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Whipping at Table Mountain

Written and Directed by Ed Lee
Starring Ed Lee
Reviewed by Ronald Scott

It's not often that you can see three attractive young women stripped naked and whipped with a navy cat but that is what Ed Lee's Nu-West Videos offers in this release. The setting is outdoors in a courtyard appropriately surrounded by barbed wire. A drawback is that the entire video is shot in bright sunlight, which creates shadows on the girl's faces and bodies in some scenes.

The first girl is a blond with a beautiful figure. Her undressing is however, too fast and perfunctory for my taste. After that things get more interesting. Her hands are tied high above her head to a post but far enough from the post that you can still see all of her body. Ed whips her across her back and ass while she cries out in a fetching manner. A few strokes wrap around the side of her breast and one is even shown in close-up hitting her nipple. This sequence as well as what follows would be enhanced by more face close-ups and fewer long-shots.

Ed's remarks definitely add something to the action. Before one girl's whipping he says "I'm going to enjoy this!" During another he comments "I like these fair-skinned wenches because they mark up so well".

The second girl is a cute red-head and she undresses in a more sensual way than the first. This sequence and the next include some face and upper body close-ups with minimal shadows that are quite exciting. Ed lets the redhead off a bit easy by lashing her back but delivering only a few strokes to her ass.

The third girl is a petite brown hair with a pretty face and her punishment is probably the most exciting of the three. The contrast between her fair skin and the whip marks on her back and thighs is striking And like the blond, her cries add to the eroticism of the scene.

Overall, I give this an 8 out of 10 for those with a taste for severe punishment. With stronger production values, Ed's next "whipping video" would score even higher.

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