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The Spanking House

year: 1998
time: 60  minutes +

A simple exercise from this productive Moonglow era, uninventive, except it becomes one of the very best testimonials to the callipygian attributes of actress Alison Payne, pleasing to us pygophilists. We figure the director saw this plot sucked, so he just featured Alison's fantastic ass.
The Spanking House is a CP brothel. The house Madame (actress Dominique Wright) answers a call from American 'Jonathon' (Moonglow's web spelling), who has met Alison at a party and wants a spanking session before he returns home and soon is at the door. Alison is impatient, shown in her silk undies, preparing to leave for the day to see her boyfriend, not intendng to have another sore bottom at this hour. The 'House' looks like a simple apartment. The Madame shows Jonathon to a "bedroom" where the games are played.
Alison reports to the client, wearing a schoolgirl's uniform, spiced up by a garter belt, thigh-high stockings, and white silk panties. Jonathon does the stern roleplay, demands to be called "sir," and soon Alison is over his lap for her first round. Mild handspanking. Knickers down for the unveiling this actress excels at. Thin wood paddle Jonathon brought with him--Alison's gasping cries always wonderful. The spankings are moderate, but the stinging intensifies. He corners her, and we're given the first of many spectacular closeups of Ms. Payne's asset.
She is ordered to remove and hand over her skirt, affording us a leisurely frontal view, soft downy fuzz circa 1990's, framed by garters, part of the girlie show included in this film era. She bends over and Jonathon selects a hairbrush from a collection of implements part of the room equipment. More closeups. "Are you sorry now?" "Yes, sir."
Jonathon shifts to a crop, but after one stroke Alison flares up and storms out,  her hot little Irish temper on fire, an acting trait which measurably increases her spankability in all her films.
Jonathon is furious and surely aroused, as we are. When the Madame comes in to find out what the commotion has been about, he demands the Madame finish the session. Despite her pleas of "I don't do this any more," she relectantly goes OTK, skirt up, handspanking on white silk bikini pants then bare. She stands to remove her skirt and blazer and offers a refund. "I paid for a two-hour session, I don't want a refund."
He uses his paddle, "one we use in the States all the time." He corners her, but "you're  not nearly red enough yet." Skirt off, fuzzy front, the 'frisk' position for a thick, mean-looking tawse. "I came here to cane a schoolgirl. I guess you'll have to take a caning...I reckon 24." The actor does not pronounce the word 'reckon' with any conviction, in a humorous cinematic attempt to create the American persona. but we're here for the bare bottoms.
Madame bends over a straight chair for a dozen snappy hard strokes, then 12 more, hands-on-ankles. Another six for not answering his questions. she is finished.
Jonathon returns a week later, with an armload of implments. He is not going to be denied access to Alison. He is going to "whack her with all of them." Sounds good to us. Alison appears in tight white tights, a breathtaking specialty of hers seen in other films.
OTK, tights rolled down, Jonathon bunches her white silk panties. He uses a studded leather paddle. Tights off, she kneels on a chair and sticks her bottom out, a pose she covets. A bit more of the studded paddle, then the crop which drove her off last week. "Please don't use that." After a bit with a larger, stiffer crop, Jonathon swtiches to a large wicker rug beater, its head covers Alison's whole bottom.  It's more comic than effective.
The spankings continue. A tawse over the chair. Alison's complaints cease when Jonathon threatens to "call the agency." She chages into a sexy white bustier and is ordered to bring a quilt and pillow. Jonathon covers a table with the quilt. Alison spreads face-down over it and Jonathon ties her wrists and ankles to the four legs, in an unusual bit of
bondage for this genre.
She struggles but can't escape. The camera shoots up between her spread legs. "Can't walk away on this one, can you?" The studded strap, the big tawse, a leather sole. Alison thrashes. "Is that enough?" NO. More with the crop. "Oh, please."
He gives that sexy bottom a big pinch, proxy for all our itchy fingers. More strapping; then he leaves her tied down to be released later by her associates. Bet he comes back. 

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