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Youth Hostel Capers

Year: 2000
59 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/30/10

The actress Stephanie, an aspiring disciplinarian, who we loved in the Lady Vernon epics, plays a youth supervisor here, with three girls, already in trouble, in her clutches. The setting is a nicely furnished brick-walled suite, used frequently by CalStar. We have praised before the acoustics of rousing spankings in such environments.

The girls play pool, and despite Stephanie's warning against "drinking, smoking, and gambling" at the hostel, they are gambling in a pool game as soon as she is out of sight. Clattering high heels and girl talk in the loud room. Stephanie catch them of course, and all three girls are going to be spanked for it.

Vanessa (actress Vanessa Brennan) is orderd to the next room. OTK on a huge couch, skirt up, black thong the only cover to her mostly bare bottom. Stephanie spanks hard and fast, without mercy, as she does in all her videos. She spreads Vanessa's knees on the wide couch, nothing left to our imagination.

"Remove your clothing now." Vanessa strips with a salacious wiggle, apparently having some experience with this. Stephanie makes her twirl--a nifty trim unenhanced figure, curly shoulder-length brown hair, a tended mohawk, and of course a bottom hard and firm, begging for attention. Vanessa kneels on the couch again, naked but for boots, knees wide, fully exposed. Stephanie uses a big strap/tawse, almost knocking Vanessa over. This concludes her punishment; she avoids the cane.

The scene cuts to the poolroom, where the remaining two girls have returned to gambling. Julie is brought in next, a tough looking, thin, pigtailed tattoo'd brunette. With no delay, she takes off her black skirt, bends over, white panties down, for the strap, followed by a floppy leather paddle, much harder, which causes Julie to quiver.

Off with all her clothes, Julie smiles toward the camera. Back onto the couch, Stephanie brandishes a riding crop and lays on about 35 very hard strokes (there are repeats). "Spread your legs wide." This is solid punishment, and just the beginning--a tough actress. The cane is next--the first three strokes are with a long thin whippy model. Stephanie switches to a thicker wicked-looking version and finishes with about 15 more strokes. Julie is much affected from the first stroke. That will cure the gambling.

The third pool shark is a tall black girl, whose name we missed. She is marched in and put through the same procedures, except her bare bottom time is in front of the fireplace, the mantelpiec'd posture. Stephanie is surprised. "No knickers!" Handspanking, the strap, then the paddle. Finally the cane, leaning over, hands on a low stool. She is crying and gasping quickly.

She needs and Stephanie allows some rubbing and composure time between the 20 or so strokes, the last three of which seem likely to cut her in two. Some erotic acting here. Cudos.

This is the way to run a youth hostel center, and has Gamblers' Anonymous seen this tape?

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