, she gets dressed, handcuffs go on again, et cetera... As for me, I enjoy a drawn out, detail-laden buildup (and aftermath), but I expect that less patient viewers will find themselves fast-forwarding a lot.

The whippings consist of 50 lashes each, and they are pure back whippings. Consequentially, the girls only strip to the waist. I have no complaints about that - while full nudity would have added more humiliation to the ordeal, the lack of it adds realism (as long as you ignore the fact that two of the "prisoners " are wearing jeans - what kind of penitentiary is this, if I may ask?). The punishment position of choice is quite sexy indeed - hands above the victim's head, feet spread apart with a bar, the body slightly bending forward over a kind of pillory / pole. The machine dishes out the lashes at a slow, deliberate tempo, systematically covering the girls' backs with what I would call medium severity - hard enough to produce red tramlines, but no darker marks or broken skin.

Best Reactions:
I liked Lea's scene best. A wiry, willowy blonde and quite easy on the eyes, she also shows the sadistically most enjoyable reactions. Very agitated and subdued at the same time - she flinches mightily after each lash, often letting out a sharp yelp, gasping and contorting her face in grimaces of pain. But then, she immediately struggles for control again, biting inwards and not wanting to let too much show. In other words, it's roughly the kind of reaction I, as a top, like the most. Lea is crying by the end of the whipping. But only a little!

Best Line:
From the opening text: "In an effort to assure the public that the corporal punishment of offenders who voluntarily accept this sentence as an alternative to prison time is equitably administered, the State Ministry of Justice has begun testing mechanical caning and whipping machines."

Note the bit about "assuring the public" and "equitable administration". The beauty of it is that, if CP were ever brought back into our judicial system for real, we would have debates exactly like the one implied here. Why, in this hypocritical society of ours, full of BS and double standards - you bet! We would bring back whippings, and then, for the sake of fairness and humanity, we would make sure that they are all administered with exactly the same, automated force. God forbid, everything else would be barbaric!

Nice Psychological Touch:
I liked how in each scene, before the punishment, the supervisor instructs his assistant to let the machine do a few "test lashes" in the air ("Check out the swing arm!"). The girl, already tied up with her hands in the air, looks over fearfully while the whip attached to the device whistles close by her. Again, Lea is the one doing the most enjoyable preparatory flinching.

How Good Is It Really?
Here is a fine, recommendable video from Pain4Fem - yet another one, I'm tempted to say! Of course, that is a good thing. But frankly, what frustrates me a little about this producer is that, unlike their lesser competitors, they frequently have all the basic ingredients in place - a reasonably interesting premise, gorgeous girls, professional technical craftsmanship, and CP action that should appeal to a wide variety of viewers, being neither excessively harsh nor outright lame. And then, they only manage to make a good film with these ingredients, rather than a truly great one.

It's the same with "The Whipping Machine". Everything is there, and the result is fine, no major complaints. Better, in fact, than what many other producers are capable of. But one feels that still more could have been done with the material. Just a tiny bit more "flesh and blood" in terms of setting, story or character background - who are these women, why are they in prison? One or two small additional scenes, a few lines of dialogue. Nothing spectacular, but already an improvement. Sure, one might say it's only fluff. But trust me, it adds to the sadistic fun.

What You Learned:
Even though the novelty value of the machine is beginning to wear off (as I predicted), I still want to see the third part. This time, they had the device running on "intensity 2". I wonder what the intensities 3, 4, 5... look like - and how high it goes?

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