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Your Turn for the Cane

44 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/13/09

Michael Dawes is a school administrator sitting in a paneled office which looks like a hallway CalStar appropriated. Osbourne, a small ponytailed brunette, with a cute impish look that will survive the entire proceedings, is a student gone one step too far in absenteeism. She had been warned. Now, it's to be "across my knee for a good spanking and then the cane." Dawes brings her around in front of his desk in better studio light, for an OTK spanking on a folding chair. Skirt up. "G-strings are not allowed." Uusual camera angles and closeups. Osbourne seems amused.

She stands and has to be wrestled over the desk; the oval soft paddle meets a sweet perfect well-lit bottom. The floppy paddle/strap elicits the usual intake of breath. "The cane will be coming very shortly," and it does. Osbourne's pink bright tush offsets the paneled room. She takes about 10 crisp strokes. A well-marked bottom. Closeups good enough to detect blond hair fuzz.

In an unrelated scene, Felicia Jordan is scrubbing down a sauna room, wearing about as little as the people who would use the space. Her female employer has checked her immigration status, which seems to have lapsed, so she will use CP to settle this inconvenience. Like all good emplyers, she has "a few implements in her bag." Felicia, a Caribbean girl, is taken out on a sort of porch, in fact the scene of spankings in "Trouble From the Troubleshooter." This would be a spanking episode not included in those two films--health spa girls being disciplined.

Felicia is handspanked OTK, dressed only in a silly red bra and thong. She is paddled with the CalStar instruments, during which her clothes come off. During this phase, another black Caribbean girl enters and objects to Felicia's punishment, and earns a session herself. It seems she too is a lapsed and now illegal visitor. Time dwindling on the film, she goes directly over a chair for the cane--about 15 strokes, causing white marks on her ebony skin. The girls at this spa have little bargaining power. The spa appears to be a bonanza for an inveterate CP practictioner.

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