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Wild Party 2 is set in a school drama class. The students, 5 girls and 2 males, are trying to rehearse a scene when the video opens. The students are somewhat loud and the Violin Teacher comes in somewhat upset about this. He leaves shortly thereafter, but don't worry, he'll be back. After several attempts at portraying the scene, the teacher needs to leave and has the students continue without him. One of the boys just so happens to have a bottle of wine, and everyone decides to take a little break. Well, if you have 7 people and a bottle of wine with nothing to do, what's a good game to play? Strip Spin the Bottle of course. So, this is a cute little scene where the girls get mostly naked while the guys only lose their shirts. Now the wine is gone, so the men leave (I missed what for, get more wine I assume) and the girls are left alone. They are all naked at this point and are somewhat intoxicated. Four of the girls start caressing each other while one is sitting by the door touching herself. After a little massaging and touching, they decide to try rehearsing their lines...still naked mind you. So, they were a little loud before with no alcohol in them, now they are a bit more vocal and attract the attention of our teacher friend. The boys are at the door wondering what the heck is going on in there when the teacher turns the corner and they take off. He doesn't see them and bangs on the door. The one that was by the door touching herself earlier opens the door thinking it's the boys.

Needless to say the teacher isn't too happy to find these girls drunk and naked. He tells them he will go to the headmaster, which will in turn have them thrown out of school. Since they are not old enough to drink, there is also some mention of the police as well. The girl who opened the door steps forward and asks for mercy, that their parents would be very hurt and that he once told her that a good teacher can sort things out on their own without involving anyone else. She says she deserves a beating and this prompts a quick no way from the dark haired brunette. The teacher gives them 5 minutes to make up their minds as to what they wish to do. He leaves and locks the door. The Brunette who said no way says she's never been spanked before and doesn't want to start now. Another girl speaks up and says that her father will punish her anyway, so at least this way they won't get kicked out of school.

The Violin Teacher returns to find them kneeling on the floor, bent down with their arms out straight. The decision has been made, punishment it is. (It probably would have made for a lousy spanking video if they opted to get expelled, unless you saw the punishment at home....ok, getting off track here). He announces that each will receive 30 strokes with the cane on their bare bottoms and that it will leave bruises for 2 weeks. No one is to try to fight or escape, or the deal is off. They have to not only take the punishment, but take it gracefully. All of the girls are really cute, so it's hard in this one to pick a favorite. The first up is a lighter haired brunette. She is made to bend over a table for the punishment. She keeps her legs together and braces for the first of 30. The interesting part to this is that the group must count out how many strokes the girl is getting, not the recipient herself. This girls actually takes the strokes pretty well. She actually chuckles at one point, so he starts putting a little more muscle into each stroke. He informs her of when he is half way though and before you know it, her punishment is over. He does leave her bottom very bruised.

Next up is a girl with dirty blonde hair. She keeps her legs a little wider spread than the first, for those interesting in taking a peak. This girl doesn't hold up to the punishment nearly as well as the first one. She's crying and yelling before the first 10 have been administered. She keeps putting her head down, which annoys him and he has to keep telling her to look forward. He really doesn't hold back too much on these strokes and by the time he's finished, her bottom is striped an bruised to a deep purple. Middle of the pack, it's the dark haired brunette that was opposed to this whole idea from the start. She reluctantly saunters over to the table and bends over. She really does not take well to this whole canning thing. She reaches back after the first few strokes to rub her bum and he tells her if she does it again, he'll crush her fingers. Well, that doesn't keep her from doing it, and he adds a little more zing to the strokes. After 15 or 20 I think she was actually hyperventilating and trying to catch her breath. Weather this was acting or not, it was really good. I thought this added a nice touch to her portion, especially where she had never been punished in her life before. Finally the punishment is over and she can return to her kneeling position, bruised bum and all.

The red headed girl is next up to the table. She sort of hobbles over saying that her leg hurts from kneeling. As you can imagine, this doesn't really gain much sympathy from the teacher. This girl is screaming from the get go. First stroke and bloody murder is being yelled out from this girls mouth. She starts crying after maybe 10 strokes or so and he comments on this. Once he finishes, her and her bruised buttocks hobble back to join the others. Last but not least, it's the one who opened the door in the first place. The one that knows the teacher and suggested this route. Well, it's her turn now and she doesn't take the punishment that well either. She starts crying fairly early and screams to beat the band. The teacher actually says she's a nice soprano and that he's hire her for her vocal abilities. Kind of funny actually. Anyway, he colors her butt to a lovely shade of purple with her 30 strokes and the punishment session comes to an end. He leaves and the girls very gingerly get dressed. They meet the boys outside and walk off into the sunset.

This video was really good. The girls were very fresh and pretty. The story was good and script was entertaining. And most of all the punishments were severe. This guy left all of the girl's behinds purple and raw. I enjoyed this video very much and for fans of Rigid East and Lupus, you will not be disappointed. The video lasts roughly 30 minutes and the video and sound quality is good.


Wild Party II

Running Time: 35 Minutes
Review by: UK Reviewer

When a production company announces a sequel, and we see those dreaded Roman numerals, II, III, or even IV, it is as well to be wary: will the studio build on the earlier success or bask in it, relying on that alone to sell the new production?

Lupus Films are quite frank: the first Wild Party is renowned for its severity (but exceeded now by some of the Headmaster episodes, and Fairy Tale), and although Rigid East have supposedly relinquished all production, this new movie harks back to that renown by coming out under the Rigid East label. The studio itself confidently claims that this sequel will "exceed our expectations".

The story is set in present day Europe and requires a plausible evasion of the universal ban on corporal punishment now imposed by the European Union (not only on EU members but those like the Czech Republic who wish to join the club). So we have an old chestnut: when five female drama students (beautiful sights everyone of them) are discovered disgracefully drunk at rehearsal, naked, engaging in self-abuse, Sapphic revels, and the like, (but, in keeping with Rigid East tradition, not doing anything too blatantly sexual) they are offered a choice of a public humiliation with reports to parents, and expulsion, or a sound caning in private.

Naturally they accept the latter, although with some misgivings, (which we can understand, thanks to some pretty accurate English subtitles). The naked girls have to kneel in a line, bottoms, as yet in pristine condition, thrust out, and are called one by one to bend over a long table, feet on the floor, back straight, head up, and hands forward. In this position the degree of "spread" varies from girl to girl, being non-existent in the tallest of the five, and offering a varying degree of well-lit prominence in the others. While one is caned the others count - thirty strokes for each from a straight cane, made, by the look of it, from some white, extremely flexible, synthetic substance, rather than the traditional rattan.

We witness 150 strokes in all (either making contact, or the facial reaction they evoke), and can confirm that every single one was administered, by examining the five purple-striped, and corrugated, bottoms which the girls, lined up again on their knees, eventually present to the camera.

Of course, even so many strokes would be as entertaining as the flogging of a dead horse if there was no reaction from the recipients. Not being restrained in any way the girls have to exercise a fair degree of self-discipline and paradoxically, if they are to stay in place of their own accord, cannot exhibit the same spontaneous and violent bodily reaction which we have encountered in girls bound over, say, the whipping trestle in the Headmaster's study - there, while the bottom remains tethered in the path of the lash no matter how searching, the upper body is free to rear in agony or droop in despair.

In this film it is the reactions themselves, both physical and emotional, rather than the bodies of the recipients which are "restrained". The last to be caned is already weeping before she even reaches the table, having listened to, and counted off the preceding strokes administered to her sister students, and no doubt having noted that while the first of the five received very few really effective cuts, (and found the whole thing somewhat amusing), the master ensured that none of those who followed her had occasion to exhibit a sense of humour, but they all manage to adhere to the table, breasts squashed flat beneath them, heads sometimes held up as instructed, sometimes buried between their arms. The reactions therefore consist mainly of howls and weeping, and buttocks from time to time quivering uncontrollably.

One girl does keep putting her hands back round her bottom to ward of the cane, and it is a pity the opportunity was not taken to introduce a little sadistic malice of the kind which can lift a cp movie out of the ordinary by actually administering the extra five strokes with which she was threatened. And the one who smiled should definitely have been called back for an extra dozen to teach her what every drama student should know, that there is a difference between tragedy and comedy. With these additions Wild Party II would certainly have exceeded the renown of its predecessor.

As it is, Wild Party II does provide an entertaining 35 minutes, and while some would have wished for a little more raw viciousness in the administration of the cane, this sequel is not one to be passed over. Some, however, may find the cost less entertaining, even if it is not out of line with that for other Rigid East productions: $60 for VHS PAL, and $70 for VHS NTSC and DVD PAL. A further consideration is that although they have revived the Rigid East label for this movie, Lupus Films have abandoned an old Rigid East tradition of tacking on substantial trailers for their other productions which always provided an extra ten to fifteen minutes free entertainment, and whetted the appetite for more.


3rd Review Reviewed by Ludwig (first published at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast http://rohrstockpalast.blogspot.com/) posted to SPReview on 11/28/08

Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:
Music teacher thrashes five noisy girls

Victim Appeal:
As in the original "Wild Party", five different girls are in line to be severely caned. All of them are new faces and quite lovely ones, too. I'll spare you the fake Czech names given for the actresses in the credits. Their characters are called Anna, Dana, Hana, Jana and Tana. That's alright, then! I'm not quite sure who is who, though, so I'll refer to them by physical description if I need to pick out one.

Speaking of which, there is enjoyable variety here: a cute light haired brunette, a tall and lanky dirty blonde, a dark-haired girl with a somewhat detached look, a dyed redhead and a petite wide-eyed blonde. All have a girl-next-door look I find quite enticing. Pretty, attractive girls next door. And in contrast to the first film, where the victims kept some of their clothes on, we get to see them stark naked this time. So in terms of eye candy, I like the sequel better, actually. The girls also put an effort into their acting, especially the small blonde. Numbers, looks, performance - the victim appeal is substantial on all counts.

Gratuitous Sadism:
The film is set in an art school. The girls play theater students practicing with two young male actors and the director. Their rehearsal is a tad too loud for the sensibilities of a music teacher nearby (Jan Zlatousty, the father from the first video). When the man angrily storms into the room, the director calms him down and promises that there will be no more disturbances. Teacher goes away, rehearsal continues. Then the director has to leave, and in his absence the boys and gals turn the practice session into a "wild party". Wine is served, and the party game of choice is a hybrid of "spin the bottle" and "strip poker". Before long, the girls are all tipsy, naked and even noisier than before. Tsk tsk.

When the boys go out to get more booze, the young ladies take it to the next level with some lesbian kissing and caressing. I'm not really into that, but it's a cute little scene. There's also some heavy tickling with accompanying screams and giggles, which alerts the music teacher again. The guy is really pissed off now and hammering on the door (the girls had locked it in an uncharacteristic fit of modesty). Thinking it's their male companions with the wine, they open up. Oops! You can imagine where this is going now (it's a CP video, after all...).

To cut a long story short, the teacher is outraged to find five naked, half-drunken students, he's going to have them thrown out of the school, but one girl who knows him from her music lessons remembers that he has an alternative method to deal with misbehaving pupils. This, of course, turns out to be a nice and proper caning. After some reluctance and a nervous, agitated chat, the ladies all agree that it's better to be chastised than expelled. What follows are five very hard thrashings, werewolf-style, 30 vicious cane strokes for each girl. The teacher lines them up kneeling on the floor and then deals with them one after the other. While one naughty student bends over a table to take her punishment, the others have to count the lashes.

Best Reactions:
The beatings are severe even by RGE / Lupus standards, and just like in the first "Wild Party", the victims show the kind of intense, agonised reactions which the true sadists among the viewers will find highly satisfying. They get lovely, dark welts, too. Four of the girls are quite vocal, with subtle differences. While the tall dirty blonde and the dyed redhead just scream like banshees for the most part, the dark-haired beauty in the middle of the pack lets out tortured moans and goes into hyperventilation. The little blonde, who is the last one to be caned, is already crying before the first stroke (not surprisingly perhaps, given the prolonged buildup she had to sit through, or rather kneel through). She howls and wails loudly during her ordeal and is a tearful heap by the end. Fun stuff.

However, I liked the brunette best of all. She is the first in line and endures her torment in a positively restrained manner compared to the others. Part of the reason is that it isn't quite as hard - the teacher still seems to be warming up a bit in the beginning. But it's still a considerably violent caning and he fires off some impressive strokes later on. Still, the girl never breaks down, and I find her toughness immensely attractive.

She is in visible pain, grimacing, biting her lip, even crying out and squirming strongly after some of the lashes. But she takes it like a trooper and with an air of brave resilience that makes her "loud moments" all the more satisfying. She even breaks into a defiant out-of-character chuckle from time to time, which is saying: "I can't believe what I'm doing here today!" She still has that grin afterwards, prompting the teacher to ask if she wants to go over the table again. By that time, it's a grin of relief, though, so she declines, rubs her well-striped bottom and politely thanks him for the correction she just received. Good girl, that brunette, and very enjoyable to watch. Even though I think that she should have received a dozen extra for cheekiness (and to test the limits of her defiance a bit more...).

Best Line:
The music teacher sarcastically compliments one of the more vocal, screaming girls on her nice singing voice. That was quite funny, albeit not too inventive - I think most tops have used the old "You have a good soprano!" line at some point. I certainly have and got some amusing, angry reactions, which of course merits more and even harder strokes (hence more "music"). So my favourite line of the movie was one spoken in between the canings, when the teacher calls another girl forward and growls: "The next one of you simulants!" I thought that was great, especially as the shrieks of agony from the young ladies weren't simulated at all, obviously. And the teacher knows that, too. Good line! I haven't used it myself yet, but I will someday, in a session with multiple victims.

Nice Psychological Touch:
There are two scenes I liked a lot on a psychological level. The first is when the girls discuss whether they should agree to the caning. The teacher actually leaves the room for this, saying that he will be back shortly and that they have five minutes to make up their minds. That was a nice touch, to grant them privacy - it's both courteous and threatening and it enhances the next scene considerably, the lively (and fearful) debate among the girls.

The other scene that adds an interesting element is at the very end, after the girls have been thrashed and get their clothes back on. They leave the school with hanging heads and find their two male colleagues outside, waiting for them. The boys, of course, had been on their way with the wine when they heard the enraged music teacher approaching, so they ran away and escaped punishment - they just took off to save their own skins, basically, without trying to warn their friends. To see all of the students reunited now adds a stong feeling of injustice to everything that has happened, but also a hint of heroism - we pity the girls because they were the unfortunate ones who got caught, and at the same time we admire the courage they showed by taking the caning. This ending on a sympathetic note is typical of many RGE / Lupus films.

How Good Is It Really?
"Wild Party" was excellent already, and the second film is one of those cases where a sequel is arguably better than the original. It didn't totally blow me away like part one did, but that is simply down to the fact that when I watched part one for the first time, I hadn't really seen anything like it before. By the time "Wild Party 2" came out, I was already a die-hard RGE / Lupus fan and knew pretty much all of their stuff. But in terms of severity, there isn't any difference - the sequel easily equals the first film and even surpasses it a bit.

As well as that, it is more professionally produced, with all the technical craftsmanship the werewolves are now known for. It also has a more interesting story and location (I love music teacher scenarios!), the action scenes are better filmed, and the girls are all naked this time. So while "Wild Party 2" doesn't quite have the legendary status or the impact the original had on me (and undoubtedly on many other viewers), it is objectively an even better film, and a classic in its own right.

What You Learned:
Now I know what the father from "Wild Party" does for a day job - he is a music teacher. Or is he? While the actor is the same, it is never confirmed that this is the same character and the same universe. Somehow, I'd like to think it is, but we can't say for sure. What does it matter, anyway? Well, it matters to me. It's interesting. These are the kinds of questions I ponder when I'm sitting home alone and the power goes out.

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