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Winners and Losers

time: 34 mins
year: 1997
Guest Review by Mars 12/24/10

A thin, sexy, lean-and-mean Miss Brown and an all-star cast of Sarah Harvey Lewis and Barbie Mel, in a standard clasroom schoolgirl drama, except that nothing Miss Brown does is standard or routine. Brunette Ms. Lewis as Grace and blond Barbie Mel as Melinda have been caught in a wet T-shirt contest, wearing school gymkits! The boys must have loved that at the pub! Miss Brown is going to spank the daylights out of them.

Melinda is taken OTK first, blue knickers taken down immediately by Miss Brown. Goodness, another perfect British bottom. Miss B: "I can see you haven't been punished for a while." Over the back of a straight chair, more handspanking. Then Melinda is sent to stand bare-butt at the hearth.

Grace (Ms. Lewis) js spanked next, bare, and very hard. Miss Brown is in high gear. She is having her own sort of contest. "A little competition here today, the reddest bottom." After some time over the chair, she lines up her results beside Melinda at the hearth.

The scene is a high-ceilinged beamed room, stone floors and walls, a huge walk-in hearth. Fleshy echoes in this setting.

The wicked Miss Brown continues. Melinda may choose the next implement from an array on display. A thin strap. She kneels on a chair--Grace holds her wrists. Brown whales. "Stick it up...bottom right up." Melinda must choose again--why she selects a huge tawse we wonder--six wonderful cracks on her tush.

Grace watches in apprehension and is wonderfully relectant when she kneels for her strappings.

"It is very difficult to see who is winning at the moment." Not a problem for us. Collect more data. Another comparison, skirts tucked up, panties at thighs. Miss Brown torments the girls--the cane is next. Melinda is first over the desk--12 decisive cane shots she must count aloud. Grace gets her twelve, then each girl gets a set of six rapid-fire, which sets them churnng and twisting.

Lesson learned? Maybe.

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