You Should Be Expelled

Miss Taylor Dawn Deacon
Running Time - approx 45mins
Guest Review posted 2/1/08

Naughty fifth former Sarah-Jayne Smythe has been stealing money at school, but unfortunately for her, this has come to the attention of strict Miss Taylor (Dawn Deacon) the assistant head. Sarah is faced with the choice of being expelled or taking a dose of CP from the formidable Miss T. Well... no prizes for guessing which option Sarah chooses!!! Miss Taylor leaves the room and shortly returns with a leather paddle, a belt and 3 canes.

First comes an OTK hand spanking which is delivered with evident relish, starting on the girl's skirt, then on her scanty knickers - which are "non-regulation" so qualify Sarah for extra punishment - then finally on her bare bottom. This part lasts about 8 minutes. All further punishment is also on her bare bottom. After corner time with Miss T further investigating Sarah's misdeeds, Sarah is made to kneel on a chair with her knickers at mid-thigh position and is spanked on each cheek with the leather paddle. About 60 swats in all. More corner time ensues while Miss T pulls out a small cabinet which Sarah is bent over and given a total of 122 hard strokes with a belt. She then lies with her back on the cabinet and her legs in the air for more hand spanking. In this position her facial grimaces are on view (as well as all her feminine attributes!!). At the point the punishment could be all over, but Sarah makes a cheeky remark which results in her being bent over the cabinet again for a caning. She gets 24 with the first cane, 12 with the second and 24 with the third. When she stands up at the end of this, she wipes away a tear or two. Finally she bends over with her hands on the floor to receive 6 strokes for the "non-regulation knickers". The film ends with a close-up of her 'very stripy' bottom.

I liked the atmosphere of the film. There is a lot of emphasis on number of strokes and at most times Sarah is made to count them out. Dawn Deacon controls proceedings throughout with the authority of a Domme, telling Sarah exactly how she wants her positioned and only allowing her to move or rub her bottom with permission. She is immediately on Sarah's case if she doesn't respond as required. The young lady who plays Sarah seems determined to take her punishment stoically and is not afraid to be cheeky and earn extra strokes. That is until the cane is produced!!! Not surprisingly, she becomes evermore compliant as the caning progresses. At the end Ms Deacon softens toward her a little in recognition of this change of demeanour.

The picture and sound quality are good. Most of the filming concentrates on Sarah's suffering bottom, but there are some "picture in picture" sequences showing two camera angles and every now and then there are shots of Sarah's face. One shot in particular, towards the end of the caning session, shows Sarah's silent "How am I going to get through this?" reaction when Miss Taylor announces ominously "Twelve more!" To be honest, I don't know how she did get through it.

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