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The Whipping Machine 2

time: 45 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted on 9/12/08

We'd like to augment the reviews on this clever series. The premise is: the "State Ministry of Justice" has designed a whipping machine which can mete out consistent punishment, eliminating individual variations and performing uniform results.

In fact, this video producer has devised a most demonic machine, which can be programmed for stroke number, intensity, and interval, and positioned to slash the bottom or the back. If robots can build cars, they can whip girls' bottoms. Its illustration here is very exciting.

The State will test the device on three minor offenders, who have volunteered, in return for a reduction of their sentences. The first girl, a willowy blonde, is brought in. She may have volunteered, but she doesn't look too enthusiastic and doesn't like the look of the machine or the clinical scene. A female guard sits at the laptop console and a male guard tends the machine. She is asked to strip to the waist and presents a lovely front we'll have plenty of time to peruse. Her wrists are attached to a spreader bar and her ankles spread and attached. The spreader bar is wenched up with a loud crank, stretching her just to the point of discomfort. The position has a dramatic effect on her arm muscles and breasts, and thrusts her jeaned hips against a horizontal wooden support. The posture is exquisitely thought out to create submissive vulnerability. The producers did their homework.

The male guard first tests the machine. The female operator causes it to make several strokes without a target. The blonde glances fearfully at the device as she hears the whirring motor and the snapping of the whip. The scene is a devillish CP version of a movie capital punishment episode, where the waiting victim is tormented by the preparations. The guard rolls the machine into range, measures the lash length to the blonde's bare back, instructs the operator to program 50 lashes, intensity #2, interval #4, and nods to begin.

She yelps at the first stroke and takes her 50 in a broad varied pattern across her back; stripes and small welts, no weals or bruises. Overwhelmingly erotic, we thought, especially as she fearfully anticipates the arhythmic pattern for the next stroke. Her jeans stay in place and we presume her bottom is saved for another day. (The first edition of this series is called "The Spanking Machine"). The female guard oils her stripes. She is released, dresses, and leaves, taking care to very gingerly slide on her blouse.

The next girl, a lusty brunette in a pigtail, experiences the same ritual. When she hands over her bra, she is even more exciting than the blonde. She too gives apprehensive glances at the mysterious whirring machine and the guards. Jeans remain in place again. 50 strokes, oil, dress, depart.

The third girl, a cornfed blonde, the best endowed of the three. She cries the loudest and there are soon tears running down her cheeks. She gets the same 50.

The girls are spectacular, the punishment ritual is erotic, the acting is perfect, and the set is detailed and authentic.

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