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Dinner of Just Desserts

38 Mintues
Guest Review by MARS posted 4/29/11

A humorous spanking exercise; a group of attractive people sit drinking wine in the Strictly English studio used so often as a classroom--the props are visible in the background.

A young guy at the table accuses his beautiful blond wife Angela, also present, of having an affair, and her friend Louise of abetting and covering for her. He is going to spank both women now, at the party; in fact he asks Ivor Gold, the host: "I want you to help...we line up in turn. We use various instruments."

The girls are directed to bend over the table end. They object just slightly--their guilt is not in much dispute. Angela is played by actress Kara Jane and Louise by 'Pam.' Skirts thrown up, Angela wears loose green taffeta shorts and Louise loose white knickers. The spanking rotation begins. The husband lays on six handspanks to each bottom. Then Ivor takes his turn. The third spanker is actress Suzi Jarman. Guest Roger is next, followed by Rita. And last is 'Nigel,' an experienced disciplinarian at Strictly English,

"The second stage," the husband announces, is bare skin, and pulls down both pairs of shorts. Everyone spanks again--Ivor is hardest, and Nigel "brings up the rear."

Next announcement: "Stage Three, the implements, strap!" Each dinner guest straps the two bottoms. The punishments are mostly mild and there is some hilarity in the room as the participants shuffle to take their turns.

The next stage gets more interesting. Angela climbs onto the harvest table and works herself into the diaper position. After some brief strapping, during Suzi's turn, this position is just too uncomflortable on hard wood, so she shifts to lying down on her stomach, in a relocation she took on without discussion. Louise does her shift on her stomach.

For the "Grand Finale": "Get off the table and take your clothes off." The girls strip nude in a nice slow scene. Louise's eye-popping figure is kept in the shot in profile.

The naked girls will be caned. Angela is taken first--about 30 strokes in all among the group; blond Suzi is very reluctant to lay on the cane, possibly fearing some backlash. Ivor is best, knowing that Angela should lay forward on the table to plump up her buttocks.

"Louise, take her place." She takes a total of almost 40 strokes, the last six and best from Ivor--he is referred to, rightfully, as "The Maestro." Louise sniffles and facial closeups show ample tears. The two naked girls hug and rub, the festivities concluded. We recall other 'dinner party' adult films where events transpire among the guests. Jolly good spanking belongs with them.

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