Young Offender 1

Directed and Produced by: Christina
year: 2002
time: 44 minutes

2nd Review by MARS posted 3/11/11

Second review; we limit our comments to complementary observations.

A thin girl is caught hiding marijuana in a barren concrete room by a female guard at an institution. Is the guard Christina? She is dressed comically in soft leather, wearing a punk cabbie's cap. There is no mistaking she see her chance to have her fun with this girl. "It's just you and me today."

The guard takes her OTK. "If you don't tell me the truth [where the marijuana is], I will have to get it out of you." Lo0ks like a long and bleak situation for the young offender in this cold room. The guard spanks and strokes, bunching her pants. The girl stands to take her skirt and top off. Over a chair, legs wide, more spanking and fingernails stroke her cheeks.

Bra off now, the girl is sent off-screen in just panties and returns with an armload of spanking implements--maybe 10 of them, which she must arrange neatly on the floor. A big brown paddle is first. She is told to take her pants off and hands them over, back over the chair for the paddle, naked and a skinny little body for this kind of work, but fitting in this shabby room.

The girl is directed to lean against a large aluminum ladder, entwining herself foramore of a paddle and strap. She should be careful about that smirky look on her face. A camera shot from above adds some variety to this scene.

Toe-touch for a strop then an 18" strap, the hardest yet--her bottom is stsrting to reflect the effects of this session. The guard finds a package of pot in her pile of clothes--back to the ladder for hard strapping. She is showing some discomfort now.

The girl must gather a collection of canes.Over a chair again. 10 hard cane strokes counted out, then 10 more. The guard switches to another cane and this video passes from a rather mundane discipline session to something more. 15 strokes wth this cane, then another, a very stiff one, for two sets of 10, all counted out, so no repeats. Over 50 in all, a banged-up tush being the result.

She is allowed to dress, and despite this punishment, she is still defiant and we see she still has some small contraband not discovered, which might be a link to Part 2.

Original review by Aldus W. Huckster

This is another excellent example of what I would have to call classic British corporal punishment video erotica. Young Trudy Smith is serving a Prison term for having been convicted of being in possession of controlled substances. One day she manages to slink away from the work group to which she is assigned in order to smoke some pot. She is caught by one of the prison guards and is made to endure a very lengthy and harsh corporal punishment session. First it's over the knee for a very hard spanking on her pulled up tightly panties. Then she is made to stand up, take off her skirt and shirt, leaving her in bra and panties only, and bend over a chair. The hand spanking continues. Next it's off with the bra and bent over the chair again, it's time for a paddling... and an intense paddling it is. She is already red and swollen when the panties come off. The warden makes Trudy spread her legs and we get to see a close-up of her most intimate parts. Now it's back over the knee for some more paddling and spanking and then she is made to lean against a ladder with her legs spread for some more swats with the paddle. Then it's time for a terrific strapping. While still leaning on the ladder our heroine is forced to endure an overdose of leather with her legs spread very wide. The pain of her ordeal is etched upon her face. By this time her ass cheeks are orange and purple colored from the beating. But Trudy's torment is not nearly over. She is next placed in the touch your toes position, for some more strokes of the strap and then the tawse, first in the touch your toes position and then against the ladder again. Finally it's over the chair again for more than 50 strokes of three different canes, which leaves Trudy swollen, bruised, welted, striped, and slightly bleeding. I don't know the names of the actresses, but they are perfect in the roles. The Warden is quite believable in every action she carries out, and so is the girl who plays the part of Trudy. This is an excellent video with excellent sound, picture quality, and good camera angles and close-ups. On the Spank-O-Meter this is a 9.5 out of 10.

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