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Winner Take All

Nu West NW-69
26 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted on 3/14/08

An oldie from Nu-West and typically low-end production, but the usual clever play on a spanking fantasy; it is easy to imagine this when you look around your neighborhood. A German fellow-we missed his name, let's call him Heintz, has beaten Englishman Albert and bankrupted him at poker. Heintz convinces Albert to hand over his wife Jeannette for a week of sexual slavery in payment. Nice thought, and worth a remake with a modern budget.

A shocked Jeannette gets the news from Albert. She decides to turn the tables on him and accepts willingly, "to teach you a lesson" about this costly gambling. She reports to Heintz' apartment. "I'm here to begin my week." We've only got 26 minutes in the video, so Jeannette must immediately strip and model nude. Ed Lee never lets us down---a well endowed nifty brunette, lovely high and hard bottom, and foliage circa 1985. She's given a brief introductory handspanking bent over.

Scene change: Heintz is dining with his girlfirend and Jeannette is serving them, nude but for a little French apron. The girlfriend shares our amusement and doesn't seem concerned about this trinket inhabiting the apartment. Heintz delightedlly produces a small paddle bat with the rubber ball and elastic still attached. Jeannette is paddled OTK, reasonably hard and firmly---here's our only complaint, her cries amount to an annoying caterwauling. Would have been a good use for that red rubber ball. Heintz' girlfriend takes over the paddling--she hits harder and the incessent squawking continues.

The girlfriend loves spanking women and confesses to her own fantasy of disciplining a girl as a prison wardess. Conveniently, Heintz has access to a jail cell (and we know Nu Wet has the props) and we cut to a scene of a naked Jeannette, in a cell bent over a box, being strapped by the girlfirend and cheered on by Heintz. The strokes are moderate, but plentiful, and there is joyous view of a twitching red bottom through cell bars.

At the conclusion. Heintz returns Jeannette to Albert, and manages one last spanking, and it's a nice hard one. Jeannette has gotten very efficient at raiing her skirt and dropping her panties.

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