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Workplace Discipline

Guest Review by Alvin, posted 8/1/08

I would rate "Workplace Discipline 1" as my of my all time favourite spanking movies. It is from the Ohh Tee Kay studio and features Jessica Rose as the scrumptious Sharon.

This 30 something sexy bombshell has long blonde hair and the most exquisite figure. She is wearing trousers and smart designer jacket and is sitting at her desk. She plays the part of a top secretary.

The movie starts with her on her mobile talking to her boyfriend about their plans for the weekend. She wants to go somewhere "more lively". (Looking like that, you can't help wondering why he'd want to go out anyway. Surely, if you had a woman like that, you'd want to stay in). Anyway, the office phone goes and she cuts it dead and continues with her conversation. Suddenly, the boss comes in and demands she gets off the phone immediately. Giving him a "drop dead" look she tells her boyfriend she'll call him back.

It turns out that super-efficient Sharon mucked up on an order for $30,000 phoned in last week. And the client has now cancelled the order so the boss is less than pleased. He tells her that he's sick and tired of her attitude and work. And that he's going to terminate her employment immediately.

"Oh, but sir, I need the job", she pleads.

"Well in that case, the only alternative is a dose of corporal punishment. I intend to give you a good spanking!" (Well just the thought of this gorgeous woman getting her bottom spanked was enough to send me for a cold shower).

Well after much pleading by Sharon ie that she was too old, her boyfriend would never dare do it, etc, she finally agrees. She stands up and he tells her to take her jacket off.

"Is that really necessary",? she says. Before she removes her jacket, and we we see she's wearing a sleevless black top. But what's apparent is the size of her breasts, they are enormous. Reluctantly she lowers herself face-down across his lap. Her trousers stretched tightly across her magnificent rear. So tight in fact, they could be jodphurs.

The spanking starts as does his scolding. We get an immediate, "Oh", "No" and within half a dozen spanks, "Oh please stop, I'm sorry". He ignores her wishes and tells her to stand.

"Right, take off your top", he commands. She can't believe it and vigorously shakes her head, But he persists and she pleads, "Is this really necessary?". And she has to obey. This is one of the most erotic parts of the movie. She's wearing a lilac half-bra which is struggling to contain her voluptuous breasts. Back over the knee she goes and this time he uses a wooden ruler on her tight trousers. Cue more pleading on Sharon's behalf and we get a wonderful camera shot taken in front of her face and she looks like she's about to cry. She protests that she can feel the ruler "through her pants".

"Well we can rectify that", the boss exclaims and orders her to stand up. All the "toing and froing" across her lap has caused those barely restrained breasts to burst free from her bra and she has to shoe-horn them back in. She's then ordered to remove her trousers which she does and she's wearing the briefest, skimpiest of lilac panties. (Believe me, this girl can give pleasure).

Back over the knee she goes and it's not long before, as brief as these panties are, they're removed and finally (breatless) she's spanked on her bare magnificent rear. More humiliation is to come as finally her bra is removed and she's spanked and paddled in various positions.

As I said a hot, hot movie.

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