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The Whipping Sorority

Nu West Leda FCV-028
time:26 minutes

Straightforward Nu West action; this one makes my all-time favorites list. The premise:a sorority uses whipping for initiation. Frist video for me with zero dialogue--six girls will successively whip two female initiates, who will be strung up then stripped for the event.

Typical:we open on a stark NW studio set. A statuesque girl (pulse jumps), in only a bra, skimpy bikini panties, hose and hight heels, fidgets with arms cuffed overhead to a spreader bar, and ankles hobbled, but all loose enough to struggle, as we shall see. She has long brown hair and a killer body--what you might call a "backbreaker." Six girls, Sisters, each in similar skimpy outfits as the Initiate, but of differing colors, sit by the wall, witnessing, awaiting their turn with the whip. The whip is a sort of martinet, about 3 feet long, with 4 or 5 tails. We'll see it's not mean or cutting, but loud and effective, and ouch! for sure.

The girls all appear familiar. One of the whippers is Katie, another Vanna. To say their individual equipment is spectacular hardly covers it. As the whippings proceed, you're torn between watching the victim dance or watching the dominatrix jiggle and patrol with her whip. We know: high heels = high cheeks. One tall blonde---damn, why isn't she an Initiate today?

The First whipper approaches Initiate #1 and ceremoniously peels down her panties, to expose a nifty tended fuzz line and a full, ripe bottom. The girls then sequentially whip, 25-40 strokes each, forehand and backhand, slow and rapid fire, of varying intensities. They circle the whimpering and twisting girl, and we get camera angles from all sides. There are about 200 strokes in all,surely some repeats. The Initiate's bottom becomes red and streaked, but not angry. The wrap-around strokes are fun. An occasional shot to the lower back or thighs gets an extra rise. One whipper, Vanna, is particularly vigorous (and experienced, if you've seen some NW product) and elicits some "ooh's" and "aah's" from the Sisters with her furious technique, and we hear fresh squeaks from the Initiate. Vanna is last in the sequence and releases the Initiate, who waddles off, impeded by panties at her knees, for some corner time.

Initiate #2, a willowy blonde in a pale blue bra and panties and very high white heels accenting wonderful legs, comes from the corner and reaches for the hanging bar, an impish grin on her face, as if it say, "'ll see...I can take this; won't see if it hurts....." We have a closeup of her expectant face as her wrists are being captured. Her panties and pantyhose come down with the same drumroll drama.

She takes almost 250 strokes in the same sequence; she wipes away tears on her arms, stretched and cuffed overhead. Come on, Katie put your back into it! She's too gentle and is on the wrong end of this whip. When Initiate #2 is released, the screen is filled with bottoms, pantied and bare, as the Sisters do a concluding hug.

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