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'Worst driver in the world'
Starring: Amber Michaels
Darby Daniels
Director by: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Reviewed by: Eric Blair-Brown

Pretty roommates have a great way to resolve their problems. After some poor driving by the lovely Amber Michaels (Doesn't she look like Michelle Pfeiffer?), the equally lovely Darby Daniels ends their verbal argument by spanking her naughty friend. Amber is a veteran of corporal punishment videos and knows how to please her audience. In spanking Number two, after returning home from work, all Amber wants to do is read a magazine and relax. Instead, she his verbally harassed by her roommate. To end the conversation, Amber gives Daniels a very impressive spanking. Amber begins the assault on the seat of Darby's tight, form-fitting jean shorts and ends with a bare bottom spanking. This is the best spanking on the tape. Darby is a pretty girl and Amber knows how to dish out the punishment. The finale begins with Amber is lying on her bed, complaining about Darby on the phone. Daniels ends the conversation by forcing Amber to all fours, than she spanks and whacks the bigger woman with a large paddle. Ms. Daniels gets good marks for her performance. Two pretty women and great spanking action makes 'Worst Driver In The World' a must see for all fans of spanking videos.

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