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Wrong End of the Stick

A Strictly English Production
Written and Directed by Stephen English
Starring: R, W. Binhamtom
Julie Davis
48 Minutes

2nd Review by MARS posted 6/17/11

Additional review. Simple fare from Strictly English. Sharon has been sent to her Uncle Steve to be "dealt with." Actress Zoe plays a naughty blond pigtailed schoolgirl. Uncle takes her OTK and she points out and he sees she's already been spanked today, creating a flashback.

Cut to the familiar Strictly English classroom, where Sharon faces Miss Davis, a small, wiry, curly brunette, wearing glasses, an American actress. Davis has her over the desk, panties down, using a huge wooden fraternity-size wood paddle. Loud cracks and entertaining. We usually see spankers chicken out and pull punches when they handle this implement.

At the school, the Headmaster is angry with Miss Davis; after she apologizes to Uncle Steve she herself is going to taste the very same paddle, the wrong end of the (very big and flat) stick. A scene is played out where the cunning Miss Davis explains to Uncle Steve just how truant Sharon has been, converting hm to realization that Ms. Sharon indeed deserves puishment and more. He borrows and takes a cane home with him, causing us to modify our theorem that every single British household has a cane in the closet.

After the apology, when Davis convinces Uncle the tratment of Sharon was justified, Davis nevertheless delivers herself and the paddle to the Headmaster and takes her spanking without excuses. Over the desk, skirt up, black knickers, bottom framed by black garters. A very hard, brief paddling, worthy of this daunting instrument. She kicks but remains quiet, and keeps her dignity and her panties.

Uncle Steve bursts into the bathroom and pulls his sudsy naked niece out of the tub. She is chased naked into the living room, where she is handspanked--more homage to the wet bottom.

It seems Miss Davis is coming by the house. Sharon has dressed and Uncle Steve spanks her again while they await Davis. The spanking scenes are coming fast and furious and are difficult to tie togther with narrative.

Davis is going to cane Sharon for Uncle Steve. She starts off with 12 moderae strokes, counted aloud, Sharon bent over the couch, bare skin of course. 12 more from Uncle, mach harder, bring up welts and wheals. This living room set is simply part of the same classroom scene used, with a couch and backdrop.

After Sharon's day is complete, little Miss Davis asks to be spanked and caned, confirming that contented look we saw on her face. OTK spanking then a bare bottom caning, 12 more, hard, and they hurt. Uncle and Miss Davis embrace at the conclusion, hands exploring her bottom.

Back at school, the Headmaster confronts both Sharon and Miss Davis. He spanks them both, yet again!

Original Review by Pixie

"Wrong End of the Stick" opens with schoolgirl Sharon already nursing a sore red bottom. As she rubs her cheeks and examines the marks in the bathroom mirror, she overhears her Uncle Steve on the phone with her mother discussing the need for her further discipline. Reluctantly, Uncle Steve agrees to spank Sharon for her misbehavior and calls the naughty girl into the living room.

Even when taken over her uncle's lap and having her bottom exposed, Sharon feigns disinterest citing the fact that she'd already been unfairly spanked at school, so what did it matter. As Sharon explains her side of the story, we are treated to a scene in which the schoolgirl is forced by her teacher, Miss Davis, to bend over the desk for a bare bottomed handspanking followed by 6 licks with a fearsome looking paddle. Sharon begs and cries all the while proclaiming her innocence and asking why Miss Davis is picking on her.

Playing right into Sharon's hands, Uncle Steve grows irate at the apparent injustice and decides to head to the school for a word with Miss Davis and the headmaster. When Sharon warns Uncle Steve that Miss Davis will no doubt lie about what occurred, Steve begins to question if his niece is really telling the truth. In an attempt to convince Uncle Steve that she is the one to be believed, Sharon swears that if she is lying, she'll agree to be spanked every morning and evening for a week.

When Steve arrives at the school, he finds Miss Davis waiting for him. Fuming, Steve threatens legal action and says he has a good mind to use the large wooden paddle on her own bottom. Miss Davis then tries her best to calm Steve down and explains what really happened earlier that day. A very different version of the afternoon's ordeal is shown in which Miss Davis spanks and paddles a very sassy and disrespectful Sharon for having been found skipping class in favor of smoking and drinking alcohol in the park with boys. Steve, realizing he's been duped, agrees with Miss Davis that Sharon is in serious need of firm discipline and asks to borrow the paddle for a bit of home use. Miss Davis informs Steve that the paddle cannot leave the office, but offers him the use of the headmaster's cane instead.

When the headmaster returns to the office, he asks Miss Davis if she'd apologized to Steve for paddling Sharon without having the proper authority to do so. Miss Davis admits that she did not causing the headmaster to launch into a lengthy lecture until he suddenly realizes the school cane is missing from its post on the wall. Fed up with Miss Davis's behavior, he has the teacher assume the position over the desk, raises her skirt and applies a firm handspanking and 6 with the paddle just as naughty Sharon had received. The headmaster instructs Miss Davis to have the cane back in its place by 9:00 AM the next morning or face suspension.

Meanwhile, Sharon has helped herself to a bottle of her uncle's liquor which she is enjoying while soaking her sore bottom in the bathtub. Proud of her manipulative ways, she brags to a friend on the telephone all that she'd done and how she managed to get away with it. Uncle Steve, having arrived home just in time to overhear the conversation, bursts into the bathroom and drags the naked wet girl into the living room to receive the spanking she'd been due all along. No matter how much Sharon wriggles and squirms, she cannot avoid the hard blows of Uncle Steve's hand and soon every inch of her cheeks is blazing red.

Sharon's spanking is momentarily stopped as Uncle Steve takes a phone call from Miss Davis. Steve then instructs Sharon to dress as her teacher will be stopping by shortly. Whimpering and wincing, Sharon slowly works her way back into her school uniform. Once dressed, Uncle Steve informs Sharon that she will be spanked until Miss Davis arrives at which point she will receive the cane. Sharon is quite regretful and sheepish now especially as she is reminded of her promise to receive a spanking every morning and night for a week for having been found lying.

Upon Miss Davis's arrival, Sharon apologizes for her dreadful behavior, clearly embarrassed to be standing skirt up and panties down as she does so. Uncle Steve requests Miss Davis give Sharon twelve with the cane and Miss Davis complies in applying the dozen moderate stingy strokes. While this surely cannot feel good on an already punished bottom, Sharon takes her punishment fairly well. But soon it's Uncle Steve's turn to take the cane to his niece's backside. He promises twelve good hard strokes which are to be counted aloud and boy, does he deliver. With each stroke, the cane sails noisily through the air and lands with incredible force on Sharon's poor cheeks. Defined stripes can be seen forming over her already reddened bottom and Sharon loudly cries out as each stroke is delivered. The sorry schoolgirl struggles to maintain position throughout her caning and finally upon the last stroke, collapses on the sofa and reaches back to rub her incredibly sore, marked bottom. Her punishment over for the time being, Sharon is ordered back home to inform her mother of her chastisement.

Once alone, Miss Davis and Steve discuss what just took place. As Steve sits on the couch, Miss Davis stands and turns to show him her recently spanked bottom. It's a good thing Steve was sitting down as it appeared he would have fallen over otherwise. Miss Davis coyly asks for the cane ... and a spanking. Steve readily complies taking Miss Davis across his lap and alternately applying firm spanks and rubbing her warm cheeks. Both parties appear to be thoroughly enjoying themselves and Miss Davis is seen squirming quite a bit though not from discomfort. Once her cheeks are a lovely rosy hue, Miss Davis hands Steve the cane and positions herself for a dozen firm strokes of her own. Following her caning, Steve and Miss Davis stand in embrace as Steve graciously caresses the teacher's punished bottom.

The following morning, promptly at 9:00, Miss Davis returns the cane to the headmaster with Sharon in tow. The headmaster informs Sharon that he will be helping out Uncle Steve by administering the promised morning spankings for the week and Steve will be providing the evening ones. Sharon is quickly taken over the headmaster's lap for a thorough handspanking on what is sure to be still a very sore backside.

Sharon is dismissed to class and then it's Miss Davis's turn again for discipline. She too is given a handspanking across the headmaster's lap followed then by 6 strokes with the cane she had loaned out without permission. Miss Davis is then also dismissed to the classroom. While I'm sure both student and teacher will be remembering their spankings each time they sit down for the day, I suspect Miss Davis will be the only one to do so with a smile.


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