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Working Girl

25 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/16/10

Another workaday CalStar, where the contractor boss's daughter is on a remodel crew and proves to be no better than she should be, in several ways. A young masculine foreman is frustrated with the girl, a tall frizzy blonde, who shows up late and unrepentant. "I'm going to take you in hand one day." She has been noticing: "You've been waiting to do that."

When your tape time is 25 minutes, there is no time like the present. He bends the blonde over a workbench. His first few slapping spanks are obscured by bad positioning--not only is this girl late for work, she didn't show up for film rehearsal! She is going to accept this spanking from the foreman so her father won't learn what a slacker she is.

After some better positioning, the foreman rips out the seat of her overalls. She has forgotten her panties today. He caresses her bottom as they talk, accusing her of flashing her tush around the job, "bending over, pretending to pick things up that aren't there." The foreman examines as he spanks--the blonde knows the foreman is having his fun. "You just love my bottom, don't you?" That would be an affirmative from all of us.

He sits on a sawhorse to take her OTK --we finally get a full shot of her bottom. He takes her "dungarees" off to "get a proper look at you," including a fuzzy frontal. "You get that top off while I find my friend," which is a stiff leather spanker, apparently in his tool chest.

The spanking is moderate, but the now naked blonde is reconsidering her circumstances. "I have decided I will do some work now." The foreman is succinct: "Too late now." She is bent over the sawhorse for the leather spanker, a fortunate posture which presents her unhappy face, hanging breasts, a bit of her pussy, and the slash of the spanker.

This phase completed, the foreman tapes back the ripped flap of her dungarees. She is supposed to go back to work but instead sits on a toilet chug-a-lugging from a wine bottle. He catches her of course, over the sawhorse again, this time for the cane. About 25 strokes on the bare, best closeups of the day, moderate with a rousing finish. Back to work, and keep that flap down for a while.

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