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David Pierson Interviews Kailee

Is there a harder working woman in all of spanking media than Kaliee of www.realspankings.com? This young woman has rapidly become a favorite of the RS.com family of sites. She also starred in the award winning film 'A Submissive Mind." It has been months since I first approached this highly intelligent and talented young woman about doing this interview. She is rather busy. When she's not spanking or being spanked, Kailee works for RS.com as a production assistant. I was thrilled when Kailee was able to fit me in to do this interview.

David: Hi Kailee, how are you? Thanks for doing this interview. I know that you are the hardest working woman in spanking. Thank for fitting me in. (laugh)
Kailee: (Laugh) It's my pleasure. It wasn't too much to find a little time to fit in the best critic in the spanking industry! I actually found it quite exciting to be the subject of your interest!

David: Well, I was somewhat serious about that. You have quickly become a fan favorite in the Realspankings.com's stable of spanking stars. My goodness, you are busy. I see you on all of the Realspanking.com sites. So tell me how did you become the hardest working woman in spanking videos?
Kailee: Hmm....It has been awhile since I walked through the doors of the infamous RealSpankings.com. I can honestly tell you that I never thought that my first shoot here would lead into anything remotely close to the role I have taken on. It started about a year and a half ago. I saw a want add placed in the "Westword", an alternative paper located in Denver. It listed a need for models along with a website which I used to research about what the position entailed. After I found out all the necessary information I decided to set up my first shoot. I am sure many have seen the results of by now! After my first shoot I became enthralled with the whole concept of spanking and the effects that it had on my physical self. I developed an intense interest in the company; how it became so successful, the aspects of production down to who the consumer was. It was all very appealing. I guess I wore my heart on my sleeve, so to say, because six months later I was offered a position as a production assistant with the perks of taking gorgeous, fun girls over my knee!! One year later I still enjoy everything that drew my attention in the first place and continue to be enthralled with everything we do here.

David: Some of the other girls who I've talked to from Realspanking.com have spoken of the support that they received from the people at RS.com. Can you talk a bit about that?
Kailee: I think that RS does a wonderful job with all of our models! We have all experienced everything the model has so I think that tends to ensure a higher comfortably level with each model we have. I remember that was one of things I truly adored while working as a model was that everyone here was so personal and that I always walked in to such a great atmosphere. We make sure that we never push them past their limits and have great communication, everything is explained to the fullest extent and we always work with the model so she never feels as though she is being forced to do something. I think with all of these factors it has built such a great feeling of comfort that they do continue to work with us for an extended amount of time.

David: Most of the people who I know in the scene have had spanking fantasies since early childhood. Is that true of you?
Kailee: I don't think I ever had specific fantasies about spanking. I was always interested in the domination aspect and the whole world of bondage/sadomasochism that is also involved within the world of spanking. However, I was never educated fully on this subject and didn't know what this entailed, honestly, until I started working here and became informed about the matter. I also think within this industry (spanking), at least in my case, if you have a little interest in it to begin with it will become stronger as you continue to experience more. I definitely think that since I started getting spanked on a regular basis my interest and fantasies developed and have gown much stronger.

David: What do you bring to your work that is unique to you? Hmm..Tough question eh?
Kailee: Oh thanks. ( Laugh) Let's see, what is unique to me? Hmm... I think that I am another personality to be intrigued by. Well what I mean is, everyone has their own personality and uniqueness to them. I think I am this sort of devious, mysterious girl on camera that you can tell has a lot of underlying potential. I also think that both sides are known. I have my on-screen personality that is seen on a regular basis both as a top and as a bottom and I also retain a personal connection with many of the members which plays a big role. I think what is unique is that I bring my own personality into my work and it is seen. I have not created any persona and I take pride in everything that I participate in. In the end, I think everyone has their own unique style and I am not sure how to really define what sets me apart other than...I am just me.

David: How much of an adjustment was it for you when you started working as a "top"?
Kailee: I think in some ways it was completely foreign to me and in others I just gravitated towards being a top because it felt natural. Learning to properly use each implement effectively was a big factor in becoming a good top. I think the hardest thing to work through is getting into certain roles. I found it sometimes a little harder than others due to my age and that some scenes aren't as plausible as others. I do have a natural dominating personality, though. That is what comes easy for me. Learning everything else came along after a good amount of practice. I guess with everything though there is a period of adjustment, and I can now truthfully say that after a good amount of practice I can dish out as much as I can take!!

David: I almost forgot to ask you this. If I did you wouldn't believe the number of emails that I would have gotten. Were you spanked as a child?
Kailee: I was indeed spanked as a child. However, I don't remember much about the spanking as I do what lead me to earn the punishment. My mom was a big fan of wooden spoons, I can count at least two or three times she spanked my little bottom until the spoon broke in half. I found myself across her lap at times too with her furiously spanking as if there was no tomorrow! The belt was only used in dire necessity. I knew that once the belt was in sight I was in for a good one and whatever I did was much worse than my usual antics. I was a very wild child; I was the youngest of three and was often alone so I had to find exciting things to entertain my youthful mind. It just so happened that those things that entertained me usually ended up earning me a spanking as well!

David: So when you are not being a major star of spanking videos, what sort of things do you enjoy doing?
Kailee: I always find this question odd. I guess because it really doesn't come across in my mind that I play a different role that anybody else and that I do ordinary, boring things same as the next guy. But if you must ask! I am attending college right now it hopes of attaining a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion merchandising with a minor in Finance. I have a few close friends that I enjoy time with whether its just random chaos or a night in we tend to all entertain each other. I have an infatuation with knitting scarves while watching the style network and I have started to indulge in the wonderful ability to patron random dive bars around Denver. I am pretty much just an all around normal girl. With a few kinks and quirks - but that is a whole other interview!

David: Do you have any special projects in the works?
Kailee: Unfortunately, there are no projects in the works at this time. As you know we had "The Submissive Mind" which we found out is an AVN Award winning film which I absolutely adored filming. Our director, Sam England, is amazingly talented and I honestly hope that I will be able to participate in another one of his productions.

David: That's great news. You do know that it is highly unusual for a spanking production house to receive such an award? I thought you and "Coach" were fantastic in that film.
Kailee: We are all walking on air here. We are all very proud.

David: This has been a special pleasure for me. Thanks again for taking the time to do this interview. I know that you were a bit nervous. This wasn't too bad...was it?
Kailee: No it was not bad at all. I think I have been through some much rougher stuff!

David: Well congratulations on your success and I hope we get to speak again soon.
Kailee: I hope we do as well, David. I enjoyed our time together.

David: Talk to you soon, Bye.
Kailee: Bye

To see more of Kailee go to www.realspankings.com
Also, Kailee is featured in 'A Submissive Mind' by Realspankings.com Films. Special thanks to Lady D for her assistance in giving me access to Kailee.

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