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The Anarchy

Released December 2001
Running Time: 60 Mins

Additional Review by MARS posted 6/9/11

What is left to write about this 'Headmaster' series continuation after three reviews? Not much we grant, but hell, it's fun to do and we hope it is a kick to read. There are two main events in the video, a rousing caning of a naked schoolgirl over the caning bench, then an unusual birching of a second girl over that bench, making this film another keeper for us.

We thought all three reviewers passed up or chose not to emphasize some scenic stuff. Miss Benesova's exquisite undressing scene takes a few minutes because the unbuttoning and unlacing of each item of her authentic period clothing is complex, complicated by her using her free hand to cover what she can. The best CP videos contain such scenes of modesty, where a trapped girl musy strip in front of authority or strangers. We always enjoy the moment when she must make the judgment to sacrifice modesty of one pat of her body for another. The best actresses elect to turn their back to us.

'Soaping' scenes pop up infequently in the CP genre. They add to the helpless innocence of the post-adolescent spankee. We wish there were more of them. Here the Headmaster does it differently and lathers a cloth and reaches inside Benesova's mouth for an intrusive scrubbing while she remains passive and helpless. He even pinches her nose to force her to breathe in the suds. Intensely erotic without malice or brutality. It would have been better if the Benesova had made facial expressions you would expect. Another soaping we enjoyed was in Nu West's 'Katie Meets Meryl,' also not completely convincing, but who can deny the eroticism of a big cake of Ivory jammed into actress Katie's mouth, while she is both spanked then cornered with her pants down?

The scene where Benesova sits on the spanking bench and has her bare thighs slapped with a large achitectural straight edge: she has left her bloomers off, so the ribbed, open-slat construction of the bench top irritates the marks and wheals on her bottom--the Head making sure her bare skin touches the slats. She is squirming even before the yard stick appears. We thought the Headmaster might hand her something heavy to hold.

Miss Smeralova's birching; some birch bundles look like a witch's or hearth broom; some are switches cut from trees. This bundle, soaking in a brine bucket visible on the set from the outset, is a wild, short, bristly bundle. We read somewhere that the pain from a birching is more of an aggregating, surging, burning sensation, and therefore creating sexual excitment (for both parties). The first strokes elicit little reaction, as happened here, but the burn comes on.

The Headmaster swipes Smeralova's immobilized bare bottom over the bench with rapid forehand and backhand swishes. The general fiery redness of her entire bottom and upper thighs, the result of thousands of little stings, would be consistent with his technique. We get our marks and wheals from other implements. Smeralova too can't bear to pull on her bloomers. She'll be itching for a while and wishing a boyfriend were available.

Enough of this supplemental. We salute the other writers and eagerly read their work. We each lplay to our preferences.

Additional Review by SC

This is the third video in the Headmaster Series and is the best and in my opinion, an almost perfect erotic cp video. The video was reviewed in an excellent and well written review by UK Reviewer, however my view of it differs on some points. I will not duplicate the rich detail found in his review but concentrate on our different points of view and why in my opinion this is an almost perfect erotic cp video. The story line integrates with the action of the video to an outstanding level. Having Miss Benesova remove her clothing and perform exercises and be strapped to the bench naked was a very erotic touch taking this series to a higher level. The caning was very efficient and just the right amount and her facial expressions were priceless. This may have indeed been her first serious caning. In replacing her clothing Miss Benesova chooses to leave off her underpants because of her tender bottom. The Headmaster has her sit on the bench and lift her skirt as he questioned her as to who gave her the pamphlet. When she hesitates to name who gave her the offending pamphlet he produces a two foot ruler and gives some strokes to the inside of her thighs. This is one of the hottest scenes in the video with Miss Benesova minus her pants sitting on the bench with skirt up and receiving a few strokes on the inside of her thighs with the ruler and I wish it had been extended long enough for a few more well placed strokes. She names Miss Smeralova as the source of the note who is immediately summonsed.

At this point I differ from UK Reviewer (although I usually agree totally) for in my view if the caning was the main course the birching of Miss Smeralova was indeed the coffee and desert. We are treated to her removing her clothing and putting on a birching top. Her bottom is superb and I hope she receives a proper birching soon in a future video. I agree the birch construction was not good and should have been made of longer more flexible switch like branches, even for a covering birch. After some experimentation the Headmaster does succeed in producing some ouch which builds but is short of what we have come to expect The Headmaster could have save the birching segment by changing his position to stand beside the bench, facing in the opposite direction and striking downward letting the ends reach the lower part of the bottom and legs and in-between and with the camera action focused on the bottom. (A little less camera action focused on the Headmaster would have been order, after all he is secondary). Having done this, the birching would have in my opinion, equaled the caning. All in all this is an excellent video, very rich in detail and one of the best I have watched. The severity is perfect for a girl's school series as more severe would push the limits into that of a prison series. I recommend this video as a must for any erotic cp video collection.

Additional review by UK Reviewer posted February 2002

This is the third in Rigid East's new "Headmaster" series. Like its predecessors it is set in the Headmaster's study which is fully equipped for the correction of young ladies. One of these presents herself while the Headmaster is enjoying a quiet middle-class professional moment with cigarette, coffee, and a look at his own, or the school's, bank balance. She has been sent to receive five lashes for reading under her desk. As she reaches for the cane the Headmaster unfortunately discovers exactly what she has been reading: an anarchist pamphlet whose message, so threatening to authority figures like himself, renders him apoplectic. Having ordered the girl to read some sample passages, such is the filth of the philosophy revealed, he feels bound to wash her mouth out with a soapy handkerchief, something he does slowly and meticulously - a typically original piece of business of a kind which characterizes this series.

Next the girl has to strip and perform nude exercises designed to convince her how silly she was to toy with anarchist principles (and not of course intended to entertain either us or the headmaster whose eyes pop at what she reveals). The unfortunate girl slowly strips off her period costume, trying in vain to hide her interesting parts with one hand while undoing buttons and ribbons with the other, and then at the headmaster's bidding is forced to exercise in a manner which fully exposes everything she has (not excluding the bristles on a not too carefully shaved mound whose black color confirms that her red head hair owes more to the dye bottle than to her genes).

Thereafter she is submitted to what we have been waiting for (having by now noted that her bottom is perfectly formed to receive the lash, well rounded and adequately fleshy, without being fat). Indeed this may be the first time, either on film or in real life, that she has tasted the cane. Not only is the target totally smooth and unblemished, when she is told to bend over the punishment bench she attempts to do so from the wrong side, almost certainly a piece of spontaneous unscripted business prompted by her unfamiliarity with the schoolıs (i.e. the studioıs) punishment procedures. Strapped down - the first pupil we have seen naked over the bench - she amply demonstrates its fitness for purpose. She is just the right height. Her heels touch the floor at the rear; the leg restraints spread her thighs and coincide with the backs of her knees, as does the waist strap with the middle of her trunk. In later, between-the-legs, under-the-bench, shots, we discover that the rear edge cuts across the top of her mound, and the nipples, now erect, peep over the front.

There follows a very efficient caning, every stroke, and its after effects, shown in splendid detail, the girl's squirming rendered all the more visible by the absence of clothing, with plenty of opportunities to note how the labia respond to a whippy cane landing on the bottom. Although the punishment is restricted to 25 strokes (in accordance, one suspects, with studio policy of "gently" breaking-in actresses new to this genre) she afterwards exhibits a very tender bottom which, as is his custom, the headmaster photographs for the benefit of the School Governors. The girl's facial and vocal reactions, spontaneous too, rather than scripted, tend to confirm that we have just seen an actual real-life first caning.

If the film had ended there with the girl dressing (though unable to replace her pants over the ripening stripes) and bidding the headmaster a tearful good morning it would have been a perfect 30 minute movie built up to a very satisfying climax. Unfortunately, in an incomprehensible bid by the studio to make a 60 minute epic instead of continuing with the already well established half hour format, there follows some tedious business in which the girl is made to place her hot bottom on the bench and has her front thighs slapped with a ruler until she names the girl who gave her the pamphlet. That girl is brought in and threatened with dire punishment. Two birches are then produced but we see immediately what the director himself has failed to do, that these are of the multi-twig, wide spray type which are about as effective as a feather duster. This is confirmed by the girl's total non-reaction, not even a squeak, to the first half dozen or so strokes. Thereafter she yelps a bit, but more likely to earn her fee than in genuine dismay at the way she is being used by these ineffective implements. That the inefficiency of this type of birch was a surprise to all concerned is confirmed by a (probably unscripted) remark of the headmaster, after applying the first strokes, that he had expected the birch to have more effect! In the end, despite three or four dozen strokes, the girl exhibits no more than a pink bottom. So much for a more severe punishment, and a total anti climax.

A good birch constructed in the style of those once used by England's Winchester public school, or the judicial authorities on the Isle of Man, should very quickly draw blood (something Rigid East is not averse to doing with the cane), and although not as penetrative as the cane it both looks, and is at the moment of application, more severe. It is a pity the director did not call a halt after the first girl's caning and make the discovery and birching of the second girl the story for the next episode, in the meantime having researched the qualities of different birches. The viewer can of course do what the director failed to do: press the Stop button after the first 30 minutes. Up to that point this video demonstrates the technical excellence and sure touch which we have come to expect of this, as yet, short series. It is well worth buying if only to view that first naked girl submitting her flesh, a virgin of the lash, to the cane, and also to ensure acquisition of a complete set of the series which, if there are no further lapses, will become a collectorıs item.

Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster 1/23/02

Once again Rigid East has proven why they are among the elite of spanking video producers. For the past several years they have been known for their superior production values, well told stories and hard-hitting action. This video does not fail in any of those categories.
This is the third installment of the happenings at the Educational Lyceum (high school to us) Like its predecessors (Headmaster's Study I and Headmaster's Study II) the story unfolds in the Headmaster's office, where punishment is dolled out by the school's Governor. This particular story centers around the disruption that is caused in this very conservative turn of the century school for girls when it is discovered that an anarchist pamphlet is being circulated among the students. In an attempt to get to the bottom of this problem, the headmaster inflicts a merciless caning to the bottom of a student caught circulating the offending propaganda; a Miss Benesova'. Form an aesthetic point of view this work couldn't have been more successful. The colors projected on the screen are deep and rich and the video's atmosphere evokes turn of the century Czechoslovakia.
The actor playing the headmaster projects an air of righteous certitude in the affliction of punishment upon the would- be anarchists. From the look on the headmaster's face it is clear that he enjoys his job. With his haughty look one gets the sense of his internal dialogue, " I know that I am doing the right thing and I am in control". The costumes that the young women in this work are wearing perfectly represent the time period in which the story is set and are highly erotic. The women performers in this piece are very attractive and fun to watch. Miss Bensova' is the first to feel the Headmaster's wrath. She is called to her tormenter's office after being found in possession of the offending pamphlet. With this young woman standing before him, the Headmaster requires her to read the anarchist invective inscribed on the forbidden document. After reading a few paragraphs, the Headmaster bids her to stop. He marches her over to the wash basin and washes Miss Benesov's mouth out with soap. He then requires the young would-be political radical to remove all of her clothing. The young woman is mortified but she dare not defy the Headmaster. Subsequently, she is tied across the punishment bench and receives a harsh caning.
After the caning, the Headmaster insists on knowing the source of the pamphlet. Miss Benesova's is reluctant to divulge the source of the pamphlet, as she would have to implicate a fellow classmate and friend. To change Miss Benesova's mind the Headmaster requires her to sit down upon the punishment bench. He then applies a thick leather strap to the beautiful young woman's inner thighs. In short order she reveals that the source was a fellow student, a Miss Smeralova.
This turn of events leads us to the punishment of Smeralova. After being confronted by the headmaster, the young woman is strapped to the punishment bench and receives a whipping with "a birch" that had been soaked in a vat of water to increase the pain inflicted to Miss. Smerlova's naked bottom.
If you like to see beautiful young women receiving severe punishment to their naked bottoms, then this is a video you must see.

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