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Heidi's Punishment

year: 2005
time: 33 minutes

Surely an older film than 5 years ago, coming out of CalStar's vault. Shaggy actor Michael Dawes, as Mr. Gastoy, does his thing with the usual style on the familiar set. Heidi, a buxom blond stripper/showgirl type, shows up from an agency with an overnight bag as his housekeeper. From the look on Michael's face, he can't believe his luck, and if he plies his trade as we have seen him do, we're in luck too. We know Heidi will be sorry she got this assignment and we ourselves will rejoice.
She unpacks in a bedroom and immediately lies down, lowers her jeans and is down to bra and panties, and goes to work with her vibrator. a stressful trip, we guess. She calls Gastoy to come in, and he does, feigning disgust. "You're a naughty should be spanked...come downstairs in your underwear."
The scene is the familiar white sectional couch, with all the room accessories from 10 or 15 years ago. She lies along the couch, over his lap. He is beside himself. "I would never imagine a girl like you turnng up." He handspanks slowly and hard, on her flimsy white boy-shorts/panties. She loves it. "I'm getting wet." Dawes never hesitates--he checks beteeen her legs and visits awhile.  "A few more smacks and we'll have those knickers down."
He peels them down, with the slow elan you can feel in your own fingers. He sits her up on his lap, caresses her and lets her suck one of his fingers. She gets the idea and is fully into this CP thing. He takes off the bra, something we have been waiting for thanks to Heidi's advertisements, and he squeezes the , well, melons. She stands facing us for a long frontal--just the wispiest tawny down between her legs, while he gets a paddle. "No, please don't." She doesn't mean that.
She kneels on the couch, now naked for the soft oval paddle, hardest yet. "Please, Mr. Gastoy." With some humor he asks, "Are you going to do some Hoovering for me now?" she is sent nude, but for high heels, to get the vacuum cleaner and crawls on the floor, bottom turned up to us, to find the wall plug. She vacuums around the room, jaybird naked. If you remember the 'Hoovering' scene with Melanie Griffith in "Working Girl," Heidi appears here the way we imagined Ms. Griffith, top-heavy, naughty naked, in heels.
"You're completely useless...and a naughty little flirty girl." Back to spanking. She bends over back of the couch, but facing us, for the strap-like floppy paddle. After a few cracks, the camera is relocated to the next room to shoot her bottom from the other side. Very nice.
"I can't let you go without taking my cane, or I can call the agency." Heidi: "This is not fun anymore." (She speaks for just herself.) Gastoy gets his "piece de resistance," and expression you won't find outside British CP films. Another long talk with full frontal. "Bend over, prepare yourself."
Eight short sharp strokes of the cane, nicely filmed from slightly below, so the welts can be seen swelling right off. Some side views, intended to show her boobs hanging over the couch. Silly tears.
She is sent off to do housework, "in the nude," he orders. "I can hardly walk," she mutters. At the kitchen sink, she spreads soapsuds on her bottom and breasts and rubs as we fade.

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